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 Metro2007-01-28 14:31
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Toulouse is getting a new metro, line B. The city has been a bit of a mess for years while they've been working on it, as long as we've been here. OK, they're long done with the tunnels and tracks and just finishing up the stations, so it isn't too bad. And the good news is that one of the end stations is Ramonville where I live. The station isn't as close as where we used to live, at least a kilometer. But that should still make it a good deal easier to get to town. They're supposed to open the line on June 30th, but we're a bit impatient. The site of the station is still a huge construction site, but I suppose they know what they're doing. My son and I snuck in there on our bicycles the other evening, as I was curious, and we managed to walk down to the tracks.

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20 Dec 2014 @ 00:34 by Aurorahhaa @ : iXDkZyqZRoxMfTv
Sorry, but the LibDems are making an alhitmgy hash of Liverpool. The improvements have nearly all been because of national Labour policies, not the Lib Dems!With any luck they will lose their majority next timeI live in Sefton where there is a permanently humg council and where the Lib Dems are totally incoherent politically - some well on the left, some to the right of the ToriesI was a LibDem member for a while when it seemed that Labour couldn't get to grips with the progressive agenda. But I can't really see the point of the Lib dems at the moment. As for 'Hocus Focus, their liesheet whre they claim credit for what everyone else has done....  

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