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 Wikipatterns2007-02-24 14:13
by Flemming Funch

Wikipatterns is a Wiki collecting patterns of practices for how to launch a successful Wiki. And anti-patterns for how not to do it. Much of which could apply to other kinds of activities or sites than wikis. Here's the Barn Raising pattern:
A wiki BarnRaising is a planned event in which a community meets at a designated time to build content on the wiki together. One person alone can't build all the content in a wiki, and a community of people needs to understand how to use the wiki, and feel a sense of buy-in for it to become successful. A BarnRaising achieves this because people come expecting to learn how to use the wiki, and they are able to interact with each other as they work, thus strengthening community bonds and creating a support network that keeps people using the wiki... BarnRaising is a great way to jumpstart a wiki. It gets people used to using the wiki, and gets a critical mass of content on it so people keep coming back.

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27 Feb 2007 @ 03:46 by ming : Wikipatterns
Certainly up my alley, so of course. Thanks for stopping by.  

2 Aug 2014 @ 23:25 by JOHAN NINE @ : WIKI CHANGES
its funny i wrote here at the
what will give me for twenty dollar bill


anyhow in searching for any wiki-word,..only the wiki/will show up[not the attatched word..silly me i used wikiseed/wikigeld as a word..for gods money
but no search will reveal..here is the last spot..it ends..you can see why i never botherd to try to write it properly..im most posted by olo one under go..or olo oug..anyhow  

20 Dec 2014 @ 00:41 by Dang @ : YAYwxnDPMntXj
I have heard that global wamirng is primarily due to the evaporation of the millions and millions of tears shed by divorced fathers as they are forced out of their childrens lives.Is this true?If it was the cause, would anyone be bothered to do anything about it?Would you Ming?  

23 Dec 2014 @ 17:24 by Pawan @ : XBUltUxPBIvwLRRSOxaS
As a lifelong Conservative I have to say that I have been sadneded to witness the treatment that you have received from various quarters and apologise for it on behalf of all decent people.I feel strongly that over the years some of our most respectable and well mannered politicians of all parties have been forced to give up, and their experience and wisdom has been lost.Our country so badly needs strong ,moral , old fashioned leadership which will remain constant and firm regardless of the challenges so loudly expressed daily.My family join me in wishing you and your wife a long and happy future away from the worries of Westminster.  

20 Apr 2016 @ 19:35 by Roxy @ : ahxlszKrRft
I thought I'd have to read a book for a diervoscy like this!  

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