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 Secrets of the park2008-02-27 14:43
by Flemming Funch

Next to the house we live in on Les Hauts de Ramonville is this huge walled-off area called Domaine Latécoère, which used to be the home of Pierre-George Latécoère, the airplane manufacturer. One can see his Chateau through one of the gates, but nobody seems to live there, other than some caretakers. Otherwise it supposedly is just a nature preserve. We can see the many kinds of trees in the forest from our kitchen window. Sometimes people are hunting there. But it is a private and closed area and the walls are tall. Would be no easy way of sneaking in there. But I'm terribly curious. Particularly since I concluded that this particular hill must have been the location, 1000 years ago, of Raymond IV's castle Bellevue, from which he took off on the infamous first crusade against Jerusalem with a thousand of his best knights, and lots of hangers-on.

So, I looked in Google Earth, of course, to see what else was in there, apart from what I can see from the outside, like huge sets of stairs leading to the top. But at the time Google only had pretty low resolution pictures, so pretty much all one could see is that there's a little network of roads criss-crossing the area, and that most of them meet in one or two points, one of them seeming to be the top of the hill. ..But now, since recently, they have much better pictures. Nothing very surprising, other than this, on the picture, which seems to be what is found at the top of the hill, behind the chateau. A little round lake, with a bridge out to a little island, with a tower or pavillion. How exciting. There will of course be a hidden trap door at the bottom, leading down to the hidden treasure chamber. OK, I'm dreaming, I don't know if there's supposed to be a hidden treasure there, except for that the gold of Jerusalem sort of disappeared.

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28 Feb 2008 @ 05:09 by bushman : Hmm,
makes sense there could be more there than meets the eye, you know those old castles had several basements and tunnels. Probably just a missile silo, lol.  

16 Mar 2008 @ 22:33 by a-d : My hubby Dave
did the same thing with the famous Meteor Crater in Arizona: googled it.... and
lo & behold; when you google you'll find out that googling ANY CLOSER IS MADE IMPOSSIBLE -as in FORBIDDEN... with some weird explanation about Gov this, Gov that... as to why YOU cannot be allowed to see ALL that's there!... "MAYBE a MISSILE SILO -or TWO, or THREE! ; ) . I think you're on to SOME sorts of HIDDEN 'Truth' here, Bushman!...
WHO knows what's hidden in the Park!.... certainly not just to preserve.... for the Big Boy's CANNED HUNTING EVENTS, which -of course would be twisted to "necessary in order to keep the Animals SAFE" ... which is what i.e. happens several times a year in many African Nature Preserves, World Wild Life Patron Saint being King Leopold of Holland.... and so the parks are closed when ever the Big,Rich& Powerful; Europe's OLD -toady "DIASPORA"- "royalties" gather to do their hunting in a barrel: the closed-up parks, so animals can't escape!... and the regular people couldn't witness; provide proof, by capturing events on video, for instance.
This is all so sick!... and we, the people should always try to look and discern things one layer deeper, to see what possibly could be their reason for hiding Things!....  

6 Apr 2008 @ 19:51 by Lino @ : neighbours and satellite photos
This reminds me of a friend of mine who has been living in the same house for more than 20 years in Tervuren - on the outskirts of Bruxelles. That is a place where some very wealthy people live, some friends of his, some almost unknown to him. But it was not until I visited him last year and brought some satellite photos of his street that he realized that he is almost the only one in the whole street that does not have his own swimming pool.

Pretty funny situation, I think. This world of electronic communication and stuff, I mean ...

My friend amazed. He does not even have a fax and doesn't want one either.  

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