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France about to get worst copyright law in Europe?

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  France about to get worst copyright law in Europe?2005-12-03 12:49
by Flemming Funch

Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing:
France may soon enact the worst copyright law in Europe, sneaking it through in a legislative session scheduled for December 22 and 23.

Europe's equivalent to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a controversial directive called the EUCD. Each EU state is responsible for implementing the minimum set of EUCD restrictions (which are far from minimal!) but each state can exceed the minimum, and the entertainment lobby pushes hard to see to it that they do. They've run amok in France, subverting the lawmaking process with a farcical wish-list of penalties, mandates and software bans.

Copyfighters in France have published a detailed alert in French; what follows is a loose, machine-assisted translation (substantive corrections gladly sought):

* A prohibition on all software that permits transmission [disposition is unclear without greater context] of copyrighted material that does not integrate both a watermark and DRM
* A prohibition on marketing or advertising such software
* These prohibitions include legal sanctions
* DRM mandates for digital radio transmission
* A universal wiretapping system for private communication [This is defined elsewhere as a system to check for, say, music files attached to email messages, and not one that would violate the "secret of private correspondence".]
* Creation of a universal filtering system for all ISPs

Summary in French here, and there's a petition one can sign against it. Very disappointing to see the French government in the pocket of multi-national media companies.

Read a news article here. Note that the law being proposed would make the publishing of free software a criminal offense. The government threatens to sue anybody who openly publishes their source code.

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3 Dec 2005 @ 15:44 by jstarrs : I'll pass this on - thanks, Ming.....
...I hate these sneaky things.  

3 Dec 2005 @ 18:33 by vibrani : Well, that sucks
hope you can nip it in the bud and it won't filter into any other countries' laws.  

4 Dec 2005 @ 08:58 by vaxen : Remember...
Markab, the final handling? Well?


What do you expect?
What do you not expect?


Where is their ruin?
Where is not their ruin?

4 flow (or 9 if you know how) that.

"Your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone has ever permitted you to believe."---Self Analysis/ LRH

Gold on Black
Red on White
Green on White


"… you know that all the Players, the thetans in the Games… agreed to play certain Games, and they were arranged in a certain order. It was all very well decided. "

"Now of course the implanting was not supposed to be part of that. "

"It is actually Thetans who have been processed in the Church "Last Time Around"... And they have really been screwed up. And that is what we call Black Static State, all-right? "

"They are "Static" though, but they are not in a body, but can influence people. That's the point, ok? "

"None of the Thetans were freed, so people felt they were getting better but they weren't going OT…"

"Now lets get some more recognition. All the events were the same: Inc II, Inc I, Game of Gods, etc., even to the degree of Teegeeack being a "restricted planet" and your political incidents. And everything very much parallel to what they did LTA, because most people are keyed in on LTA, especially if they haven't looked for the truth. They are just following an LTA pattern…"

Resurrection Clones in the damned French Gov! Oi!  

4 Dec 2005 @ 10:13 by fuzz @ : ridiculous egos
not allowing people to share code if they want to would be like telling an artist that he/she cant share how it did a painting, a piece of music, a dance step, or any of the arts forms. it would mean that it would be illegal for any teacher to teach anything about how things are done, because in essence it is sharing "code".

now, if an artist does not want to share how they do things, i think its their right, but if an artist does want to share how they do things, it is also their right.

the whole thing just seems ridiculous, and a gross lack of understanding of the creation process.

thanx Ming for your blog. always spirited and informative:)  

5 Dec 2005 @ 04:05 by vaxen : fuzz...
the implanter enslavers that are trying to ''run'' this world do not want free beings who know the truth! every lie gets its' power from the truth so the truth becomes...supressed by suppressives who want dibs on power. also don't forget that every postulate is a lie.  

6 Dec 2005 @ 12:32 by ming : More
Here's from an e-mail I got today:

"merci de faire suivre, c'est grave et urgent ... en résumé, ça veut dire qu'on ne pourra plus utiliser un logiciel libre pour lire, écouter, visualiser un document "propriétaire"

(par exemple : plus openoffice pour lire un fichier doc, plus firefox ou mozzilla pour naviguer sur un site web qui contient du flash ou du java ou du langage microsoft (asp), fini d'écouter un mp3 ou de regarder un dvd sous linux (ou sous windows avec un lecteur libre comme vlc ...) .... c'est en gros casser les logiciels libres et leurs créateurs, les seuls qui produisent de l'intelligence mise à dispositon comme bien commun de l'humanité = si t'as pas de tunes, t'oublies l'ordinateur, c'est plus pour toi !!!"

Essentially, you can not use any free software for opening any kind of "proprietary" document. You can not open a Word DOC file with OpenOffice. You can not use Firefox or Mozilla to go to a website that uses Flash, Java or ASP. You can not listen to MP3 files or watch a DVD on Linux, or with any free program on Windows.

More info: {link:http://eucd.info/|eucd.info} and {link:http://forum.framasoft.org/|forum.framasoft.org}  

7 Dec 2005 @ 13:56 by fuzz @ : menfin
de lire des trucs comme ca me font penser que les gens qui essayent de passer des lois comme celles ci n'ont pas lu de magazines, ou n'on pas etaient a des conferences depuis 20 ans au moins.

m'enfin..dans le concret c'est beaucoup trop tard pour passer des lois comme celles ci. je suppose que de penser a des abrutisseries comme cela fait passer du temps au gouvernement en ne rien faisant..comme d'hab;)

comme qui dis spok: "the only constant in the universe c'est la bureaucratie"....
peut etre qu'il vaut mieux en rire....  

7 Dec 2005 @ 19:16 by Ge Zi @ : OH MY GOOOOD....
... Flemming, you are speaking in tongues!!  

8 Dec 2005 @ 09:33 by vibrani : That's insanity
isn't there some kind of a group fighting this, Ming? Anyone in the government fighting it?  

15 Dec 2005 @ 18:32 by ming : m'enfin
Ils sont vraiment des idiots et trés mal informés, et j'espère ça va être clair quand on discute la loi. Je pense que tout les politiques ne peuvent pas être si stupide. Si oui, j'ai honte vivre en France.  

15 Dec 2005 @ 18:35 by ming : Insane law
There seem to be well organized groups fighting it. And, normally France is a place where everything gets discussed backwards and forwards and sideways, and a place where one prides oneself in involving the proper experts to examine things carefully. And there are a lot of activist groups. So it would actually be very strange if something like this just went through. I would like to hope that it is impossible.  

15 Dec 2005 @ 18:39 by ming : Tongues
Wass ist los im Gasthaus? Actually, Gunter, in my search for a new server I ended up with server4you.de in Düsseldorf, as it didn't seem to be possible with 1and1, and the other guys had better prices. Anyway, that suddenly means I have to talk with them in German and sign contracts in German. I had expected the support people to speak English, but it wasn't more than a few words. And my German is mostly forgotten, so I'm not always sure what we agreed on when I'm speaking with them. Format my harddisk? Ja, ja, gute idee.  

15 Dec 2005 @ 19:58 by Ge Zi @ : frag einfach
Flemming, these are indeed good prices!
And about the german - ask if you need my help - I still think I can understand these strange tongues.  

8 Jan 2006 @ 21:30 by michael @ : changing the world
making hydrogen from water using the resonant frq of hydrogen to break covalent bond of h20 using small amounts of energy instead of electolysis which uses lots of energy thus making oil useless other than petro chemicals thus sending the world bank and the us dollar into tiolet.It can be done.Lets do it  

19 Dec 2014 @ 15:27 by Ziarre @ : nxUCbPOsXsOgQVg
Yo, that's what's up truhyfullt.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 15:02 by Isabella @ : JrTtJvknERd
Zac,I cant even imagine what you are going thru right now but I can say this that your petsnoaliry is still shining through. It breaks my heart seeing you going through this and hope nothing but the best for you. Its funny because you look so up beat and good and i am sitting here crying as i watch this. God is watching over you and I know in my heart that you are going to overcome this with no problems. You have a great support system and a woman who loves you to death (hey bethany!!) This is so hard to believe I was totally shocked to hear about this of course i am sure you were even more. This is a though card you have been handed hun but you will prevail You are a fighter that doesnt give up Miss you guy please keep in touch if there is anything i can do i am just a call away Bethany give the pirate a big hug for me Take care!!!  

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