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 The Rosetta Project2004-03-23 16:20
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One of the projects of the Long Now Foundation is The Rosetta Project:
The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers working to develop a contemporary counterpart of the historic Rosetta Stone. In this updated iteration, our goal is a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1,000 languages. Our intention is to create a unique platform for comparative linguistic research and education as well as a functional linguistic tool that might help in the recovery or revitalization of lost languages in unknown futures.

We are creating this broad language archive through an open contribution, open review process and we invite you to participate. The resulting archive will be publicly available in three different media: a micro-etched nickel disk with 2,000 year life expectancy; a single-volume monumental reference book; and through this growing online archive.
See, it is a bit of a problem to plan how you can leave a legacy of knowledge for future generations that actually lasts long enough for them to be able to access it, and that will be meaningful to them. A CD-ROM has a shelf-life of maybe 10 years. Most binary encoding formats would be pretty useless in a couple of hundred years, as they're just a bunch of zeros and ones, and unless somebody remembers what the encoding scheme was, it is no easy task to play them back. Their answer is to actually engrave regular letters into disks that will last a long time, and to include the text in multiple languages, just like the actual Rosetta Stone, which allows the decryption of Egyptian hieroglyphs, because a text was given simultaneously in hieroglyphs, Demotic writing, and Greek.

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1 comment

28 Apr 2016 @ 22:24 by Kiana @ : xrKRVSqfkoaMEVua
2009å¹´10月12æ—¥ 星期一 上午9:34 kks:你提到:[你現時既工資既工作根本就經濟上唔價得做]...>>> 經濟因素當然係有關系,但現在的情況是很多企業尤其外判商,就算 2007 年下半年至 2008 馽±6¯ç¶“濟明顯轉好時,也是瘋狂剝削基層勞工,咁不如我又問番你:咁既然賺幾多錢、經濟點好郙一樣剝削,是否已足夠反映,最低工資是唯一保障基åæ¤å‹žå·¥å¯è¡Œè€Œä¸”必須的有效方案?企業會否考慮自動化問題&#¸5292;有些工種是會的,例如入油站、一些簡單的零售( eg :停車場入飛員等等 ),但這類工種涉及的人力資源其實不多,企業和自由黨只是靠嚇,說會炒幾多幾多萬人,例如最被剝削的保安員和清潔工、及常聽見的引例「麥當奴例子」,我就真係唔信可以:1. 搵 N 咁多部價值幾十萬美元的「人工智能」的機械人去代替一個幾仟蚊月薪的清潔工??2. 又或者買 N 咁多個「人工智能 + 超級電腦」機械人去代替小小的保安員??你係咪覺得我講出來好似好好笑,無錯係真係得啖笑,好簡單已經可以篤爆財團的詭辯。  

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