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 Porn Ashcroft2004-09-28 22:25
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picture by Flemming Funch

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft has porn on his mind. At least he's decided to waste a lot of government resources on a war against porn. Millions of dollars, dozens of prosecutors, and he plans on going after some of your favorite cable shows too. He apparently didn't understand the part about free speech in the constitution. Anyway, the side benefit of such a campaign is of course that he himself can sit and look at a lot of dirty pictures. Such a pervert. So this picture is quite appropriate. Ashcroft's face made entirely of porn pictures. It is made by Kevin Reynen who also made Bush's face from dead American soldiers, and Dick Cheney's made of SUVs and oil wells. ... Oops, I got it wrong. Kevin Reynen did Abu Rummy, a picture of Rumsfeld made of Iraqi torture pictures from the news, and Crude Dick, of Cheney made of oil wells and SUVs. The War President picture was by Joe. And the Porn Ashcroft picture there is by Alf Eaton.

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1 comment

30 Sep 2004 @ 01:21 by ming : Pictures
Ah, I read it way too quickly. You're right of course. I've better correct my post above.  

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