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 Creating passionate users: cognitive seduction2007-01-05 19:58
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From Headrush, an article about how to create User Experience Pleasures. In games and in software interfaces it might be useful to aim for a certain "cognitive arousal" or "experiential pleasure". You know, like the pleasure that comes from solving a good puzzle. Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with sex, but it does have something to do with inspiring a certain experience of pleasure. So, here's a Typology of Cognitive Pleasures:
1. Discovery
User experience as exploration of new territory

2. Challenge
User experience as obstacles to overcome, goals lying just beyond current skill and knowledge levels

3. Narrative
User experience as story arc (user on hero's journey) and character identification

4. Self-expression
User experience as self-discovery and creativity

5. Social framework
User experience as an opportunity for interaction/fellowship with others

6. Cognitive Arousal
User experience as brain teaser

7. Thrill
User experience as risk-taking with a safety net

8. Sensation
User experience as sensory stimulation

9. Triumph
User experience as opportunity to kick ass

10. Flow
User experience as opportunity for complete concentration, extreme focus, lack of self-awareness

11. Accomplishment
User experience as opportunity for productivity and success

12. Fantasy
User experience as alternate reality

13. Learning
User experience as opportunity for growth and improvement
Ah, please, give me more passionate user experiences! I want to be seduced.

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5 Jul 2007 @ 11:59 by jonah @ : passionate use experiencing
14 teaching has its fun
user experience as a reward or power
15 reply [answering [self importance]
user experience communicated as status elivation
16 questioning [adjenda setting]
ability to cencer [or control] debate or fact

ok you know im not good at this [i got poor cognition skills]
17 ignorance?
18 realism ,user interprits own version
19 destraction ,user attains advantage
20 attraction [we love to love ]
21 detraction [we love to hate ?]  

29 Apr 2016 @ 06:01 by Takeo @ : xTOzyhqktRsRHiv
This info is the cat's pamajas!  

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