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 Off to Reboot2005-06-09 02:43
by Flemming Funch

So, I leave for Copenhagen this afternoon for the Reboot conference. Many good people I know or have met before on the list of participants: Martin Roell, Felix Petersen, Lee Bryant, Loic Le Meur, Doc Searls, Ton Zijlstra, Elmine Wijnia, Jacob Friis Larsen, Dina Mehta and more I'm forgetting. And people I'd really like to meet. Like Thomas Madsen Mygdahl who organizes the conference. And Stuart Henshall, Ben Hammersley, Matt Webb, and, well, many others.

It is one of these techie conferences where everybody brings their Mac laptops, and there's wi-fi, and we sit and chat and make collaborative notes and write blog entries and surf the web while people are speaking. So no chance of being bored.

My powerbook has been behaving oddly recently, like some piece of hardware is just on the verge of failing, but I'll take the chance and bring it anyway. I mean, I'd be an outcast who'd have to sit in the back and hide my face if I weren't wired.

And, if my server just will stay up, everything will be fine. It crashed twice today. Its been getting more traffic recently, so either it is the huge amounts of spam mail, or I'll need to optimize the databases more.

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9 Jun 2005 @ 14:14 by jstarrs : Do you have specific goals...
...that you want to check out whilst there?
Apart from being on home ground! lol!  

10 Jun 2005 @ 00:05 by jstarrs : Puleeeeeease!!!!
Tell me this is not you!

10 Jun 2005 @ 07:01 by ming : Lost
Heheh, yeah, I was just sitting having dinner with my wife in Toulouse, went for a little walk, and suddenly everybody's speaking Danish, and the sky is grey.  

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