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1984 and Perpetual War

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 1984 and Perpetual War2004-11-29 19:29
by Flemming Funch

This billboard, provided by Clear Channel, one of the biggest U.S. media companies, has recently been gracing freeways in Florida. Reminds you of anything? Other than Stalinism, Saddam Hussein, Nazi Germany, and Kim Il Jong? Well, unfortunately, there's more and more that looks like Orwell's 1984 in present day United States. And not just superficially.

Thanks to Seb for pointing out a couple of older articles about just those parallels: Happy New Year: Its 1984 and Learning to love Big Brother.
As President Bush wages his war against terrorism and moves to create a huge homeland security apparatus, he appears to be borrowing heavily, if not ripping off ideas outright, from George Orwell. The work in question is "1984", the prophetic novel about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda, cracking down on subversive thought and altering history to suit its needs. It was intended to be read as a warning about the evils of totalitarianism -- not a how-to manual. ...

No one who was forced to read 1984 in high school could fail to hear a faint bell tinkling. In George Orwell's dreary classic, the totalitarian state of Oceania is perpetually at war with either Eurasia or Eastasia. Although the enemy changes periodically, the war is permanent; its true purpose is to control dissent and sustain dictatorship by nurturing popular fear and hatred.

The permanent war undergirds every aspect of Big Brother's authoritarian program, excusing censorship, propaganda, secret police, and privation. In other words, it's terribly convenient. ...

WAR IS PEACE. A reckless war that will likely bring about a deadly cycle of retaliation is being sold to us as the means to guarantee our safety. Meanwhile, we've been instructed to accept the permanent war as a fact of daily life. As the inevitable slaughter of innocents unfolds overseas, we are to "live our lives and hug our children."

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. "Freedom itself is under attack," Bush said, and he's right. Americans are about to lose many of their most cherished liberties in a frenzy of paranoid legislation. The government proposes to tap our phones, read our email and seize our credit card records without court order. It seeks authority to detain and deport immigrants without cause or trial. It proposes to use foreign agents to spy on American citizens. To save freedom, the warmongers intend to destroy it.

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. America's "new war" against terrorism will be fought with unprecedented secrecy, including heavy press restrictions not seen for years, the Pentagon has advised. Meanwhile, the sorry history of American imperialism -- collaboration with terrorists, bloody proxy wars against civilians, forcible replacement of democratic governments with corrupt dictatorships -- is strictly off-limits to mainstream media. Lest it weaken our resolve, we are not to be allowed to understand the reasons underlying the horrifying crimes of September 11. ...

In 1984 the state's control over people's mind was so pervasive that, eventually, everybody came to love Big Brother. Please make it not be so.

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30 Nov 2004 @ 15:04 by jstarrs : I'll do my best....

3 Apr 2005 @ 05:40 by Nathan @ : Bush
If only Europeans could look in the mirror -- they're living 1984. (GW not too much better; but America is much freer than the UN, ICC-worshiping Euros!)  

10 Aug 2006 @ 15:31 by Harold @ : perpetual war
Don't forget to add Animal Farm and Huxley's Brave New World to the mix. With these you can see what is going on now.  

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