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 Republican Concentration Camps2004-09-07 02:07
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Below is a letter, from an e-mail, from a regular woman who's daughther was held for several days in a containment facility for temporary political prisoners, without access to telephones or legal representation. In New York. A facility run, apparently, by the Republican National Committee. The young lady made the mistake of walking though a park on a day when thousands of protesters were being rounded up and locked away, so that the Republican Convention could, eh, do its thing. Lots more of the kind from indymedia.

At the same time, the NYPD is testing its new long range sound weapon. Well, really it was made for violent mobs in Iraq. But, hey, works great for random people walking on the street in New York too. Some of them might be Democrats.

I'm increasingly glad I now live out here in the free world, in a place where one is allowed to demonstrate, with police protection, and where there are free elections and human rights.

"My 21-year old daughter disappeared from NYC last Tuesday afternoon when walking with friends through a park where no protest was being held -- and was held prisoner -- without being charged -- by the NYPD for three days. The first day and night she spent in an unsafe and inhumane facility at Pier 57 ("Little Guantanamo") provided by the Republican Party.

Yes, it was managed by the Republican National Committe. It was leased by the RNC to hold political dissenters who disagreed with the Bush administration. The second two days, my daughter was in a city jail in Manhattan, where her treatment improved. She practices Buddhist precepts of compassion (she told the NYPD officers that she knew they must be tired and overworked also, and she did not resist arrest). She is a graduate student in Poli Sci at the University of Hawaii and is a MortarBoard honor society/service club member.

The notorious Pier 57 (owned by the Hudson River Trust--a city/state consortium) was dubbed "Little Guantanamo" by reporters who also got caught up in police sweeps and who said it looked like the Guantanamo Bay prison built by the USA to hold the Al Qaeda terrorist political prisoners in Cuba. Pier 57 was leased by the RNC before their convention. They arranged for the NYPD to put up the chain link holding pens with razor wire on top in the old Pier 57 warehouse that had oil, gas and asbestos dust on the floor from a previous fire.

My heart was in my throat when I got a call from one of my daughter's friends on Oahu who told me she had been arrested and taken to Little Guantanamo. I looked it up on the internet and fear crept into me. I called my daughter's cell phone over and over ("it's mom, where ARE you, call me"). She didn't answer. Only hours before, she had been calling us with joy, telling us of the peaceful protests and beautiful march. But now, nothing. I had nightmarish visions of a fire sweeping over the combustible floor with hundreds -- nearly a thousand -- trapped in the chainlink pens, razor wire on the top of the pens making escape impossible. My husband called the NYPD to ask who had issued a Certificate of Occupancy or Fire Safety Inspection Certificate and who was managing Pier 57. He was given the number for the Republican National Committee. Yes. My husband and I looked at each other in silent, cold horror.

In America? The Republicans have set up a private detention camp for their political prisoners that can hold 1000 under inhumane and unsafe conditions!? My husband slowly dialed that number, got the RNC, and the Republican rep who answered the phone said, in answer to my husbands' inquiries about safety: "those protesters don't deserve a Holiday Inn, and they're all criminals anyway!" ....Say what?! My daughter, who doesn't smoke or drink or do drugs and is a practicing Buddhist Vegan? A criminal? Warning signs that reporters saw posted around Pier 57 said not to enter without protective clothing and mask. My exhausted daughter, with hundreds of others, tried to sleep that first night ...on the chemical-covered oily, cold cement floor of these pens, without food or water, without being read her rights, without being offered a chance to post bail, without seeing a judge although the National Lawyers Guild offered to represent them pro bono, without being charged or told why she was arrested and handcuffed and taken there, without being allowed to make a call to a lawyer or friend or parent or anyone -- all cell phones were confiscated as "terrorist weapons." Her purse was taken. She had nothing but the clothes on her back. Meanwhile...ordinary criminals arrested that same day in NYC for burglary, rape and heinous crimes were processed by the courts in less than 10 hours. My daughter, who had committed no crime, was incarcerated for three days incommunicado.

People suffered chemical burns, bug bites, overcrowding and medical problems because their medicine was confiscated. A pregnant woman sat crying on the floor in the oil. It wasn't until my daughter was taken out of the Republican-managed "Little Guantanamo" and placed in a cell in a Manhattan city jail that a guard kindly brought her Vegan food and gave her a blanket to lay her grime-smeared body on at night in her crowded cell. I never thought I'd be grateful to get a call from a friend saying that my daughter was in a Manhattan city jail cell, but the knowledge that she was out of that Little Guantanamo actually gave me relief. I called Hawaii's Republican Party Headquarters, and asked them to report it to Hawaii's Governor Linda Lingle, who was at the convention in NYC and could intervene for my daughter and other UH students incarcerated illegally by her party. The

Republican rep woman who answered the phone told me "Linda knows, and you're blowing it all out of proportion." Say What!! That's MY daughter, not YOURS, sitting in that instant-conflagration-fire-trap at Pier 57! Well, thanks a BUNCH, Linda Lingle. The UH students mean that LITTLE to you???

The Republicans wanted to "teach those protesters a lesson." They wanted to terrorize my daughter. But the lesson that the hundreds and hundreds of prisoners were taught... was not the one that the Republican Party intended, I would wager. My daughter had gone to NYC to walk in the peaceful protest of 500K people the day before the Republican National Convention began. She was not engaged in protest at the time of her arrest. She had been walking with friends near a park. There was no protest in action when they were arrested along with tourists and city employees going to work.

Anyone caught in the NYPD orange fence netting was told to sit on the ground, handcuffed, and pushed into large NYC busses. Our sweet daughter, born and brought up in a small rainforest in Hawaii, was placed in detention at Pier 57, the notorious "Little Guantanomo." I recall that when the Democrats held their convention to nominate Senator John Kerry as their candidate for President, there were only 6 people arrested, if I remember correctly. At the Republican National Convention to elect Bush as their candidate, there were thousands arrested. I suspect that Republicans might say this was a good thing. Being tough. This group-roundup tactic is called

by the Republican party "preventative detention" (like the "pre-emptive war" in Iraq). It is used to terrorize those who might protest Bush's agenda when he is in town. America, wake up. Hitler told the German people that they would have to "give up a few of your rights ...temporarily...so that we can fight the enemy." That's what Ashcroft said, about the misnamed PATRIOT ACT. Wake up, America. The American flag that proudly waves by MY front gate and is on the back window of MY car...doesn't seem to be the same American flag that the Republican Party is waving."

-- Erin Starr, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

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7 Sep 2004 @ 06:59 by bushman : Hmm
Send help, I'm trapped in America, lol. I supose the majority still here, like the idea of the police state, people should know thier place, right? Alot don't care that they have become slaves here you know, they got everything they can afford, why should they care that everything in thier lives are organized for them, take the kids to school, go to work, come home make dinner, and watch tv, and if your hyper you can take your kids to socker games and church, and still maybe get 8 hours of sleep. For the rest of us, well you know your no one if you dont have credit cards and no cash, with out those things you can only dream of the american way, the rest of the time you got 2 jobs and your wife works, and some cheep babysitter is raising your kids. And if you fail to handle it and your house get trashed your life gets trashed, they come and take your kids to a foster home. Then they rub your face in it all, and say get on the ball, and maybe just maybe we will give your kids back. Who needs a whip? But since I'm traped here and feeling so free and safe, I'm going to sit back and watch, and maybe, just maybe, I might help pick up the pieces, in the aftermath of where this country is heading. Theres nothing wrong with technology untill it is all we know, then we cant fix it, the majority of people in the usa, cant fix anything these days, they have forgoten all the stuff we had to think about and do every year, the machines do it for them, and thier children, will sit and ponder the old tools, plyers and hammers, and not know thier true use. As long as technology survives they will be fine and happy slaves, for us, who have not forgoten the past, and have also embraced technology, we are traped here as the true patriots of this country, even if it boils down to cival war or nuclear winter, or biowar, there will still be some of us here to pick up the pieces. I guess for me, when they star enforcing chip implants instead of selling them as a multipurpose communication device, parents will love it, wheres johnny? and poof right in your own retna you see him smoking out with his friends and so do the cops, lol. NWO, be the slave.  

7 Sep 2004 @ 08:48 by QMAL @ : corperate goverment?
This story does not really surprise me. But it is scary. A political party with a corporate army that is the largest of its kind in the world? I feel it out there . The other day a friend of mine saw two people at the car wash .... with jackets labeled FEDERAL POLICE with police type gear on. Now who are they?
I have to admit some of the things that I see going on do strike some simular things that have happened in recent history. I posted this in another log here the other day, I revised it slightly

Martial Law
Well this discussion is interesting because just last night I was discussing a scenario with another Quantum Mechanic. I think that The USA and some other countries are poised for a martial law style take over. The election delay statement or things mentioned about delaying the elections would seem to indicate just that to me. I think any scale of terrorist attack here in the US would indeed give the current administration an adequate reason to declare Marshall law and turn our cities into jails, delay voting , and allow that power base to stay intact and continue with their version of all to some economic domination of the world. The cooperate entities controlled by the big money white power base are very scared that their level of control and direction will compromised. They lost the last election and stalled their way in, a very shaky entrance into the drivers seat. In this upcoming election they are facing defeat here the US, because they botched it up again for everybody, spent everyones non-money again in startling record amounts, they conducted a war with a hidden agenda again. It would be most convenient for them to have a terrorist attack now when they are pitted against losing the popular vote forever because after this election the popular vote will not turn out in their best interest , basic math says to me it wont. Which makes me wonder, why have not the borders been closed, all the containers searched, all the people checked if they are so worried about terrorism. The answer is they want terrorism it works fine in their scheme , If terrorism is to be ,,, they will just continue to make money and achieve even more control in the process. More control and more money. In WWII It did not take long for the people/ powers in place to control borders,check cargo and people. about two weeks. Actions described to "protect this place". What are we short of people, weapons and technology to do this? I don't think so there is another reason. It means many things to that infrastructure...money, continuance,etc... not to protect the "homeland" We have heard that word before some where. Instead of these actions ,we see the usual stuff , a new department , power structure ,new appointments , allocated funds and oh yes a "war on terrorism" . Funny that there seems to be a War attached to most republican administrations in recent history. Is that like a war on Drugs...how effective was that. Just trying to make the people think that they are doing things about the problem. But their not doing any thing about the actual problem because they make money on it. In addition to this I hear a lot of talk , things like,"The CIA is our first line of defense against terrorism" . How logical does that really sound as far as stopping anything. The CIA , they certainly have a great reputation for getting everything figured out and fixed up. Why re-structure the CIA now at the end of an administration .... another part of the plan I think sure.What effective answers :(

There does seem to be a few similarities with the Nazi history, seem to be seeing more of it all the time now. I did not want to believe it , but I am seeing it . I don't think they are shoving people in ovens or anything...I don't think Every one does indeed need to get out and vote now, more than ever,,,, ousting the current administration wont end it though, just change it. Might make room for some more constructive change for the people types of change needed---so vote people ..I be a little wary of electronic voting machines though if they get abused as much as the electron dollar system voting wont help much now..Think and look around. Do not let history repeat itself. Do not stand for it, or it will be more of the same, it might be anyway but at least vote.
I have felt this before too, in the late sixties. I was a child then of 10-13 years of age, my mom was an activist ....still is . The government jailed her on numerous occasions and many of our friends. They watched our house perpetually for years ,. tapped our phones and probably the house as well. Stormed us and took our offset press ...because we were printing the truth. No one was doing any thing violent or even illegal. They even followed me around on my bicycle. In the sixties the corporate power-base was quite worried about the black vote coming into their picture then ...now they are really worried about losing control completely. So I think were going to see considerably more drastic things happen..
Corporations will do 'whatever' to make money and stay in a position to do so. The people may have to do what ever as well to prevent big money established domination over the people from continuing ,and bring it back to, for the people by the people, as it was originally intended. Keep a sharp eye. Be Ready. Keep records.........  

7 Sep 2004 @ 19:37 by EdKnight @ : To be governed
By Pierre Proudhon.. To be governed is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed, legislated at, regulated, docketed, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed, weighed, censored, ordered about,...To be goverend means to be at each transaction, at each moment noted, registered, taxed, stamped, measured, evaluated, patented, licensed, authorized, endorsed, admonished, hampered, reformed, rebuked, arrested, held to ransom, exploited, monopolized, extorted, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed, and then at least resistance to be repressed, fined, abused, annoyed, followed, bullied, beaten, disarmed, garroted, imprisoned, machine gunned, bayonetted, judged, condemned, deported, flayed, sold betrayed and finally mocked, ridiculed, insulted & dishonored."
Thomas Paine said, "The trade of governing has always been monopolized by the most ignorant and rascally members of mankind."  

7 Sep 2004 @ 20:04 by spiritseek : camps
On my last article is a link to a site for US Concentration camps there is a list and map of the US where some of the camps are located.  

9 Sep 2004 @ 23:07 by magical_melody : Human rights vanishing FAST NOW!
Your comment: I'm increasingly glad I now live out here in the free world, in a place where one is allowed to demonstrate, with police protection, and where there are free elections and human rights.

***You and I both Flemming! This is insanity! People need to realize that its time to 'DO SOMETHING! AND, if you don't know what to do, find others who refuse to deny what's going! Your human rights are quickly vanishing Americans! If people do not acknowledge this enmasse soon and get busy, BIG TROUBLE! You got it QMAL. Ain't hard to see. 2 years ago, I dreamt about this starting to happen.

Meet with others who are concerned, and discuss options and do what you are inspired to do NOW!!!!  

10 Sep 2004 @ 23:52 by Astrid @ : I've been reading...
... almost all the articles on the publ. side of NCN and some from the member side.
So many to comment...My head was just spinning for a while!... Every Article has its point and wisdom, asking for acknoledgment for its intrincic val/ue/idity. Yes they are all filled with HUMANITY and ALL that goes with the territory, so to speak.... beginning with Leornado's hard experiences and ending with these american prison camps prepared and waiting for ALL but The Holy Klick. Yes, many Obedient Republikans are in for a RUDE awakening....on a floor similar to the one in "Manhattan Guantanamo"....
Sooooo..... well this just summarizes all that I have to say:


War is ruled by Laws of total lack of Understanding
of its own environment of idle contradictions, with no Grace at all….
where every person “without a name” is labelled as ‘Garbage’
and ‘VeryUnimportant’….-exept for carrying on his/her forehead
the imaginary sign : ‘An Enemy.’

Love is ruled by Laws of Perfect Understanding,
of its own environment of unconditional Compassion, Grace and
never-ending Mercy…
where every person -even one ‘without a name’ is known and felt
to be ‘my Brother’ or ‘my Sister’
and me is given the greatest priviledge on Earth; to be their Equal.

Astrid Ware / 2004

Where ever you eventually land; get together with people you love, create a loving community/village and love every ounce of the LAND= Mother Earth, treat her land/dirt nice,( nourish it back to health if need be. )
Officially THIS is and has always been "The American Dream" Though it has always been MANKIND's Dream,because, well....ONLY a HANDFUL humans have always claimed the right to land!..... THAT we The Children of Mother Earth, cannot accept anymore!....  

11 Sep 2004 @ 02:23 by ming : Violence
Sadly, this is true. If there's no room for non-violent resistance, and it gets crushed or ignored, but violence is given a lot of attention - then it is quite obvious what is being fostered. And, if we go along with capitalist theory, assuming that the market is rational, "rational" people will obviously choose violence, because it is best rewarded.

We'll just have to remain irrational, and demonstrate something else.  

12 Sep 2004 @ 05:33 by qmal : Think Louder its not illegal
The nature of what ever. It occurred to me that it might of sounded like I was suggesting violence in the above statement about doing what ever ....no I 'm not very violent but I am not with out it.....inside... no what ever to me means something like ...Peace Clock... and I have sent it to many already after hearing of it today.....and tomorrow to the masses , an excellent idea. The combined and focused energy of many can produce instant change if gathered and directed with resolutive purpose in its waveform at transmission. With enough minds in para metric flux this energy can do what ever all life here needs. It can end technomonatarial propagated war and progress life into the future. This combined energy can extinguish even the strongest nuclear reaction , move mountain, part seas, move giant rocks hurdling though space, it can even move the whole planet, and yes it can take us through the universe as well. Can do......... I'm warming up my neural nets now...... :)

I estimate the combined energy of all humans today to be 599053761432171 watts, for one minute equals 299526880716085.5 focusable watt/minutes of energy. Watts for lack of a better unit of measure. Tomorrow the figures will be different.  

12 Sep 2004 @ 14:32 by eeb @ : More Liberal Whining
Sounds to me like your daughter lied down with dogs and got fleas.  

12 Sep 2004 @ 16:40 by Colleen @ : assault weapons
With the availability of guns in this country and the intensity of the emotions I think we are headed for violence...Without an assault weapon ban, even terrorists can now buy these weapons and it endangers us all.... including the police...

My form of dissent is to BOYCOTT REPUBLICAN owned businesses. The money for Bush is coming from corporations and people who are willing to sell out US values for profits..so hit them where it hurts and don't buy from them...say no to Home Depot (go to Lowes) say No to Dell computers ....

Incidentally the wealthy are now discovering that foreign stockmarkets have greater earnings and it is projected that the US dollar will fall in relation to other currencies this next year ..so not only jobs but money may be moving out of the US....  

12 Sep 2004 @ 18:42 by benjammin @ : stuff
yep, probably blown way out of proportion by some whiney mom. so gay. its not goona work, and its not gonna help.  

12 Sep 2004 @ 19:49 by ming : Sympathizers
The most scarey thing to me is not that horrible and corrupt activities like that take place in a modern western country. But that there are so many millions of people who think it is probably alright, probably deserved, or possibly just some fake left-wing propaganda. Demonstrated well by a couple of the comments here. Yeah, human rights, freedom, due process of the law - just some liberal whining.  

12 Sep 2004 @ 22:03 by colleen @ : some "patriots"
The judge who handled the cases for the people detained during the Republican Convention was State Supreme Court Justice John Cataldo.

He held the city of NY in contempt for keeping prisoners too long in jail after he had ordered their release.

However he is scheduling another hearing on whether to reinstate the contempt finding. Cantaldo had threatened to fine the city $1000 for each person held in violation of his order. People had been held for 24 to 66 hours. Some protesters will be filling civil law suits.

You can read about it here:


But this breach of the law is the type of thing that led to the Revolutionary War and the Bill of Rights. The people who say they are "patriotic" and support illegal detentions against court orders are actually not following the laws that were fought for during our revolution with Britain. (some "patriots")


12 Sep 2004 @ 22:46 by ming : Republican Businesses
Now, has anybody made a site with a list of Republican owned businesses? Like, particularly the ones that donate "generously" to the Republican party. And most particularly the ones that profit directly from being able to bribe people in power, like voting machine companies, the war industry, people who run commercial prisons, oil and logging companies, and that kind of thing.  

12 Sep 2004 @ 23:33 by colleen @ : site listing political donors
An easy way to start deciding who to boycott, don't buy from any company that advertises on Fox news. Some advertisers are large corporations, but some advertisers are local firms.

By law any one who gives over $200 must be part of the public record.

The site you want to look at is opensecrets.org and this is the link for a tour of that site:


It has a wealth of information available about who is giving and where the money going...

for individual donors go here:


(My dentist has donated to republicans, so I am finding a new dentist.)

We still have ways to control this take over by the conservative Republicans ( although Buchanan would not call this group "conservative") but people have to use them.

Support organizations that espouse liberal causes, and be sure to
VOTE AGAINST REPUBLICANS and stop the governmental takeover by one party.  

13 Sep 2004 @ 00:07 by jessie-mae @ : the entire country is a prison cell.
i'm an american citizen---tho i'm in the process of immigrating to canada, and this entire country has turned into a prison cell.

i'm appalled by what happened in NYC, and you can bet this article is going to be spread around. this cannot stay quiet.  

13 Sep 2004 @ 16:55 by Andrea Chivers @ : metal, wrong place, wrong time
Paranoia confirmed not so. I'm working on a Canadian 2nd wife for my husband. He says he could take the cold. Down parka, heavy boots, check. Time will tell.

I don't go places where there is heavy security, because of the amount of useful metal I carry. A fork could get me in trouble of some sort, nowadays. And yes, I pack a boxcutter, nail file, clipper, and even a dinky Swiss army knife. I used the cutter in Safeway just the other day. He wanted regular beef jerky. I must be a short female grey-haired terrorist who cries over patriotic songs. Mostly don't want any trouble. And no, I don't trust my government's minions to respect my right to do my nails.  

13 Sep 2004 @ 22:32 by Megan @ : Saw it coming.
It's funny how often the US tries to prove itself as a part of this so-called 'Axis of Evil'  

14 Sep 2004 @ 03:30 by ron cypert @ : The United Corporation of America
"Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism as it is a merge of state and corporate power."
Benito Mussolini  

14 Sep 2004 @ 06:01 by Hugh Jardon @ : What is a Flemming Funch?
Jeeze...that letter was pathetic.
"Ooo..my beautiful, harmless, rainforest-raised, vegan, buddhist, hairy-legged, Perrier sipping, Birkenstock wearing, dipshit daughter was forced to obey authority! How inhumane! How catastrophic! Oh the Humanity!! The Sky is falling! The Sky is falling!! Help!!!!"

Well, grab hold of the nearest tree lady, 'cause here's a newsflash. Your pacifist princess wasn't arrested for being a "rainbows-n-sunshine" fairy in the park. She was arrested for being a terminal DORK, pure and simple. Kripes... You raise a bozo-ette to drift along through life as though she shits powdered donuts, and when reality issues a check to this numbskull spawn of yours, you scream holy hell. Hahahahaaa!!

Aw screw it....why waste time with this...but jeeze....you and your skidmark daughter deserve everything that happens to you. Karma right?  

14 Sep 2004 @ 12:08 by ming : Like I said
A little scarey. That these seem to be young people, who're quite willing to act as brownshirts to mindlessly uphold "Authority" and give the "dorks" a deserved hard time. Would have been better if they had studied the foundation of their own country, or for that matter, the foundations of any free society. But those kinds of things unfortunately easily get trampled down when they weren't really known in the first place, and it just is so much more satisfying to call each other names, or worse. "Let's go hang ourselves some niggers", you know. Or Jews or Liberals or whatever. Lot of work to do still.  

15 Sep 2004 @ 02:41 by Hugh Jardon @ : Au Contrer mon dork....
Awesome. Good job Ming. I proffer the opinion that she was simply a DORK...and nothing more then but what we were told by her mother... and YOU arrogantly accuse me of being youthful without knowing anything about me, "mindless" apparently because you think YOU know better, a "brownshirt" because you like to bring up Nazi's to anyone who disagrees with YOUR opinion, that I'm a KILLER, racist, "nigger" hater, Jew hater, Liberal hater, or "worse"....but then, *best of all* YOU accuse me of being a "name caller"! HHAHAHAAAAaaa. You're messed up friend.

Look sonny boy, I'm over 60, I'm black, not Jewish -> but LOVE the Jews and married one once  

15 Sep 2004 @ 02:43 by Hugh Jardon @ : Continuing a bad cut-and paste...
...a proud social LIBERAL and fiscal CONSERVATIVE who has indeed studied and reflected upon "the foundation of their own country" - you know, BA in American History, etc..., a Vietnam Marine veteran with 12 years in the Corps, etc. etc....

So "Like I said", and I'll repeat it if your bias has clouded your meager understanding of an opinion... She's a DORK. She disobeyed authority and paid the price. Simple eh? What part of that don't you understand?  

15 Sep 2004 @ 03:12 by ming : Dorks
OK, Daddy-O, so much for the illiterate teenager theory as far as you go, then. I still don't get the attitude though. Is that the kind of thing you walk out the marine corps with? Somebody disobeyed AUTHORITY, so they deserve that they get, however unconstitutional it might be? And authority means right?  

15 Sep 2004 @ 04:19 by Hugh Jardon @ : AUTHORITY
Hmm...ok, let's see....Now believe it or not Ming, there is such a concept known as "authority". Most societies that have risen above dirt clods have made use of, and accept this concept. See, it's a mechanism whereby a mutually agreed upon segment of the societal group are vested with the power, the "authority" if you will, to enforce the rules of the group, for the betterment of the whole society. Whether someone believes the rules are constitutional, fair, or whatever - or not - is quite irrelevant. The members of the society are duty bound to adhere to the rules, and to obey the authority that enforces them. A social contract, let's call it. In most stable societies, if the group wants to change the rules, they get together and vote on the issues, or elect others that will enact these changes. Unstable societies use car bombs. Which would you prefer? Speak up.

Sometimes, members of the group feel that the rules are unjust, and should not be obeyed for any number of reasons. They consider themselves above the rules, because they're special, Buddhists, vegans, or whatever. Attitudes like that are "fairy-tale thinking", and counter-productive to a stable and PEACEFUL world (An admirable and desirable goal, no?). As members of the group, they are still subject to the Authority of the group, and those who enforce the rules. You can bring up the Nazi's now if you wish....sigh....

But yes - you must obey AUTHORITY or suffer the consequences. The princess in the park had to obey authority - You must. I must. Well, she didn't, and she's now whining about it. I say she's a DORK and she deserved what she received. Simple.

As for the "attitude" I received from the Corps?


Got a problem with that too?  

15 Sep 2004 @ 10:35 by ming : Authority
Not much. Other than it easily can lead to a "just following orders" blind carrying out of somebody's political agenda. And the idea of countries is getting to be a bit outdated, I think, in an increasing global world. But, tell me, don't you have any kind of concern for the right to carry out peaceful protests, when a group of people disagree with the rules. I'm not talking about smashing shop windows, but maybe standing around with signs, or marching through the street, or taking a bus that's for white people only? It goes against Authority, but sometimes that's what it takes to change things for the better.  

15 Sep 2004 @ 17:49 by Rick @ : Republican Concentration Camps
Unless further steps are taken by the detainees his story runs a serious risk of becoming an urban legend.

There are laws against unlawful detainment. The Patriot Act must be challenged in court!

Just filing the case will create headlines. Do it now before the election.

16 Sep 2004 @ 03:37 by Hugh Jardon @ : Your right. I'm wrong.

You know, I've come to realize that I'm talking to insane people. Your logic is astounding in it's flawed magnificence, and your ability to incorrectly interpret what was said is quite a reflection on the unreality of your weltanschauung. (Ha...I'm sure just using a germanic word will cause the Pavlovian response in you to claim that I'm a Nazi...heh heh...careful, you're drooling Ming...ha!).

Here's reality: I said she was a DORK for screaming about being arrested, not for protesting. I don't care what her protest was about. I thought the lack of personal responsibility and integrity in refusing to accept the fact that a freely made decision to disobey the authorities comes with harsh consequences. I guess that was too hard for you to understand. Maybe I should have used smaller words.

So, have a good time. Bask in your paranoia. Concoct conspiracies. Shirk responsibility. Hear what you want to hear. Believe what you want to believe. Disobey authority. Blame it on Republicans.

Whatever..... I really don't give a shit.  

16 Sep 2004 @ 14:34 by CharlesRoland @ : Keep this story in the public eye
Please, please, please keep this and other horror stories that took place outside the Republican Nat'l Convention in NYC in the public eye. The show "Democracy Now" on FATV ( www.fatv.org ) has done a remarkable job on reporting about these types of instances of injustice perpetrated on peaceful demonstrators. Unfortunately, FATV is only broadcast to a small audience on free Public Access stations. The only reason I am lucky enough to see the show and hear the "real" news is because I have Cable TV and the Internet. I hope your story will cross over to the networks and major newspapers. The deplorable conditions that the protesters and curious onlookers found themselves in at the "Little Guantanamo" needs to be told to everyone BEFORE THE ELECTION. People need to be made aware that the Republican Committee actually leased that filthy and dangerous building to house protesters and deprive them of their rights. I am afraid to demonstrate or make my "liberal" views known for fear of retrobution by the govenment. I can't even subscribe to a newsletter or magazine that may be considered "Leftist" without wondering if my name is going on a secret CIA list. It seems that U.S. citizens can't disagree with government policies anymore without being accused of being "Unpatriotic" or "Unamerican". The Patriot Act needs to be questioned and changed as well as the real motives behind its inception. Let's get topics such as these in the news and educate the public to what is really going on rather than consuming a steady diet of propaganda and watered down media.  

17 Sep 2004 @ 15:01 by KevinJones @ : Oh the humanity!
Yea, I heard they arrested babies and gave everyone paper cuts! You know I was once walking through the park walking my dog when 6 policemen arrested me for no reason and beat my dog with a billy club. They were all Nazi republicans too and the world would just be a better place if we were all bleeding heart liberals who never eat meat or harm insects. Those terrorist who kill people are not bad men, they are just confused, let us love them in return and only then will they see the error of their ways.

You people are oblivious and naive!  

17 Sep 2004 @ 15:18 by jmarc : In boston
the site of the Democratic party's convention, all protesters were actually confined to a concentration camp of sorts. Under the tobin bridge, and surrounded with fencing, with actual barbed wire on top. Anyone protesting outside this area was arrested. Compare and contrast to New York. {LINK:http://pages.sbcglobal.net/liberty.freedom/2004/07/democrats-set-up-protest-area.html|with picture}  

29 Oct 2004 @ 00:40 by JParker @ : Hugh Jardon
This guy is a fraud. Hugh Jardon = "Huge Hard On", which seems a little unusual for a 60 year old Veteran. Curious, given his foreceful quote of "Duty, Honor, Country"- can we add juvenile filth to that list as well?

I imagine he's not a Veteran, or black, or had been married to a Jewish woman, etc. I see "Hugh" as a frustrated mid-level manager type with ultra-conservative parents that still loan him money occasionally. Sad, really.  

30 May 2005 @ 08:48 by cat~maxwell @ : google me
cat maxwell, punx.com

okay! i am gonna makethis simple and spell it out - not cos i think you are stupid -- but because it is really complicated and THEY are relying on its complicatedness in order to carry out the process of massive deception. they are fucking the world over and lying and they lie and lie about lyuingand then deny that they ever ever lie when pressed.

this is how they canbe beaten and if you care actively about anarchism the hole in their armor -- they

the secret is that the illegal WMD were stored in
the netherlands. Colin Powell's hands tied.

the B-61 TACTICAL NUKE! the united States (no, not 'we" - that's what's WRONG with
the media and why independent voices carry the weight of credibility. )
the united States developed the bunker bustingnuke!

it penetrates the earth like a raper and lets its tonnage off benearth the surfacE: preventing a hiroshima like mushroom cloud. But the nuke got dropped.

The Dutch havbve grown jaded with protest -- and teh freeze on
reportage to americans is the why of it all being a secret.

here is a rundownon the events connected from motherearth.org.

27 October 1997
NATO Secretary Solana wrote to NWAD that NATO was considering the ICJ opinion seriously, but had not yet come to a clear decision on the impact of the court's ruling.

18 January 1998
Citizens Inspected the E L F low frequency transmitter in Wisconsin, USA. This facility is primed to activate Trident submarines for attack. An inspection report was filed with the ICJ.

2 February 1998
The Universal Weapons Inspection Team (UNWIT) wrote to the Atomic Weapons Establishment in advance of their visit. 12 women went to the gate but were refused access. They measured driveways and gates in a bid to map the base.

26 February 1998
An international Citizens' Inspection team, including Canadian MP Libby Davies, was initially told they would be allowed into the Trident submarine base at Bangor, Washington State. When this was overruled by the US Navy Pacific Command the team flew over the base in a private plane and identified 24 bunkers and 3 submarines.

1 March 1998
Members of a Citizen's Inspection Team (CIT) were arrested at the main gate of Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson Arizona as they attempted to inspect it for suspected weapons of mass or indiscriminate destruction. They wrote to the base commander requesting full and unconditional access to the site and requested an escort to aid us in our inspection. This was refused.

5 March 1998
7 Citizen Inspectors, carrying UN Flags, were arrested on a fact-finding mission at Lawrence Livermore nuclear weapons laboratory, California USA. The event featured Dr. Theodore Taylor, a prominent nuclear physicist who was a top nuclear weapons designer in the 1950's but who later had a profound change of heart and now advocates the abolition of nuclear weapons.

18 March 1998
Belgian Members of Parliament Hugo Van Dienderen and Ludo Sannen attempted to inspect the Belgian NATO base at Kleine Brogel. Access was refused.

26 March 1998
Los Alamos Citizen Verification Team visited Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico which is the centre of the US nuclear weapons complex. In a letter previously sent to the lab the team requested that LANL provide documents describing the activities and plans of its nuclear weapons program, access to facilities which take part in the research and production of WMD, and interviews with upper management. All requests were denied by LANL. The team used each location on the site to describe to the media how LANL is breaking international law, defying UN resolutions, and immorally threatening human security. No arrests were made as the team did not try to force its way through any of the gates.
During this period other inspectors concluded that nuclear weapons were being manufactured, stockpiled or deployed in the USA at the Livermore and Los Alamos nuclear research facilities, and at Bath Iron Works.

4 April 1998
A Citizens' Team attempted to inspect the Egozi nuclear missile base in Israel. One member of the team measured high radiation levels near the site.

26 April 1998
Citizens inspected the Albemarle Secure Vehicle Compound in Northumbria where it is believed that British nuclear warhead convoys to the Trident base at Faslane stop overnight. The inspectors ascertained that, as the site was protected by razor wire, high tensile steel, bunkers and floodlights, there is evidence that nuclear weapons could be using the location. Letters explaining the reasons for the inspection had been sent to the Commanders in charge of Nuclear Convoys, the Trident base at Faslane, Wittering, NATO joint command Northwood, Albemarle Barracks and the Minister of Defence.

8 and 10 July 1998
During a week long NWAD international camp in Brussels, Belgium, two inspections took place. On the second anniversary of the ICJ opinion a NWAD delegation, accompanied by two Members of the European Parliament and a Belgian MP, met NATO officials. They refused to give the delegation the information about NATO nuclear weapons that they required, and so the meeting was followed by attempts by three inspection teams to enter the HQ. Two days later, nine more inspectors gained access to the HQ and questioned employees about their knowledge of the Nuremberg Principles before being apprehended.

11-12 July 1998
NWAD members hung posters reading "Wanted for War Crimes" above pictures of all 16 NATO Defence Ministers outside their meeting in Brussels. All 16 Ministers were given a copy of the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention, an official UN document.

3 August 1998
A North American team, lead by a Canadian MP, was refused permission to inspect the Electric Boat Corporation at Groton, Connecticut where nuclear submarines are constructed. A sign was put on the fences reading: "Warning - this site produces weapons of mass destruction".

26 August 1998
Citizens' Complaints were given to the Superintendent in charge of Strathclyde police. The Trident base is in their area. Activists spent an hour explaining to him that criminal activity was happening at Faslane. He agreed to pass this information, and the complaint, on to the Procurator Fiscal. The Procurator Fiscal ignored this for several months. After several reminders he sent only an unsatisfactory reply [Citizens' Complaint and Correspondence].

5-6 September 1998
With clear evidence about the presence of 10 US B-61 tactical nuclear weapons at Kleine Brogel, people were invited to join in a nuclear Treasure Hunt. The first prize was a return ticket from Brussels to the White House in Washington. 11 Treasure hunters were arrested for distributing leaflets containing a classified map of the base. One was charged for gathering military intelligence, while the others were arrested for 'a breach of peace'. Several aircraft hangars were inspected from the outside. However, this action provoked a meeting between officials and Citizen Inspectors at the Belgian Ministry of Defence in Brussels. As a result the Defence Department undertook to organise a consultation with international lawyers about the implications of the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice.

20 September 1998
At Barrow-in-Furness, UK, just before the roll-out of HMS Vengeance, Britain's latest nuclear weapons submarine, A Citizens' Inspection team tried to gain access to the Shipyard. When refused permission they read out a Citizens' Complaint pointing out the workers' responsibilities under international law.

22 September 1998
Citizen Inspectors went to the Dimona nuclear facility in Israel. After telling the police the reason for their visit they were forbidden to demonstrate without a permit so they linked arms and sat down. Ten people were arrested but later released.

1 October 1998
Citizens in Belgium, Britain, the Netherlands and the US inspected ten nuclear weapon related sites, to mark the anniversary of the end of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal in 1946. In Belgium 46 inspectors are arrested, amongst whom were several famous artists, authors, actors and also 8 MP's from both government and opposition parties.
Inspectors attempted to enter the Rolls Royce plant at Rainsway Derby, where parts for Trident submarines are made. On 26 April, 11 of them appeared before the Stipendiary Magistrate in Derby who refused to accept their defence of lawful excuse.

20 November 1998
Pol D'Huyvetter, member of NWAD, started a vigil and fast in front of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels. The aim was to encourage Belgium to support Canada and Germany in asking for a policy of No First Use of Nuclear weapons by NATO. This demand reflects public opinion which strongly supports Belgium taking the lead in negotiating a Treaty banning Nuclear Weapons. Pol was joined by MPs and other notables until the fast ended on 4 December after the government promised to engage in regular assessments of progress towards the elimination of nuclear weapons.

December 1998
Following several successful Citizens Inspections at Kleine Brogel earlier this year, three Members of the Flemish Parliament have announced their plan to table a resolution at the Flemish Parliament calling for Flanders to be a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

21 February 1999
120 inspectors entered the NATO base at Kleine Brogel in Belgium. 113 were arrested and released after questioning. Two MP's were attacked and wounded by military personnel with dogs. Since December 1996 over 200 people have inspected the Belgian NATO base, without being brought to Court by the authorities.

2 April 1999
A delegation of Inspectors was refused entry at Volkel Air Base and therefore decided to inspect the base without permission. Five were arrested. The next day a group started to tunnel into the base towards the underground storage of the B61 free-fall Nuclear Weapons but were arrested.

5 April 1999
A Citizens' Complaint was given to the officer in charge of the Ministry of Defence Police at Lakenheath. He was asked to convey this to the Base Commander. Lakenheath is the only nuclear weapons base remaining in England. It is strongly suspected that B61 free-fall nuclear bombs are stationed there. Citizen inspectors were refused permission to look for evidence of the bombs. When no response to the Citizens' Complaint was forthcoming, a letter was written to the Ministry of Defence asking them to follow the matter up. There was no satisfactory reply. [Compliant and Correspondence]

23 April 1999
A re-affirmation of the A-Days Citizens Summons was presented by Peace Action in Washington at the NATO summit in front of international journalists. There was a scroll for each Head of State which repeated the Madrid demands of 1996 and added that the Alliance was now compounding its unlawful activity by involving 3 more states in its illegal nuclear deterrence policy. Four weeks before, a letter had been sent to NATO Defence Ministers meeting in Brussels asking them to raise the issue of the legal validity of NATO's policy of nuclear deterrence. There was no reply. [Re-affirmation and Correspondence]

25 April 1999
51 non-violent activists were arrested near Kleine Brogel in Belgium where US B61 free-fall nuclear bombs are stored. The protest, which included several Members of Parliament, coincided with the NATO Summit in Washington DC. There was a 'funeral of democracy' following the prohibition of a bike tour around the base. On the same day there were demonstrations and inspections at US nuclear weapon bases in Aviano, Italy, and Araxos, Greece.

27-29 May 1999
The For Mother Earth peace walk from the International Court of Justice in The Hague to NATO headquarters in Brussels ended with the total of 272 arrests of Citizen Inspectors. At one point the police used water-canons, while other inspectors were at first prevented from attending a reception hosted at the European Parliament by Magda Aelvoet, President of the Green Group. On 4 June 1999 7 people from 5 nations were arrested when they attempted to inspect the NATO nuclear base at Kleine Brogel but charges of trespass were dropped.

27 July 1999
A Belgian criminal court declared itself incompetent in a case against three Belgian MP's who had inspected the NATO nuclear base of Kleine Brogel. The court decided that the "crime" involved was political and therefore had to be tried before a jury according to the constitution.
The prosecutor dropped the case because of the unpredictable result of a jury trial.
In spite of a large display of police power a new Citizens Summons was delivered to each of the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting at the NATO HQ in Brussels. There had been rumours that the 150 US free-fall nuclear bombs based in European NATO countries would be withdrawn. However, the summons pointed out that this was not enough. To comply with international law, the whole of NATO's massive nuclear arsenal had to be dealt with.
A small group of Citizen Inspectors attempted to enter NATO HQ with a list of pressing Questions for NATO Defence Ministers. 50 of them were arrested but not charged.

2 December 1999
At the beginning of the NATO ministerial meeting at NATO Headquarters in Brussels a delegation of the international peace movement handed a summons to all defence-ministers condemning the Alliance's illegal nuclear policy. The planned non-violent peace-vigil was immediately broken up by the Brussels police force. [Copy of Summons].

3 March 2000 Citizen Inspectors handed in a revised Citizens' Complaint for the new base commander at Lakenheath. As before, it was taken in by the police. There was no response.

24 April 2000
At the start of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in New York over 300 Citizen Inspectors from several countries were arrested as they entered NATO base at Kleine Brogel to search for evidence of 10 US B-61 nuclear weapons. NATO continues to oppose any disclosure of their existence to MPs, the press and the public. The sharing of the US nuclear weapons with other NATO allies is in breach of Article I and II of the NPT. The Nuclear Resisters were joined by Belgian MPs and famous authors, while actors organised a theatrical demonstration.
On the same day there was a "Go in-Sit out" demonstration of 300 people at the US-EUCOM (European Command) near Stuttgart. 13 citizens entered the base, while 50 took part at a blockade. The EUCOM is responsible for all 150 US nuclear weapons deployed in Europe.

7 August 1999
4 citizen inspectors entered the Buechel Air Force Base in Germany. The inspection was widely supported, also by the famous German author Martin Walser and psycho-anlayst Hans-Peter Richter.

1 October 2000
The Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp carried out an action at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston. Inspectors photographed entrances and main areas of the base.
Forum Voor Vredesactie and Voor Moeder Aarde (For Mother Earth) invited photographers to join their citizens' war crimes inspection at Kleine-Brogel, Belgium to obtain photographic evidence of the presence of the NATO B-61 nuclear weapons there. 20 groups of inspectors entered the base. These included parliamentarians, celebrities, and anti-nuclear activists from several European countries. Inspectors were able to photograph F-16 jets, the hardened concrete vaults used to store the nuclear weapons, and several radio antennae inside a heavily guarded compound. The police confiscated all cameras that were taken into the base. In total, 80 arrests were made for "trespassing on a military base" and "photographing a military base".
On the same day Citizens' Inspections took place at nuclear weapon sites at Volkel, Netherlands, the U.S. Navy ELF facility in Wisconsin, and the Rickenbaker US Air Force Base.

16 October 2000
Nevada Desert Experience notified the commander of Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, USA, that they intended a Citizen's Weapons Inspection and inviting the base to show the inspectors the 400 nuclear weapons deployed there. The only response was a letter declining the invitation "for safety and security reasons". Undeterred, the inspectors held a vigil outside the main gate which included passing out flyers to interested motorists and pedestrians. The flyers were basically quotes from former Generals who have begun to decry the nuclearism they once defended. The base was videotaped and photographed the vigillers, but there were no arrests. However, it can be claimed that, by not allowing access to the base, Nellis had failed the inspection.

21 August 2001
In March 2001 A World Court Project UK Supporter received, via his Member of Parliament, a letter from a Government Minister in the Ministry of Defence a letter about depleted uranium. In this he stated that nuclear weapons are designed as indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction. This implies an admission of illegality. World Court Project UK wrote to the Prime Minister about this asking for confirmation of this inference. The reply from the MoD said that the quotation had been taken out of context and did not amount to a Government statement on the matter. [Ministry of Defence Correspondence]

11th November 2001
Four Trident Ploughshares activists were arrested on Remembrance Sunday after cutting their way through the fence at AWE Aldermaston to carry out a citizens' inspection of the site. Charged with criminal damage they argued that their action was justified as a last resort in responding to the threat posed by the illegal Trident nuclear weapon system. The four were ordered to pay £92.50 for the damage caused and £100 for court costs. These fines were transferred to their local courts.

5th October 2002
1117 inspectors activists from across Belgium and elsewhere in Europe were arrested during the "Bomspotting" mass tresspass of Kleine Brogel airbase. Several hundred of these people were arrested outside of the base due to restrictions that were placed on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression in the area around the base.

6th October 2002
At 7:30 am Sunday, October 6, remembering the anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan, three women entered Minuteman III missile silo # N-8 in northern Colorado. Acting out Isaiah's prophesy, "they shall beat their swords into plowshares," Dominican sisters Carol Gilbert, Jackie Hudson and Ardeth Platte hammered on the concrete silo lid and the tracks that carry the lid to its firing position. Their disarmament action included cutting cables, spreading their own blood in the sign of the cross on the silo and the tracks, and cutting through the surrounding fence in three places.
The women were inside the silo area for an hour, able to also complete a liturgy on top of the silo before they were ringed with humvees and military and police personnel with weapons leveled.

7th October 2002
160 people gathered at the main gate of the Lakenheath airforce base, England. During the demonstration nine people became citizen inspectors and entered the base. Activists were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage, which they readily admitted to, having cut the fence and get in. They were passed into the custody of Suffolk police, but apparently without enough evidence to charge them at the time.
[Lakenheath Action Group]

31st October 2002
Gloucester Weapons Inspectors visited RAF Fairford, which would be used in any attack on Iraq. After being refused entry to base by the secrurity staff on the main gate, they put their request for entry in song form...

11th November 2002
Over two hundred people including representatives from community, students and US military veterans formed a citizen inspection team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. A letter was sent to the head of the laboratory demanding immediate and unrestricted access to all sites at the laboratory including underground facilities, buildings, equipment, records and means of transport. Representatives from California Peace Action, Tri-Valley CAREs, Western States Legal Foundation and Veterans for Peace displayed evidence of the Lab's involvement in clandestine activities related to the research and development of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear and biological weapons. During the action a line of armed security met the inspection team and halted people trying to enter.

15th November 2002
Two activists from Trident Ploughshares managed to inspect a British Trident nuclear submarine, while it was undergoing refit in Devonport, England. They remained undetected inside the submarine for 30 minutes before setting off a fire alarm to alert workers to their presence. They were arrested for criminal damage, and subsequently made to pay £146 each for damage that they had done to fence of the base, in order to gain access to the submarine.
[Full story]

14th December 2002

A 500 strong demonstration marched on RAF Fairford, and demanded entry to the base for the purpose of conducting an inspection for weapons of mass destruction. The Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors led the march through the Village of Fairford. On their previous visit to the base, on Halloween, their final words were 'we'll be back'. During the action 20 demonstrators managed to cut the fence and get in. No arrests were made. This demonstration was called by Bristol-Stop-The-War in response to the arrival of U.S Stealth Bombers at RAF Fairford in November. Although the Bombers have returned to the U.S, it is believed they will soon return for the purpose of conducting carpet-bombing of Iraqi cities.
[Gloucester Weapons Inspectors]

10th January 2003

Five "weapons inspectors" from Cambridge University were arrested after entering RAF Feltwell in a bid to uncover US weapons programmes for war against Iraq. The team of five, organised by Cambridge Students Against the War, entered the base freely but were arrested after spending around 45 minutes gathering information on the site's operations.
[Full story]

18th January 2003
80 weapons inspectors were arrested at the Dutch Airforce base of Volkel, used to store US nuclear weapons. Many of the inspectors managed to gain access to the base because a lock on one of the gates to the base had been switch some days before with one for which the inspectors had a key.
An international delegation from For Mother Earth submitted a report of the inspection to the UN Security Council.
[More news, and report]

25th January 2003

Over 200 protestors marched on RAF St Athans to demand access to search for Weapons of Mass Destruction and show their opposition to war. 'The International Citizens Weapons Inspectorate' consisted of students from over 30 countries around the world including the USA, UK, China, Columbia, Pakistan, Iraq and Israel. They were denied access to the base but handed in a letter to the Base Commander.
[International Citizens Weapons Inspectorate]

26th January 2003

Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors and Greenham Women conducted another inspection at RAF Fairford. Around 2000 people attended a parade from Fairford to the base, many wearing white inspection suits along with a giant model B-2 Stealth bomber. Once again some theatre and entertainment from Rinky Dink. Direct action by a large group managed to get around 50 people onto the base, some entering buildings and climbing on roofs. Most were just escorted off the base. However 5 arrests were made. Three for those who had been observed cutting the fencing and 2 for public order offences.
[Gloucester Weapons Inspectors]

10th February 2003
A citizens inspection was held at the Lockheed Martin plant in Owego, New York. This plant specializes in "Systems Integration" and works on weapons systems for A10 Warthog planes that have been used to fire depleted uranium ammunition in the gulf war, Kosovo, Afghanistan and was recently tested in Vieques - Puerto Rico. The plant also builds Blackhawk helicopters. During the citizens inspection, some people made a workshop about the effect of Depleted Uranium on the environment (food chain, health, soldiers, civilians, etc..)

3rd February 2003
RAF Lakenheath was closed in an act of peaceful protest against war. Six peace activists from Cambridge blockaded the back entrance to the base; they were all arrested and taken to Mildenhall police station. The six succeeded in severely restricting access to the base for almost an hour. Earlier that morning, protesters arrived to discover that the mere threat of a blockade of the main gate had convinced the Ministry of Defence Police to close the front gate, effectively shutting down the base from the morning onwards.
At the same time, 6 'weapons inspectors' entered the base, to search for American-controlled weapons of mass destruction. This continues the recent series of Citizens' Inspections, which have taken place across the UK and much of Europe.

22nd February 2003
Canadian group, Rooting Out Evil, sent a team of weapons inspectors to the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Laboratory in Washington DC. The team included Alan Simpson, a Member of the British House of Commons (and head of Labour Against the War); Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East; Professor Mel Watkins of Science for Peace; Steve Staples of the Polaris Institute; David Langille of the Centre for Social Justice; Deborah Bourque, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers; Ed Hammond of the Sunshine Project; and Peter Shorret from the Council for Responsible Genetics.
They were refused entry to the base.
[Rooting Out Evil | Full Story]


16 May 2006 @ 19:53 by mohamed jamal @ : planet of the apes is becoming a reality
one day we will take over and run the whites out just like planet of the apes  

19 Dec 2014 @ 23:25 by Hamada @ : FHRdqyjfFyygnSCV
archanimal92 / Hey David! It's great hearing from you again! :DSorry to hear that your stsier has Crohn's Disease. I'm 19 and was diagnosed with Crohn's about 2 years ago. The good news about it though, is that its completely manageable and there are many ways to avoid flare-ups. For me, I find if I avoid eating dairy and wheat it alleviates the pain. Make sure she stays away from seeds, or foods with a a leafy or thick skin, like tomatoes, blueberries, or stuff like that. Fruit smoothies, soup put in a blender, even salad has been put in a blender sometimes! haha I've been trying a few different medications, Pentasa, Prednisone etc although none have seemed to work and the doctor prescribed me to start taking Remicade infusions. I'll probably go to a naturopathic doctor first before starting those, just to see what other options I may have. It really depends on how severe her case is, in my case it was mild so I'm able to cope with it.For me, I think anxiety played a part in it as well, although the doctors will never tell you that! Every time I got anxious about something I'd start feeling pain, and it would ususally die down once the anxiety went away.But all in all, Crohn's won't be an issue if its handled properly. As someone mentioned before, Casey Abrams has colitis (which is similar to Crohn's) and he's doing pretty well! All the best to your stsier, and be sure to let her know that we're all praying for her, as well as for you, and the family! God Bless! :)  

23 Dec 2014 @ 14:03 by Sandun @ : EZTyNnyKHM
mss glittery / AbstractBACKGROUND & AIMS: Because the mode of Crohn's deassie inheritance is unknown, age-adjusted risk estimates and knowledge of deassie characteristics will aid genetic counseling and modeling. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of familial occurrence of inflammatory bowel deassie in first-degree relatives of patients with Crohn's deassie and estimate their age-adjusted risks. It also evaluates agreement in deassie characteristics between generations within families with a history of Crohn's deassie. METHODS: Six hundred forty patients with Crohn's deassie and 800 control subjects were questioned about the occurrence of inflammatory bowel deassie in their first-degree relatives. Agreement for age at diagnosis, initial deassie location, deassie behavior, and number of bowel resections was determined in 68 families with two or more members affected and compared with data in 100 unrelated patients with Crohn's deassie. RESULTS: Probands with Crohn's deassie had a more frequent positive family history than controls. The age at diagnosis between probands with and without a positive family history was insignificant. Crude and age-adjusted risk elements were higher in relatives of patients, especially daughters, compared with those of controls. The age at diagnosis was older for parents than offspring but similar between siblings. Initial deassie location was especially striking between siblings. CONCLUSIONS: This study confirms familial aggregation and a high degree of deassie concordance in Crohn's deassie. The age at diagnosis and initial deassie location was especially strong within generations. (Gastroenterology 1996 Sep;111(3):597-603)  

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