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Saturday, June 5, 2004day link 

 Repas de Quartier
picture Yesterday there was a "repas de quartier" in our neighborhood. A potluck party for the people who live within a few blocks from here, which they apparently have every year. Very nice to meet some more neighbors. That is not overly easy here, so this is an excellent format for it. Lots of good food and wine and it is no problem getting along. Life is getting easier.
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picture Alas, I didn't make it to Planetwork, although I'd really have liked to. But I can't be everywhere, except for virtually. There's a wiki and an IRC channel going on, and a bunch of people blogging. Like Jay Cross or John Beatty. E-names is one of the technical themes. But it isn't just technical. A mix of a socially responsible, activist, techie crowd. General themes:

  • Social Networks and Civil Society The New ID Commons Technical Protocol
  • Environmental: Proactive Responses to Global Warming & Mass Extinction
  • Digital Democracy: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties from the DMCA to Touch Screen Voting
  • Alternative Economics: Online & Offline Strategies Complementary Currencies, Electronic barter & beyond
  • Independent Media from Blogs and RSS to DV and TiVo, new technologies for independent networked news
  • The Real-World Game: Bucky's Spaceship Earth meets Sim Earth a multi-player online game using real data to model future scenarios
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