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 FutureHi Blogging2004-03-31 02:42
picture by Flemming Funch

I'm one of the contributors to FutureHi. Took me a while to get around to posting anything, but since Paul is out of town this week, I finally got started.

I actually find it difficult to post to several different blogs. One reason I wouldn't think of dividing my own blog up into several, with different themes, is that I have trouble switching around, or deciding what goes where. What I really like about the blog format is that you just can post whatever's on your mind. And it probably turns out afterwards to have some interweaving common theme, but I'd rather not have to sort that out in advance. You know, I've always been horrible about writing anything on command. If somebody asks me for an article on a certain subject, and with a deadline of publishing - that just never works for me. Whereas if I can just write whatever presents itself to me, without worrying about what it is about, and where it fits, and only minimally worrying about the inteded audience - then my writing flows really easily. Writing for another blog is not quite as bad, but it still takes me a considerable amount of energy to switch my mindset a bit. Even though FutureHi is already very compatible with stuff I'd write about anyway. Just need to pay more attention to the graphics.

Oh, another difficulty is that it uses Movable Type. Which I suppose is fine as far as blogging software goes. And it has lots of plugins one can use to add functionality. But as it is now, I'm seriously missing some of the features of my own NewsLog program, particularly in turns of graphics. It is standard in my program that you can upload pictures to go with an article. Alternatively you can also grab a picture from a URL, which is probably what one does most often. The pictures get stored automatically in a separate directory for that article, so filenames will not collide. And you can resize them easily while uploading. You can choose their position in various ways. And then the HTML for the pictures is created automatically. The default Movable Type does none of that, other than allowing you to upload files from your disk to a common directory. For me these are really essential features.

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