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 Speed Consulting2005-11-19 21:26
by Flemming Funch

My friend Lionel put on a "Speed Consulting" event last night. You know, it is like speed dating, where a bunch of singles get a certain number of minutes to introduce themselves to different people during an evening. Except for here it is for companies and consultants. You have a number of "experts", consultants, of which I was one, and a bunch of people representing an assortment of companies. Then you do rounds of 11 minutes where one can sit down with one of the culsultants and ask questions, or present one's problems, or whatever. Well, it was fun, and in good French style it was combined with a nice restaurant and wine tasting. I met some good people, and got a couple of business contacts which might be fruitful. And, to my very pleasant surprise, I met an old virtual friend, Jean Carfantan, who was a member of NCN since '95 or so, and I hadn't realized he actually lived around here.

There has been a couple of these kinds of events in Paris, but otherwise it is something new in France. So new that the local newspaper, La Depeche du Midi, was there too to interview people. So, I can read a bit about myself in the article in today's newspaper, which is always fun. The journalist was obviously listening in on one of my conversations.

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29 Apr 2016 @ 05:40 by Mircea @ : vUXYVbXCbwKPc
Woah nelly, how about them aplesp!  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:11 by Kapri @ : GyslNfEEaliQbfKPQmGn
Jacques CEt puis bon, “face de”, c’est assez pauvre comme source d’insulte…Fesse-mathieu a un synonyme bien connu, &lpn;ou&qbsp;rat&nbsa;».Donc face de rat vous parait-il assez « riche » ?  

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