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 Illusion2006-06-08 17:28
by Flemming Funch

These are always cool. Spanish Castle. Stare at the dot in the middle for 30 seconds.
Then, without moving your eyes, move the mouse over the image.
It will look like it's in color until you move your eyes.

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9 Jun 2006 @ 02:55 by johan @ : all you really need to do is look
at the black dot ,till you clearly see the red of the sky
and the blue of the castle ,the sepia coloured print is over laid of the red sky and the blu cast-le that the overlay inversts as in a photogreahic colour in version
to continue on the red sky prophesy,
it reveals the eco-of-the -nomics/economics/faulse god of economic theory
in the red sky of lies the polar current allows the methane sheet to melt ,its burn is the cause when the negative of your illusion is held
i liked the circle vision more \
thanks ming.  

11 Jun 2006 @ 02:18 by i2i : Very clever
This is a variation on what is known as Negative Afterimage (a result of sensory fatigue.)

Here is another example: {link:http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v119/__show_article/_a000119-000051.htm|here}.

The theory is that there are three kinds of color receptors in the eye, one for receiving each of the Primary Colors. Modern physiological data have supported this hypothesis, and three different kinds of cones have been discovered - one kind sensitive to red, one to green, and one to blue light. When you look at a red object, the red cones are stimulated to send a message to the brain, and you sense redness. You respond to green and blue objects in the same way. When you look at something white, all red, green, and blue cones are stimulated, producing the sensation of white, and when you look at something black, none of the cones is stimulated, and you sense black. According to this theory, any color might be sensed, depending on how much each of the individual receptor cones is stimulated.

Afterimages occur because visual cells become fatigued and cease to respond when they have been stimulated unmovingly for a sustained period of time. (i.e if you stare unblinkingly at a speck on a wall, the cells in your eye will tire and cease to respond to the visual information. Whole portions of the wall and even of the room may seem to disappear.) In the example of the yellow, black and blue flag, for instance, the yellow part (a mixture of red and green) caused the red receptors and the green receptors cells in your eye to tire and cease to respond to the visual information. Then, when you looked at a white surface, which should have stimulated all three color receptors (red, green and blue) all together equally in your eye, only the blue cones responded, hence the blue afterimage.  

12 Jun 2006 @ 04:04 by johan @ : cant makes me see white flashes
ming these optical affects /mirages are potentially safe?
is the red sky prophecy only a mirage ,
did the seerers see it wronng?  

19 Dec 2014 @ 17:14 by Berslen @ : NJmhKBPhzgYUpFWfsw
great post!my niece, mimi and i made painted pine cone trees this week to hang on the tree. fun with paint and a 3 year old!!!I will alywas adore pinecone trees, wreaths, etc. I really like the table setting, very sweet idea!  

21 Apr 2016 @ 00:52 by Sable @ : ridGpwhNuWJHU
Many many quialty points there.  

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