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 The Singularity and the Fifth Dimension2004-03-31 03:05
picture by Flemming Funch

The concept of "The Singularity" is all the buzz amongst certain types of futurists. Mostly it fits in with transhumanist thinking. It is based on the observation that a lot of technological trends are accelerating, even faster and faster. And there are a number of them that in and of themselves have the potential for deeply transforming our collective lives. Take nano-technology, which ultimately might allow us complete control over physical matter, so that we can build any physical object we might desire, at essentially zero cost. Take artificial intelligence. What happens if a computer becomes smarter than you are? What happens if computers are a million times smarter than any of us? What would they do that we wouldn't even be able to comprehend? Or, take genetic engineering. What happens if we're able to understand and design genetics freely? If we can make bodies or new life forms with whatever attributes we want.

The Singularity is both a potentially wonderful, but also terribly scary idea. The "point" of the Singularity is essentially when all of these trends go out of control. They move beyond our event horizon, and we can no longer follow along in any linear manner. Technological change is instant. And what if the machines decide we are no longer relevant?

Now, if one is well versed in other metaphysical models than the materialist transhumanist ones, there are some striking similaries to find. The Singularity is potentially like a technological ascension. It is like the Rapture. Many adherents will even deal with it in a rather religious way, even if they would deny any such thing.

However, the connection I particularly wanted to call attention to is with the model of "dimensions" or "densities", which is found in various mystical traditions, and which is common in new age thinking and often occurs in channeling. If we de-mystify it a little bit, it is simply a chart of how things change when they accelerate, and what stages the world is likely to go through as the frequency of everything is increasing. The story is usually told in a person-centered way. I.e. the focus is on how the world changes for people. But, as a corrollary, how the world actually changes. And the model shows some of the potentially dangerous pitfalls in an accelerating world, as well as the necessary answers. And it gives some hope that this sort of meta-patterns have built-in safeguards that means that vastly increased power has to somewhat go hand in hand with mental development.

Just notice for a moment that a number of the technologies that are envisioned simply couldn't be released into the world today. The world would be destroyed very quickly, mostly because there would be some wackos who would push the wrong button. Imagine if the plans for a do-it-yourself hydrogen bomb were available on the Internet, and anybody who could use a screwdriver could build one out of $50 worth of parts from Home Depot. It would be a matter of days before some crazy guy would decide that it is a cool idea to nuke your city, just to see what would happen. Nano-tech can be like that too. One big mistake with self-replicating nano-machines and you turn the whole world into grey goo. Humanity at large is obviously not of a mental state to be able to handle that kind of power and responsibility.

OK, so now let's talk about the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension. Calling it "dimension" is maybe confusing, as we're not necessarily talking about dimensions in the geometrical sense, even though that might be a sub-part of it. Think "Buckaroo Banzai in the 8th Dimension". It is more like a place or a world or a level where the rules are different. More down-to-earth, the world doesn't necessarily go anywhere - it is simply that the rules change, as things move at a faster click. Instead of "dimensions", some people say "density". I'm not sure that makes it better, except for that it implies that more stuff is packed into the same space as we count up in the numbers.

So, humanity starts off in the 3rd dimension. Which is the world as we know it, or rather, as we knew it. The best way I heard of making sense of it is that this is the way that you get things to happen in 3D:

spirit -> thought -> emotion -> effort-> manifestation

I suppose you could replace "spirit" with something else if you don't believe in spirituality. "The sub-conscious" could fit somewhat, although not exactly. Regardless, the idea is that an urge or inspiration to make something happen forms at a deep, or high, non-verbal level. Then it gets formed into a thought. Then one gets into the right mood for doing it. Then one actually works on carrying it out. For some amount of time. And finally one gets the result. That might potentially have taken years.

For example, you might get the inspiration to make it big in the vacuum cleaner business. You then form the thought. I.e. you think about it, and you get clear on what your plan is. "Selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door - there's a huge market there!". And then you get excited about it. That's the emotion part. And it might include stubbornness, and various other kinds of emotions that support this project. Then you start working on it. You maybe start yourself, selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. You have failures and successes, and you learn. Maybe in a couple of years you're really good at it, and you make enough money to hire another person and have a bit of inventory. And over 20 years, maybe you built an empire, from hard work and dedication and 16 hour days. And you have 10,000 people working for you, and you can buy a yacht. And there's your manifestation: making it big in vacuum cleaners.

Duh, you might say. Or your parents might say. That's just how things are done. Work hard, and get a good education, get a solid job, and work hard some more, and maybe you'll make it to something someday. But it takes time.

So, to contrast it, let's move on to 4D, the 4th dimension, or 4th density. Here the sequence that leads to manifestation looks like this:

spirit -> thought -> emotion -> manifestation

You'll notice right away that we took out the part about effort, hard work, and long time. So, the way it works there is:

An inspiration appears, to make something happen. You formulate the thought of what that is. And then, if you can get into the right mood about it - if you can feel it, taste it, smell it, and you're excited about it, and certain about it - what you're asking for might just happen rather quickly.

So, here we're talking about a world where things move faster and where everybody's exposed to a lot of information. Now, what something looks and feels like suddenly is more important than how many years it took to make it. If you look the part, you can have the role. Doesn't really matter you didn't go to acting school. If a new product or idea or person is exciting enough, inspiring enough, and makes us feel enough - they might spread like wildfire into the public mind, and make a lot of money. This is where a one year old company of hackers doing software might buy out a venerable fortune 500 company that produces really substantial products and has existed for 100 years. Doesn't really matter any longer.

From a personal perspective, the trick is that if you really feel it, in a positive way, you can have it. If you obviously feel right about it, there will be someone you can go see who can get you what you want, like tomorrow. But one of the pitfalls is that you need to agree with yourself. It is not necessarily enough to act excited about your "bright" idea. It is more important that you're in alignment, in congruence with yourself than that the idea is really bright. It is more important that your emotions are real. So, your hidden negative emotions will come up and bite your ass. If you're not really sincere, people are more likely to notice, and it is much less likely you get where you want to go.

OK, on to 5D, the 5th dimension. What happens there is:

spirit -> thought -> manifestation

So, we cut out the emotion part. No longer necessary to get into the right mood, and broadcast the right vibes before you get things to happen. You just need to form the thought clearly enough, and, bing, there it is.

Well, that's kind of like the holodeck in Star Trek. "Computer! Give me ..." And, indeed, maybe technology is a way it will manifest.

One way or another, it means that the brakes have been removed. It doesn't take work to make things happen. It doesn't even take sincerity and dedication. You just have to form the thought.

You might realize, with the way most human minds work today, that it could quickly be a complete nightmare. Like, think about the humorous situation you have seen on film, where somebody's granted 3 wishes, and they screw them up, by lack of control over their thoughts or emotions. "I wish that hotdog was stuck on your nose", "I wish I was the pope". And you usually have to use the last wish to put everything back to normal, after which you're sort of relieved that you can't just go around wishing for things anymore.

So, imagine that you could. It suddenly becomes absolutely vital and essential that your thoughts are clear, and in alignment with what you really want. And that you don't let stray negative emotions suddenly decide what you think. One "I wish he was dead" can have fatal consequences that can't be undone.

This is where you again might imagine that anybody could build a nuclear bomb. "Computer! Give me a 50Megaton nuclear warhead!" ... and there it is in the matter compiler in your kitchen.

That would never ever work unless all humans are sane on a totally different level than today. Humankind would have to evolve and mature, mentally and emotionally, for that kind of world to be possible.

Even if we're not talking nuclear bombs, most humans of today would go insane rather quickly if whatever they were thinking or asking for continously would happen to them more-or-less instantly. You'd be bouncing against the walls, trying to undo the misplaced wish you did five minutes ago.

We could go on the same way to 6D:

spirit -> manifestation

which in more materialistic terms would mean that the whole contents of your sub-conscious will just be manifested, without you particularly having to voice it. That would be wall-to-wall nightmare. Or it will be nirvana and paradise. The cold drink appears before you realize you could use one. If your sub-conscious mind is very mature, or we could say, if you're aligned with yourself on all levels, it would be marvelous. If you aren't, it would be even worse than 5D. Think about a nano-tech matter compiler/VR/Holodeck thing mapped directly into your brain and into your sub-conscious. The slightest under-the-surface hint of something would immediately be manifested in front of you. Uaaarrrgh.

7D would be that you no longer need the manifestation even. Pure spirit. Or, if you want to look at it materialistically, it could be if you had uploaded yourself to a computer, and you were perfectly happy with simulated experiences, rather than "real" ones. And anything you might ever want is instantly available to you. All at the same time, if you want. You can be anybody you want. So maybe you move on to a different kind of meta-perspective that no longer seeks human kinds of experiences.

As to where we are now .... A lot of people think that humanity has moved from 3D into 4D. I.e. it is no longer a world where hard work and time invested is the most likely thing to pay off. More important what things look and feel like. Media exposure is more important than the facts. What you radiate is more important than what experience you've actually had.

And, one way or another, one of the next steps will be what is described as the 5D. We can easily lay out how it will happen with technology alone. But it is much more than that. It is a total change in how the world works. And it requires some substantial evolutionary changes in humanity to be able to deal with it without short-circuiting and self-destructing.

Luckily there's a bit of an inherent training program built-into accelerating change. You'll have to continuously run a little faster, and there will continously be more stuff to deal with, in terms of information, thoughts, emotions, ideas, people. The only way of surviving and staying sane is to somehow keep up with it, processing it along the way, which means that you evolve, and you become much better at handling the faster action. You might not notice, and you might think you're way behind, but if we compare what you deal with every day with what people were required to deal with in their lives every day 20 years ago, there's just no comparison. You're vastly more able to deal with fast-moving complexity than you've been before. And that will keep going. Some people will crack along the way, but if you make it, you'll someday take for granted that we can all comfortably deal with capabilities that would have frightened us out of our skulls before.

And, somehow, it is all not happening faster than we can (barely) keep up. It is probably because the change is generated collectively by us, ourselves, here, and there are some feedback loops in place. So things tend to not happen before we're somewhat ready for them. We might not think we're ready for them, but there's something in our collective super- or sub-conscious evolutionary mind pattern that's smarter than any of us.

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31 Mar 2004 @ 04:38 by maxtobin : Back to the one song!!
Flemming in his element here eh!!
I have a good friend who thinks that it is going to be a real buzz when Gaia has her 'out of body' experience and those who have enlightened their load will travel on with her in that mode and those who are 'hanging on for grim death' to all that is, will experience just that! Oh it is fun when you get to remember to dance and sing is it not!!.
I like your descriptions in here Flemming ** That would be wall-to-wall nightmare. Or it will be nirvana and paradise.** hee hee!! I think it may just be both of those options depending upon how one looks at it.  

31 Mar 2004 @ 12:57 by swanny : What about reality?
I suppose...... reality rears its head from time to time....
Now notice I didn't say ugly head....
Is reality that difficult.....
That we become emersed in things that are less real....
Before enlightenment
I chopped wood and hauled water...
After enlightenment....
I chopped wood and hauled water with a smile....
I think people underestimate the complexity of the natural system
which in its self out matches any computer.....


31 Mar 2004 @ 16:26 by ming : Morality
Yeah. Actually I personally prefer to use a word like Integrity for that, and would reserve Morality for something a little more superficial. But that doesn't matter, as those are just the words we use. But, yes, I think it is about being in alignment, mostly with ourselves, at all levels. One can sometimes get away with pretending to act morally by displaying some aspects of it, such as speaking morally. But if the ducks aren't lined up, and one actually feels and thinks differently, it comes back to haunt you sooner or later. Most speakers against "bad morals" I see on TV have obviously (to me) some things to hide about what they really feel. The crusader against indecency is very often a depraved pervert in private, but won't admit it to themselves. And when the different levels of ourselves line up, things just happen more naturally, as we don't have to cover up the hidden lack in one place with an obsessive expression in another. If we take responsibility for ourselves, and we agree with ourselves, and what we're about is basically good, then life is really more simple, and we can relax and be at peace.  

31 Mar 2004 @ 18:04 by Seb @ : Fascinating
Fascinating post. You wrote "things tend to not happen before we're somewhat ready for them." which reminded me of a though I had earlier today: it typically doesn't pay for an individual to be too much ahead of his time. You may have invented the coolest device or methodology, if the world is not ready for it you'll have a hard time pushing it - think Doug Engelbart. Whereas the tipping point comes easily if you come at the right time. (But in that case you can't take too much credit, what you help happen is going to happen anyway.)

And this makes me think perhaps there is an excessive cult of personality around those people who managed to strongly associate their identity with something that was about to make big waves at the right time. In the sense that we perhaps give them more credit than they really deserve.  

31 Mar 2004 @ 19:39 by ming : Things that need to happen
Yeah, I think it is often that something just needs to happen. It is in the air, and it might surface in all sorts of places. I think it is great that there exist people who're more likely than others to stick their neck out and make it happen. But I don't think we should put too much value on it either. Often the same idea is put forward by several people, independently of each other. Just because "its time has come". And, for me, that also speaks against the idea of intellectual property. The person who happens to say it first, or who happens to run to the patent office first, shouldn't fairly have all the credit and the ownership for the idea. Right now we obviously need something to replace spam-ridden e-mail. There is a great need for it, and it is inevitable that an alternative will emerge. Whatever it turns out to be that really works for us, chances are that a bunch of people had been working along the same lines, independently of each other. So, let them have great honor and prestige. Innovators are to be celebrated and supported. But don't let them own it as intellectual property for eternity.  

31 Mar 2004 @ 23:44 by magical_melody : He he, Ming is at it again!
I love reading logs like this Flemming, when you give lots of thought to matters such as these, and tell us a good story in the process. I find I often laugh and feel lots of resonance with some of the conclusions you come to regards the funny circumstances that could or have resulted, or the interesting things people do in specific situations.

And then you write funny lines like this one: "The crusader against indecency is very often a depraved pervert in private," ****** For sure!

It is amazing to see how people do create their lives, and if we are really good at connecting the dots, we can see how skilled many people already are when it comes to instant manifestation. Flemming, now that would be a good dialogue in here, people sharing their instant manifestation stories.  

1 Apr 2004 @ 00:48 by skookum : Reality
I think when I read this sort of thing that most of us are somewhere between 3D and 4D. Now...I know a few that are more into 4D than I am right now. The point is, reality is really a perceptual, spiritual thing. Technologies growing beyond our capabilities of handing them? Nothing new there.

My daughter is in the process of a school project of the heresy trial of Galileo. He had scientifically discovered things about our solar system and our place in it that so challenged the thinking of the day that his life was on the line. His discoveries threatened the religious dogma of the day.

Does our spiritual growth hinge on what we learn technologically? Or is it the other way around?

I need to study this more. Fascinating food for thought Ming. Thank you.


1 Apr 2004 @ 04:05 by swanny : Christmas everyday
Hmmm while this is quite enlightening perhaps in terms of
process ..... I suspect for myself it is somewhat deficient in scope
To me this existence is not merely about the fufillment of gratification
of body or mind or spirit etc etc. the being Christmas everyday
senario with an endless array of presents to be opened....
or the aquistion or manifestation of desire.... which I suppose would
be nice for awhile but...... etc etc. To me part of the value and beauty
of existence is its inherant mystery and as well the concepts of others
and the unknown....... To be as it were or suggests God from a humanistic
frame of reference would be somewhat boring and a burden with all
of its responsibilities..... or....?? well while I think it presents an intriqueing
line of thought I find the sheer and endless mysterious nature of life
the real joy value and beauty of being.......and then theres aspects too as
well which are sort of gray like caring and manifesting for others.....
intercession as it were...... I suppose then it is to singular for my tastes.....
but top marks on presentation....


1 Apr 2004 @ 05:00 by swanny : Smashing atoms.....
As far as pushing the wrong button .....
well I suppose its more or less already happened....
Ive heard that when they were developing the atomic bomb
some theorized that setting off a nuclear reaction might
in effect destory the earth....... others felt that not possible....
that man were not that bright..... but still others felt that
containment was a key issue so the decision had to be made
the risks and benefits were I suppose calculated weighed and considered and
yet even with the possibility of global incineration the deed was
done and this is by supposed rational people there will then perhaps
always be unknowns and perhaps the earth was in a sense destoryed
Certainly a barrier was crossed...... a somewhat sacred barrier to some....
The apple of the tree had been bitten into.......
was it wrong then...... perhaps yes and no...... things were lost .....
other things gained...... is now better than then ......
well perhaps again yes and no........ so...... whats my context?.....
I suppose every advance is a setback of sorts at the same time....
and that there are gains and losses..... what is the final outcome
To me ......

"The this is a mysterious and unfathomable place and that life is all together to short"

Don Juan of Carlos Casteneda


1 Apr 2004 @ 05:24 by ming : Christmas everyday
Life has to have mystery in it in order to be interesting, of course. It wouldn't really be that much fun if you had everything you wanted and you knew everything there was to know. If you were in that situation you might well invent some game that involved forgetting some of it again, and making some things hard, so you could have fun figuring it out again.

However, there's nothing wrong with moving up a level or two. Life works best if some things are a little hard, and some things are a bit mysterious. But it kind of sucks if the hard parts are how to find food for your children to eat and how to find shelter from the incoming rocket attacks, and the mysterious parts are why the hell life might be worth living and whether or not the secret police will arrest you tomorrow.

You might just as well find adventure and excitement a couple of steps up Maslow's hierarchy of needs. For that matter, you can concentrate on the adventure and excitement, and actually enjoy it, when it isn't always about your fundamental survival and sanity.

I don't think we particularly get done. If you suddenly have teleportation technology and can travel anywhere in the universe, then there are a whole lot of mysteries to explore for quite some time, and no lack of excitement. If you get done, then you might work on the mystery of time travel, or you might wonder what the heck is going on outside the universe.

If you can create a ferrari on the matter compiler in your kitchen just as easily as you can microwave a bag of popcorn, then it of course no longer is a very good game to work hard in order to buy a ferrari some day, and it is no longer a good game to drive around and flaunt it to people who can't afford one. You'd have to invent a better game.  

1 Apr 2004 @ 12:39 by skookum : We don't appreciate
things handed to us easily. A better game...with higher stakes I imagine?  

1 Apr 2004 @ 19:33 by skookum : Shifts
I don't know. Post modernism is a change in how we see things, what is acceptable etc. I always thought though that the 'shift' from 3D to 4D was a deeper change. That it was more of a change from materialism and the belief that the physical world was all there is, to a mode of thought and spiritual understanding of things not seen, or easily perceived and being able to manipulate the physical world with thoughts concentrated into the spritual realm or imagination perhaps.

I am no doubt over my head here. lol  

2 Apr 2004 @ 09:48 by ming : Post-Modernism
I didn't think of it, but you're kind of right about that, Roger. 3D sounds a good deal like modernism, and 4D a whole lot like post-modernism. I think the 3D/4D model probably digs a bit deeper, but it is probably useful to examine the parallels.

So, whereas modernism, or 3D, was about a very linear and "rational" way of doing things, post-modernism, or 4D, allows you to sort of pick and choose, or just mix things together.

And it sheds some light on the post-modern idea that there's no truth, or any truth can be as good as any other. That's maybe the "negative" or pessimistic way of looking at it. Making it sound like everything is meaningless. Where the positive view is that it is just more up to you, and anything is possible. You choose your truth, and that doesn't necessarily make it less true. You don't get your "meaning" served to you by your family and race and education and company, like you did in 3D. You can decide for yourself what is meaningful for you, picking from the whole kaleidoscope of cultural possibilities. And if you can get excited about it, and broadcast it well enough around you, you are free to make it happen right away.  

14 Apr 2004 @ 10:50 by Daniel @ : Higher Dimensions
This stuff if brilliant! (Okay, so I just wanted to show up on the Blog.)
But Siriusly, this is really where it's at, and Consciousness being what it is, it all comes down to developing our consciousness so that we can evolve into whichever dimension we prefer. The good news is that the universe has some built in safeguards, so we don't leap into a higher dimension than we're ready for. (And as an unrepentant aside, check out: http://www.halexandria.org/dward632.htm)  

15 Jul 2004 @ 18:07 by ov : Singularity
Thank you Anthony for this link on the Isdom of Wisdom. I have made some comments on this, and connected it in with a memeplex, over in my blog {link:newciv.org/nl/newslog.php?did=335&vid=335&xmode=show_article&amode=standard&aoffset=0&artid=000335-000024&time=1089939771|OrgasmoVolution}  

16 Jul 2004 @ 09:19 by ming : Isdom
Ah, Tony, that is wonderful stuff, as always. I'm going to quote some of that.  

16 Jul 2004 @ 15:03 by Elizaberh @ : NULTI DIMENSIONAL KALEIDOSCOPIC ISness
CONGRATULATIONS ** your synthesization of such a vast concept is greatly acknowledged and appreciated..and doing it on a metaphysical/energetic level as well as on an intellectual/technological level >> standong 'O'.

I THINK .. LIFE is on the move. Cycles come and go. Within the scope of a cycle is drama - information - opportunity - lessons - living - dying - etc.

.. it is all Energy. There are bands of vibrational frequencies. Every thought/action/feeling/colour/sound.. vibrates to its own frequency.. comes together and creates its own world.

.. that LIFE is not diminished by 'knowing' or 'not knowing'. It is & always will be = more than the sum of its parts.

The tip of my iceberg for now ** delightfully intrigued ** thanks for the forum  

9 Jan 2006 @ 01:14 by reality @ : wow...
Wow, just wow. I'm amazed that people believe this.  

8 Aug 2006 @ 06:23 by dkerta @ : pre-deterministic
human never really know when it will be ready - they will ready when it happened, and it stated already in the book of G-d. Either 1 up to 7, the last thing remind is the soul or spirit, and it's belong to HIM. Human doesn't have much choices, doesn't know good or bad unless it is aligned with G-d's word.
are you HIM?  

26 Apr 2008 @ 21:23 by Tobby @ : 4d – 7d-space
Here's a [http://www.4d-screen.de/related-space] with Rotations of 4D – 7D-Cube.  

20 Apr 2016 @ 17:14 by Loree @ : gEAdoUuKZjaDpnchHCvO
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20 Apr 2016 @ 18:16 by Jahlin @ : wwWNktSFFdKuNYJ
I thank you humbly for shnairg your wisdom JJWY  

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