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 Bush Again2004-11-03 17:11
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Dan Gillmor (via BoingBoing) sums it up well:
"The Republicans have an even stronger congressional majority. They have shown how gladly ruthless they can be in using their power. Bush and his allies have never believed in compromise. They have even less incentive to govern from the middle now, even though the nation remains bitterly divided.

There's no secret about what's coming. We don't have that excuse this time.

Here comes more fiscal recklessness -- as we widen the chasm between the ultra-wealthy and everyone else, cementing a plutocracy into our national fiber, we'll pay our national bills on the Treasury Bill credit card for the next few years. Many economists expect a Brazil-like financial crisis to hit the U.S. before the end of the decade. If we muddle our way though the near term, we'll still have left our kids with the bill.

Here comes an expansion of the American empire abroad, a fueling of fear and loathing elsewhere on the globe. This is also unsustainable in the end. Empire breeds disrespect.

Our civil liberties will shrink drastically. This president and his top allies in Congress fully support just one amendment in the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment's right to bear arms. Say goodbye to abortion rights in most states. Roe v. Wade will fall after this president pushes three or four Scalia and Thomas legal clones onto the Supreme Court. Say hello, meanwhile, to a much more intrusive blending of church and state.

The environment? We'll be nostalgic for Ronald Reagan's time in office.

This is not sour grapes. This is reality."
I agree. But unfortunately a majority of Americans seem to prefer it that way. It is shocking and puzzling what they make their decisions based on. I had hoped that there were more common sense in circulation.

The only comfort is that it will be Bush who will stew in his own mess, and that it might collapse faster, so that something new can emerge. As opposed to Kerry trying to deliver on the promise to essentially deliver more and better of most of the same things Bush was doing. With some luck this might mean that real change will come around sooner. But not now.

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3 Nov 2004 @ 19:11 by vaxen : Prefer it?
Surely you ca'nt be serious? I'm sure you are, though, in your thought. However rest be assured that there are 'some' of us who know that there is NO CHOICE in the matter! Perhaps you never did really listen to CBR, F.F. ? Remember Marcabia? Did you think that was just some pretty GUM to be played just for the fun of it?

The whole 'sham' election, 6 billion dollars worth of electronic voting machines, was a scam/sham from the get go! All an act! Americans do not, cannot, make choices! Surely you know what is coming down the pike? Remember the 'Game' "The Enslavers vs the Free Beings?" Maybe you think it is just a joke?

We, as Loyals to EE and the Tech, have the responsibility to release or free or as-is all the Beings, Charge, and Things on the cases of U2 that they (U2s) could not find, free, or as-is because they cant go up the bridge until these things are handled! This is the "Secret" of the "Grail." And our Responsibility and KRC!

Benjamin "Franklin said, [the U.S. Constitution] will fail, as all such constitutions have in the past, because of the essential corruption of the people. He pointed his finger at all the American people. And when the people become so corrupt, he said, we will find it is not a republic that they want but rather despotism --the only form of government suitable for such a people....Ours is a totally corrupt society. The presidency is for sale. Whoever raises the most money to buy TV time will probably be the next president. This is corruption on a major scale. ...Once you have a business community that is so corrupt in a society whose business is business, then what you have is, indeed, despotism. It is the sort of authoritarian rule that the Bush people have given us. The USA PATRIOT Act is as despotic as anything Hitler came up with -- even using much of the same language....Nobody has ever wrecked the Bill of Rights as [Bush] has. " --Gore Vidal, LAW, Nov. 14-20, 2003


But to those of you who want to win the war this time around: "THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY THROUGH" - LRH.  

3 Nov 2004 @ 22:30 by hgoodgame : I too was shocked
and extremely discouraged by the outcome of this election. So many people have become so dumbed-down that even with all the evidence against Bush as a mentally fit leader, we have voted for him again. It's so rediculous I find it hard to believe!  

3 Nov 2004 @ 22:36 by ov : What about fraud
A few voices in the wilderness are still pointing out that there is every reason to believe that the electronic voting machines have stole the election, but unless Kerry pursues it nothing will be investigated, let alone done about it, and Kerry doesn't look like he is going to do anything except go along withthis sham of an election.

Bottom line is that comfort trumps morality.  

3 Nov 2004 @ 23:10 by Guami @ : er, I concur with what they said....
it's really a sad state of affairs, now more than ever, when one thinks of what the U.S. is becoming. These people, if one can call them that, that occupy the White House, are after all the layers are peeled, monsters! The only presidents that they care about are the dead ones in their bank accounts....and the list goes on. Ming, I really hope that change will come sooner rather than later because 'four more years' will in all probability, and all the more drastically, alter the very fabric of this country and I don't see it as being good. Excuse me while I go and vomit at the thought of the whole thing, and then consider where I want to go when ol'Jeb throws his name into the hat in '08.  

4 Nov 2004 @ 05:13 by Jon Husband @ : Just Goes to Show ...
... how deep and wide the rot is ... especially amazing after all that's come to light over the past couple of years. It's got bugger-all to do with facts, or logic, or "freedom and democracy", annd everything to do with blatant rape of a society, the naked pursuit and exercise of power.

I'll bet you're damned glad these days that you're a cheese-eating surrender monkey, instead of an LA-based freedom fighter consuming away, keeping the US military-industrial complex in fine fettle. Good timing for your move, Ming.  

7 Nov 2004 @ 17:27 by Mind Warrior @ : Was it ever in doubt?
It is really no surprise that Bush got back in, the whole process of voting is just a sham that creates the illusion of democracy. The electronic voting machines can cough up whatever result is deemed fit.

The illusion of a fair outcome leaves people thinking "Well gee I guess enuff people must have voted for Dubya" In reality he is probably the candidate who will most irritate and stupify the people he is supposed to represent.

Still never mind eh only 4 more years before either Hilary or Arnie takes over.  

16 Nov 2004 @ 13:29 by Steve @ : Illuminati Election
Every election in the US is an Illuminati project. The illusion is that we the people think we have a choice is helping tp perpetuate the great conspiracy of the globalist powers that be. The mind of America has been controlled and managed to the point that we no longer have any discernment to really see what is happening. We have been seduced with all kinds of bewitching entertainment and occultic distractions that the truth is a foreign concept. The perilous state of our decieved mindset is such that when ever the truth is told, it is reviled and scorned. There is a small remnant that watch and pray and know the true meaning of freedom, but for the majority of us -- we are held fast with many strongholds and the worst part is, we think we are free.  

21 Apr 2016 @ 04:12 by Etty @ : EylOVymFWExJlcfNiG
This is the perfect way to break down this infntmarioo.  

21 Apr 2016 @ 11:37 by Sailor @ : WCPvwzDNRv
I apriacpete you taking to time to contribute That's very helpful.  

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