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Structural holes

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 Structural holes2007-03-15 01:06
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by Flemming Funch

Howard Rheingold on Smart Mobs:
Ronald Burt pointed out the importance of "structural holes" -- those nodes (people) that connect networks. If I know person A and person B and person A and B ought to know each other, but don't, I am occupying a "structural hole" in their intersecting social networks, and making that introduction could create social capital for me as well as them. Substitute "idea" for "person." This is where I live and why I hang out online for no really well-defined purpose. Burt's paper is a 58 page PDF.
Ah, love that. I want to be a better structural hole.

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1 comment

23 Dec 2014 @ 15:28 by Tiago @ : XjEdLDXgQan
Mr Manuel:- saying sohtnmieg is 95% the same as sohtnmieg else misses the point. Your DNA is 95% the same as that of a monkey. Should I therefore conclude that you a monkey, or possibly a baboon?Mr Budden:- the real choice IS in or out of Europe. The Euro-sceptics in the Conservative Party are too scared of actually asking the question and so they want to hide behind the treaty. They are the ones who want to rig things to avoid a real choice. I am surprised you are so keen to let them get away with it.  

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