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 Landmark2007-02-25 15:53
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This tower always makes it relatively easy to figure out which direction my house is. We live on a set of hills, Les Hauts de Ramonville, and on top of the tallest hill is this impressive-looking 71m tall telecom tower, full of, I suppose, micro-wave antennas. You can see it from pretty far away. OK, we luckily don't live right next to it, but a few hundred meters from it at least.

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28 Apr 2016 @ 21:25 by Kaylie @ : LVzcMnpDtlNTYm
You were interesting to me then.Ouch. It’s funny how when you’re in high school (the universal you, including myself), it’s so important what our friends think. I like that you admitted you thought about that part of it, getting dressed up to go to a chain. All of those sweet but awkward things were his way of trying, which you obviously realize now. It’s brave to write a post like this, admitting how your judgment was a little #02off&28221; back then  

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