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 Night lights2006-11-05 19:56
by Flemming Funch

This is a NASA picture from here of sunset over Europe and Africa. Digitally composited.

Which I'm thinking of because there was a power failure here last night, which affected big chunks of Europe. It was only 45 minutes or so here in Toulouse, but long enough to start a fire in the fireplace, have cocoa, and spend a cozy time while the computers and the TVs were off.

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6 Nov 2006 @ 00:14 by Ge Zi @ : the light test
This reminded me of a TV game show during my teens where they used a "light test" to enable he audience to vote. For all of you Germans - the host was the captain of the now cult TV-SF series Space Patrol, predating StarTrek by a bit, much better, but unfortunately only in German.
Anyway, with all this stardom from the TV series this actor Dietmar Schoenherr became a game show host and also went into the singing business (though with this Captain Kirk was way better - you know that he became a recording artist, don't you?)
As his singing was so bad there naturally were comedians who made fun of him: playing his song and then initiating a fake light test, where the viewers were supposed to turn on the lights if they liked what they heard. (There was usually a phone connection to the power plant and they reported the change in electrical usage.)
Now in the spoof they played a call from a commercial captain flying over Germany: Hello, this is captain Kramer in super one eleven, we request that you refrain from using this light test because Germany became totally dark, we are unable to find our airport!

Just had the idea for a Bush approval light test - if you approve of Bush's leadership please turn on your lights on November 5th, 9pm PST, otherwise turn off your lights - - wonder if the crew on ISS would see the difference. - At least they don't have to find an airport!  

6 Nov 2006 @ 14:37 by ming : Light test
He really was a worse singer than William Shatner? That says quite a bit.

Yeah, great idea for the lights on/off if you like Bush or not. The US might look like North Korea here. And just like the lights are on in Kim Jong-Il's palace, the lights would be on in the White House, and nowhere else. Well, I wish, at least.

7 Nov 2006 @ 15:03 by rayon : Was Wondering
how this would affect the mighty mechanic! Some real time indeed!  

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