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 Da Vinci blogs2004-06-09 06:00
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Via Julian Elve, the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci. Seems to be a successive series of notes he had made, which were translated into English at some point, and annotated by various scholars. And it is turned into an online book at Project Gutenberg. And the new thing is then that somebody turned it into an RSS feed, providing one piece per day. What I find interesting about that is that Leonardo's multi-talented renaissance genius is in many ways similar to what many bloggers are doing nowadays. You're interested in Many Things and feel free to jump around and study one thing or another. Thoughts, designs, personal explorations, poetry, or whatever. Here's Leonardo's post for today:
How by a certain machine many may stay some time under water. And how and wherefore I do not describe my method of remaining under water and how long I can remain without eating. And I do not publish nor divulge these, by reason of the evil nature of men, who would use them for assassinations at the bottom of the sea by destroying ships, and sinking them, together with the men in them. Nevertheless I will impart others, which are not dangerous because the mouth of the tube through which you breathe is above the water, supported on air sacks or cork.
After the information overload has made us all drown in information, forced to specialize in very narrow fields, blogging is an example of a trend that appears to allow us again to act like renaissance people, having something to say about any subject.

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