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 Moon2004-07-02 19:23
picture by Flemming Funch

Actually I'm bored and depressed about everything today.

Oh, it is a full moon. Tends to coincide.

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2 Jul 2004 @ 19:59 by skookum : it is?? again?
I wear hematite.. either it helps or I think it helps. Either way it helps. Hope you cheer up soon.  

2 Jul 2004 @ 21:57 by luna tic @ : hang in there
Here in washington dc the moon is blood red due to overcast skys. I can hear loud warplanes using their afterburners, the loudest since 9-12-04. It is one year, two years, and a half year since 1-21-01. We may never know, but today may be the day that the tide changed. Love ya Ming, you help to keep hope.  

3 Jul 2004 @ 00:58 by timrowe : That's why my shaving cut bled ....
...so profusely. I wondered why I was feeling 'flat' yesterday. Fancy being at the effct of something like the Moon!! I had an appointment for a 'clearing session'. On the way, I really felt I'd rather go and watch a jazz band and sink a couple of beers. Oh well, the session revealed some 'uncleared stuff' relating to my Dad, who just so happens to be visiting today for the first time in a couple of years. Tally Ho! Allez-y! etc. :)  

3 Jul 2004 @ 05:54 by ming : Hanging in there
Yeah, a couple of beers or a clearing session or some hematite around my neck would all do me good. And I'm glad I picked the electric shaver, then. Thanks guys. Yeah, maybe it is just the tides changing. Hopefully for the much better.  

3 Jul 2004 @ 08:08 by celestial : Bored & depressed
They kind of go hand in hand and hope it's not the moon.
By the way, the day you posted about glass beads, I awoke from a dream in which glass beads were floating past me in my dream; I think I found my "marbles!"  

5 Jul 2004 @ 14:35 by Martin Dugage @ : Cheer up
It is not obvious to get used to Toulouse, though it is a nice place. Come to Paris some day, and let me know.  

5 Jul 2004 @ 16:19 by ming : Paris
I will. It is easy to get there, of course, particularly with EasyJet low price flights. And I've promised my wife to show her Paris. Oh, and a bunch of other places. But one at a time.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:02 by Missy @ : FRASLcIWWeYjqJKATnPx
Lailoiko ehkä "tie lapsosen kulkee nyt korvessa ma?"naToisin kuin 27, minä olisin mielelläni enemmän kuin Paavo. Miettisin ja pohtisin vähemmän ja olisin vain. Nyt olen kasvavan perheen masentunut äiti, joka ei kestä sitä ja tuota ja tätä. t. äimä-äiti  

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