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Saturday, March 22, 2003day link 

picture So, I'm visiting Toulouse with my wife and daughter. And in a few days we're on to Denmark. It is very nice here. A few travel obstacles, though. Our luggage didn't make it sofar, after a little misunderstanding about having to check in again in London. And then I had transferred all the money I figured we'd need for hotel and car rental to a particular credit card. And at the car rental desk I realize that the card actually was expired, and I must have not noticed when they sent me a new card. So, I had to jump through some hoops to be able to pay.

Toulouse is very pleasant, the center of town at least. Relaxed and charming for a big city. We were having lunch with Jeff Starrs at a sidewalk restaurant on a town square, with a band playing. And, it is always great to meet somebody one has known for years online.

Tomorrow we'll start looking around in the countryside and adjacent smaller towns.
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picture Anti-war demonstrations in many places. This is the one today in Toulouse where I am.
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On the Virgin Atlantic flight from L.A. to London they had a v:port in-flight entertainment system. Which is apparently something new, and a bit buggy. But what is cool is first of all that it runs Linux. I discovered that mostly when something went wrong and it had a segmentation fault and rebooted. But it is essentially a video-on-demand system. Around 50 movies to choose from, which you can start and stop and pause and rewind individually. And then games, and you can also send e-mail and SMS to the ground. It all sort of worked, except for that it would pause for long periods of time when other people were busy pushing buttons too.
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