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Wednesday, November 6, 2002day link 

pictureMany years ago I took a class in speed reading. I could read a 150 page novel in about 20 minutes or so, and retain the content better than with normal reading. That was pretty cool, and would have been great if I had had a job of reviewing fiction books. For non-fiction I found that the technique screwed up my ability to actually understand and apply what I was reading. So I gave it up.

But today I could really use some kind of technique for digesting large amounts of information. I have stacks of books I haven't read, because there aren't enough hours in the day. I'm considering PhotoReading. I've read the book, but it seems like I probably need to take a seminar to really get it. Anyway, it is different from the traditional speed reading approach, where one forces one's eyes over the text in a certain rhythm. In speed reading one reads a line at a time. In photo reading one does a page at a time, and the point is apparently to just be very relaxed and quickly glance at each page. And then using certain techniques for being prepared to take in the content, and for retrieving it from one's subconscious mind afterwards.
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 NewsLog Changes
I'm changing various things in the NewsLog program here, so I apologize if things look strange for a few days. Or if I temporarily break somebody else's log. But there should be some more features and flexibility when the dust clears.
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 The Reichstag Fire
pictureIt is always a good idea to remember the past in order not to repeat it. About 70 years ago, the Nazi Party gradually came into power in Germany through a series of steps and events. One pivotal event was the 1933 fire in the Reichstag (Parliament), which gave an aggressive political party the setting it needed to make its moves, at the great expense of civil liberties. This page gives a simple rundown of the events. Or see this page which outlines the Nazi takeover in a bit more detail.
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