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Sunday, February 9, 2003day link 

 Group Jazz
picture Lisa Kimball's site Group Jazz is about empowering groups to collaborate better. I share her excitement about groups that work really well.
" When I think about the times when I have felt most creative, most alive, most energized I think about times when I've connected with other people. A lot of times it's when I've been in a group that is in the zone. That zone is sometimes called high performance, excellence, or high productivity. I bet everyone can think of experiences you've had with groups like this.

I've always been fascinated by the dynamics of these great groups. What is it about the relationships, the context, the environment, the task, the leadership, the facilitation, and all the other factors that makes the difference? What if we could live and work like this more of the time? What can we do as a member of any group we're in to turn up the dial on the energy, passion, and fun? What do people with sponsorship, leadership, and other key roles need to do to create the conditions for these groups to grow and thrive?"
And, yes, Jazz is a good metaphor for it. It involves shared purpose and structure, but most importantly, somehow enabling individual creativity and freedom.
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Doc Searls invented BuzzPhraser, the TechnoLatin phrase generator. It is great for coming up with impressively sounding buzz phrases to use in your next business plan. I bet investment funds are readily available for the..
Inherently Bridging Exclusive Quality Proposition Channel
particularly when it comes with the..
Upwardly Configured Interactive Paradigm Empowerment Option
but of course, first you need to make the..
Operationally Value-Added Movement Differentiation Decision

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 Negative Effects of Workplace Net Monitoring
From Slashdot:
Business2.com reports that while many corporations have monitoring tools and restrictions on Internet usages for non-work related activities, these can have negative effects on the productivity of the workplace. The report notes that people have to take days off from work to deal with personal business that could have been done in a few minutes or hours from a work net connection, and that employee morale is generally down when net controls are in place. A related study suggests employees spend more time doing work from home than playing at work.
I quit my last 9-5 job-job when they started implementing an oppressive central monitoring scheme. Their loss. I won't work for somebody who covertly sits and reads my personal e-mail.
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 Origins of Evil
From David Weinberger:
"Two nights ago, Bush's speechwriter was on The Daily Show, the Jon Stewart fake news program that's funny because it blurts out the truth. The speechwriter explained with glee how he came up with the phrase 'Axis of Evil'. He originally wrote 'Axis of Hatred', but his boss (not Bush) took one look at it and said, "No, it's the 'Axis of Evil'", repeating it a few times aloud to see how it sounds.

This constituted the debate over whether these countries actually are evil and the effect classifying them as such would have. A couple of lobes short of The West Wing, eh?"
It would be really funny if it all were a TV show. World politics run by actors and advertising copywriters and, based on articles in school papers. But I wonder when we might actually again see a country run by people who are skilled and qualified for the job, rather than just knowing how to make things sound good on TV.
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 Losing my patience, Mr.Bush
Funny article by Terry Jones. A parody, about a guy who doesn't get along with his neighbors, and they're hiding their evil deeds so well that nobody else can see them, so he'll just have to strike first to take them out himself. Very to the point and hilarious.
"...Now, however, George W. Bush has made it clear that all I need to do is run out of patience, and then I can wade in and do whatever I want!"

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