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Success factors from eBay

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 Success factors from eBay2006-03-19 00:18
by Flemming Funch

From Ross Mayfield, Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, outlining what he regards as the most important success factors:
Access: open access, level playing field, transparency, equal access to information are attributes of any environment with positive outcomes

Connection: enabling individuals to connect and interact with one another. Market solutions, collaboration and wisdom of crowds.

Sense of ownership: skin in the game lets individuals feel there is an investment required to participate and accountability (e.g. reputation systems).
(Via The Obvious)

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25 Mar 2006 @ 09:39 by RobM @ : Rationalization in hindsight
Ming, this is just rationalization again (in my opinion).

That was *not* what made eBay a success, or what makes other "ventures" a success. eBay was never designed according to that principles, it was designed according to a feeling or plan.

Everyone approaches the problem differently:

* Why do I need Google? Google answers my queries, I need information.
* Why do I need Ebay? I need to know about the people who provide what I need, I need information.
* Why do I need Amazon? I need a thing, but the line between thing and information is, and in some cases has blurred. In the end I just need: information.

It's all the same problem.

I want Wikipedia in my head.
I want Google & Google maps in my head.
I want SexSearch in my head.

I simply want to know, and act on accurate information. The "openness" of some provider doesn't help me here. I need nakedness from everything to everything.  

8 Apr 2006 @ 12:59 by jazzee1210 @ : Neglect
Ebay is montrously HUGE that even me got stuck in failed re-registration for more than 6 months and even Ebay is ruthlessly not doing anything at all. Just expect no mercy for non-USA bidder/member. Hell no sour grapes. Its just corporate baloney.  

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