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 Working2004-08-16 14:33
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by Flemming Funch

I'm not getting much posted here right now. I'm in a streak where I get a lot of programming done. Working on my OrgSpace system. Integrated a bunch of my modules a good deal better, in a unified system. And now I'm reviving a content management system I did some years ago. Will be pretty cool when I'm done. It isn't great for my sanity to work in this kind of mode, where I just work on the same thing for all day, but I do get things done. And right now all the rest of my family is out of town, so I've got peace and quiet for once. Well, I'll follow them to Denmark in a few days, but I'll get the most out of it when they're not here.

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1 comment

28 Apr 2016 @ 23:47 by Beyonce @ : VHFPHroFUBQZmbbGklja
Good job maknig it appear easy.  

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