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 The Osama Factor2004-10-29 23:15
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In case you missed it, Osama bin Laden just gave a speech. Addressed to the American people, just before the election. And the wild thing is that he's actually making more sense than either Bush or Kerry. None of them are really going to handle the reasons for terrorism. Kerry is for sure more likely to think about it, but both of them would go about it the wrong way, by concentrating on who they should bomb to pieces, rather than about the factors that make people pissed off at the US of A in the first place. Of course it isn't about people who hate freedom, and if it were, it wouldn't be the US they'd be thinking of attacking.

Remains to be seen how this will influence the U.S. election, but it sure will. Just one little tape.

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30 Oct 2004 @ 01:55 by ov : Ego Personified
Osama calmly points out that it is the imperialists own behavior that has brought down the towers, and that all they have to do to end this is to mind their own business. Both George and Kerry, get even more stubborn and adamant, and set in their ways of destroying anything and everything that thwarts them. The Ego would rather have the body die than be proved that it was wrong. Well G & K both are ego personfied.

Also notice how Osama is looking pretty good for living the last last four years or more of living in a cave in the wilderness with his dialysis machine. The news report that I was listening to said that the 'experts' were analysing the tape to determine if it was authentic, like they could really tell, the only way they would have a clue was if they could trace the source and its plainly clear that they can't. This sockpuppet boogeyman scaring the sheeple shitless is such a damn pathetic farce of fear politics.

They don't have a clue where the big O is but now they are committed to doing something. S0 sabres will rattle for another week, and then the GOP will squeak through with another win, inspite of all the new voters registered in attempts to kick him out, then to silence inquiry Israel will bomb Iran, and in return the fleets in the gulf are drowned, and not even pomegranite beer will turn this around. So be the death of patriarchal ego.  

30 Oct 2004 @ 06:33 by shawa : Amen.
I hope you have a cave somewhere to hide in when the whole thing comes crashing down. No kidding. How long can patriarchy last this way ? It has failed humanity badly, and why should we be surprised ? It couldnĀ“t last.  

30 Oct 2004 @ 14:16 by vaxen : :)
OVERT MOTIVATOR DED DEDEX. Looks like, must be, an SS Clone/CLOWN to me! Does'nt look 'O Sama' at all. But, re-member, this IS halloween! Trick or Treat! Forget Bush, Forget Kerry, they're just MOCOs in an endless game. YOU created 'THEM!' YOU ARE CAUSE! YOU. Yes, YOU!

We all made 'agreements,' as to the 'out-come,' and just what game/games (GUM/RAG) we would play. This IS the 'Game of Games,' is'nt it? Admiration, Agreement, Automaticity. 'Data Source Object Exploit.'

Is the 'Game of Games' senior to the Game of GUMs?
When is U3 U0?
The new game is 'Admin Tech.'
Remember Incident I and II?

10,000 not 9999!

Osama is just a Holographic Insert in an endless line of MOCO (Moment Of Creation Of viewpoint) fantastico's. So?
A long, long, time ago, it was during the 'Game of Gods,' we elected, voted for, Xenu (the eXperience Entity of the Not-ised Universe/XEMU (The X EMUlation/the "CLOWN GOD")(& Not everyone 'voted' for X). Why?  

31 Oct 2004 @ 06:14 by EdKnight @ : midnight rambling
I don't recall from where, but I heard someone attributing to the shrubco administration, "The only thing we have to fear is the loss of fear itself." As far as the horrors of war & terrorism; asprin, liquor, autos, state sponsored tobacco and even physician errors kill far more people each year than all the terrorists and warpigs combined. I fear the costs of housing & health far, FAR more than anything shrub or OBL can throw this way.
I read the text of OBL's message. Curiously absent was his thanks to Reagan for his threat/warning to Israel to stop bombing Lebanon. Curiously absent was OBL's complaint against Syria for THEIR lengthy occupation of Lebanon post the U.S. retreat.
About the awful toll over in Iraq: prior to shrubco coming to steer this great turd of a state that is circling the bowl, our Sec of State, the honorable(?) Ms Albright stated something to the effect that the loss of 500,000 Iraqi children due to a decade of sanctions was a price the U.S. was willing to pay. This is someone who is in charge of diplomacy?
I wish the world could forever rid itself of rival "my God is bigger than your God" loonies and their thousand year old problems, along with the LAWCAP money mad. Come January I'm off to Bali to go paint the Gaughin maids in banyan shades. Goodnight Smedley Butler wherever the hell you're at.8643!  

31 Oct 2004 @ 12:49 by taranga @ : arrogant empires
I seem to vaguely remember some distant incident involving tea and a habour as the governered didn't like the arrogant pomposity of the govenors. Even though it was a long time ago the British still [with a few notable exceptions] have a lot to learn.

May be the US needs to try and apply that lesson to others who feel culturally, economically or politically dominated by the US.  

31 Oct 2004 @ 20:46 by vibrani : SNL
Saturday Night Live did a great take off of Osama's latest video. It was quite funny - and the final statement had to do with our lost values and they made some great points.

Personally, I think Osama is posturing and trying to take the spotlight and show that he's still out there. And Bush (by his own words) said he didn't think much about Osama anymore. Can anyone guarantee that Osama isn't sending a message to his followers? I don't know how much power Osama has these days in terms of a major attack, but he's been successful in having Americans polarize, create more mistrust and lack of freedoms. Destroy from within.  

31 Oct 2004 @ 21:32 by ov : Osama bin Muppet
{link:www.whatreallyhappened.com/osamatape2.html|Osama Tape a Fraud} compares photos, and various other points that indicate that the latest Osama isn't the same person that was on earlier tapes. Yet the mainstream news doesn't even mention the possibility that this might not be the real Osama. Meanwhile the only thing that gets entrenched is that both Kerry and Bush are going to do whatever it takes to destroy the terrorists. Talk about locking yourself into a commitment for unbridled fascism or what. Also nobody seems to be paying much attention to the Vice Presidents, even though {link:halliburtonwatch.org|HalliburtonWatch.org} has lots of documented dirt on Cheney and his latest travails with the FBI and other investigative bodies. Don't have time to look into any of that when we have Osama bin Muppet to keep us entertained.  

31 Oct 2004 @ 22:57 by ming : Osama
I wouldn't have been surprised if the Bush people were partners with Bin Laden. As, well, they were in many way. It is in many ways a symbiotic relationship. But if they had made it up, they certainly wouldn't have made him say what he said. They wouldn't have made him start making sense. They would have shown him being captured or killed just before the election. Or they would have arranged a terrorist attack around now. So, I'd say it is the real him, and that they didn't make him say it. I'm actually surprised. I would have expected an october surprise, more cleanly playing into Bush's hand. Of course it isn't over yet.  

31 Oct 2004 @ 23:16 by vibrani : Conspiraces
are everywhere, but even though the Bush family is in bed with the Saudis, and gave VIP permission and treatment for the bin Laden family to leave after 9/11, Osama seems to be mostly on his own. I have no doubt it's really Osama on the tape doing his own thing, kinda thumbing his nose at Bush. One thing I wish all people would understand - our leaders are elected to do the job we want, not to order us around. It is up to us what goes on.  

31 Oct 2004 @ 23:43 by ov : Osama is Virtual
The latest tape does make Osama make more sense to our western sensibilities compared to his previous releases, but I think that is primarily because he is trageting a different audience, namely non-USA westerners. The clear message is that the best defense against a terrorist attack is not to enter into a coalition with the USA. That is the same message that is being backed up in action with all of the hostage takings and killings, and with all of the executions of the local Iraqi traitors and puppet thugs of the American occupation. The same message was sent to Spain last year, namely it is not safe to support the American coalition.

I haven't seen a complete coverage of the news on this, but what I have seen of the American coverage is a visual of Osama followed up with rants from Kerry or George on how we need even more military force to eradicate Al Qaeda. I've had to look at European news sources to get any kind of coverage on the actual content of the Osama tape.

Ming, I'm not sure if the Osama is Bush's puppet or somebody else, but I'm pretty sure that it is a puppet. My logic is that it is in Al Qeada's interest to have Osama persevere and this could be most easily assured by having him as a virtual entity which can be transferred from one handler to another as needed. Westerners place way too much emphasis on the image to the point where they almost completely ignore the content.

Edit add Nov 1st: You have to admire the 'terrorists' for their loyalty, I mean a $25 million dollar bounty on Osama and nobody is stepping forward to collect it. {link:www.strike-the-root.com/4/herman/herman30.html|Strike The Root} published an article on this Oct 19th 2004 and speculates that perhaps Osama is virtual, among other things like why nobody really seems to care anymore about old Osama, well that got changed soon enough, but still enough forshadowing to open the possibility that the merry pranksters are alive and well in cyberspace.  

1 Nov 2004 @ 00:51 by ov : Guardian's latest
{link:www.guardian.co.uk/uselections2004/comment/story/0,14259,1340587,00.html|Bin Laden's surprise}

Monday November 1, 2004
The Guardian

Osama bin Laden's features, courtesy of al-Jazeera, came as an unwelcome and eery surprise when they burst into the final, cliff-hanging days of the US election campaign last Friday. The al-Qaida leader's message to Americans was that the "best way to avoid another Manhattan" was to stop threatening the security of Muslims. Happily, he did not advise them which of the presidential candidates was likely to do that. And, bizarrely, he taunted George Bush for not acting quickly enough to save the thousands trapped in New York's twin towers on September 11 2001. Some nerve, as he also took clear responsibility for this act of mass murder. Overall, though, the style was more elder statesman than military commander: flowing robe, no camouflage gear or Kalashnikov rifle. And the backdrop was a studio, not an Afghan hillside. The world's most wanted man, sitting behind a desk, looked alarmingly healthy and calm, almost presidential.

The main impact of the 14-minute videotape was indeed to prove that he is still alive, or was until recently. It could either remind voters of Mr Bush's leadership in the "war on terror", or of his failure to capture the man synonymous with that war. Perhaps, some speculate, Bin Laden has managed to see - and be inspired by - Michael Moore's film, Fahrenheit 9/11, with its footage of Mr Bush's slow performance on the day. The president argued recently that it was of little importance whether Bin Laden was alive or dead. It may be that al-Qaida is now, and perhaps always was, more a state of mind than an organisation. Killing or capturing its leader would not end Jihadist terrorism, fuelled by causes from Chechnya to Indonesia. But you can be sure Mr Bush would flaunt such a great triumph if he could pull it off.

The candidates only managed briefly to refrain from squabbling about the tape. But Richard Holbrooke, tipped as secretary of state in a Kerry administration, was justified in asking: "How can this grotesque mass murderer be out there on worldwide television more than three years after 9/11?" Mr Kerry protested that the president had "outsourced" the attack on Bin Laden's hideout at Tora Bora to Afghan warlords.

Whoever wins tomorrow's election, the shadow of Bin Laden will hang heavily over the next US administration. Defeating terrorism will require a far deeper understanding of its root causes, reaching out to Muslims, focused, thoughtful action, better intelligence and the support of other countries alarmed by the abuses at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib - and who think that the Iraqi quagmire is a dangerous distraction from the real business at hand.

Bin Laden's sinister reappearance contains lessons too for America's estranged European allies, who may be running the risk of exaggerated expectations of Mr Kerry's ability to heal transatlantic wounds. Many will have noticed Bin Laden's comment - surely no casual aside - that the idea of attacking tall buildings was inspired by Israeli air raids on Lebanon in 1982 - when a previous US administration gave the green light for another disastrous war. All remember the renegade Saudi's cynical offer of a "ceasefire" after the Madrid atrocity in March, when Spanish voters threw out the pro-war prime minister Jose Maria Aznar straight after the cruel mass bombings of the city's commuter trains.

Perhaps there is a danger of reading too much into these manipulative messages: some suggest this one was a coded signal for terrorist action - though the US authorities insisted there was no intelligence about any immediate threat. Let there be no mistake: Bin Laden and his followers are a danger to us all, not just Americans. Murderous fanaticism does not become any more acceptable just because it is expressed in a twisted parody of an Oval Office address.  

1 Nov 2004 @ 06:13 by ov : Cheney on Osama
The Bush cabal, and that includes Cheney, is the most paranoid secretive administration in living memory, and one of their characteristics is psychological projection which means that what they object most to, or accuse other people of doing, is probably what they themselves were thinking of doing or had already done.

In this report {link:www.menafn.com/qn_news_story.asp?StoryId=CqyrJqeicq0fnuefjr04TvKvfufmTmK5eluW|Cheney accuses Kerry} of taking a poll on the Osama tape before making a decision on how to respond. Do I think Cheney, and George, are opportunists that would do this themselves? You bet I do. The following excerpt is from the link.

"The thing I find most amazing about it is John Kerry's first response was to go conduct a poll," Cheney told volunteers at a GOP phone bank here. "It's as though he didn't know what he believed until he took a poll. George Bush doesn't need a poll to know what he believes, especially about Osama bin Laden ... I feel strongly about it. Ever since I heard about the poll, I've been agitated about it."  

1 Nov 2004 @ 22:03 by ov : From Australia
Osama says that he intends to bankrupt America in the same way that he was trained to bankrupt the Soviet Union. Chickens coming home to roost, eh.

{link:www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,11261076%255E1702,00.html|Bin Laden threatens to bankrupt US}
From correspondents in Dubai
November 2, 2004

AL-QAEDA leader Osama bin Laden has vowed to wage a "war of attrition" against the United States until it is bankrupt in a message to the American people posted on the website of Al-Jazeera TV.

The television station put up what appeared to be the full text of a message aired three days ago, in which bin Laden threatened the United States with attacks similar to those of September 11, 2001.

"We became experts in gang warfare and in the war of attrition," said the terror mastermind in the new excerpts, published on the eve of the US presidential election.

"We fought the unjust superpower, waging (a war of) attrition, along with the (Afghan) mujahedeen, (against) Russia for 10 years until they became bankrupt and decided to withdraw in defeat.

"We will press ahead with this policy of attrition (against) America until it is bankrupt, God willing. This is not difficult for God."  

2 Nov 2004 @ 23:57 by vaxen : Heh Heh
All very nicely engineered to get the 'juices' flowing. It's all an act! You will be assimilated! BTW do you like BORG stew?  

16 Nov 2004 @ 13:58 by Steve @ : The Osama conspiracy theory
Bush told the world that we should never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the events of 9-11. If you study the evidence closely, you will see that the whole 9-11 terrorist attacks was a scam that involved many US government officials and agencies. Bush, himself, playing the part of the hero president that was going to go after the 'Terrorists' and bring them to justice. The Osama Bin Ladin character is the scape goat that New World Order had in mind all along. They are using him like a puppet and the people are just sure he is the bad guy. Never mind that the fact that the world trade center buildings were brought down with controlled demolition charges. Never mind the fact that there wasn't any evidence that a Boeing 757 ever hit the Pentagon. Why do you think Bush is protecting Osama? He is the scape goat, without Osama, the Terror threat goes way down. Without the threat of terror, the people will not go along with surrender constitutional liberties. Expect more economic callapse and more domestic terror -- that's what they are planning, and after all they have the power to do it, and get away with it until the great and dreadful day of the Lord. Maybe it was not a coinicidence that George was reading about a goat on the day he told us about what went through his mind when he said he saw the first plane crash into the North tower. Question: how was he able to see the first plane crash into the tower if there was no television coverage?  

20 Dec 2014 @ 00:40 by Julien @ : KwTAmGxAulS
Our President is a decent cinrag man. When I first saw him as a keynote speaker forKerry Democratic Convention I called a friend of mine in Chicago who was not home at the time left a message Who is that Barack Obama! I was impressed then, volunteered for his campaign in 2008 (my first campaign at the age of 55) and have been an avid follower since then. God Bless our President & his commitment to our country.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 17:24 by Janset @ : zYTaUHXymYbEzgXbxbX
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29 Apr 2016 @ 05:57 by Millie @ : QlQiGLuqAQOucE
I had no idea how to approach this ber-oefnow I'm locked and loaded.  

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