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Thursday, September 30, 2004day link 

 Fairy Tales
picture Nadia wanted Cindarella in both French, English and Danish. But she fell asleep about half way through, and I didn't even notice. Sweet dreams.
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 Breaking the Veil
picture Paul Hughes talks about the potentials of the dream world:
I have come to believe that dreams are actually quite real, more real the so-called “waking life” and that this waking life is simply part of what we must make authentic via this dream world. I can’t speak for others, but I am now quite certain (as certain as I can be about anything) that my dream life is trying desperately to become manifest here in the real world. This might sound too new agey for some people, but it all makes perfect sense to me. When things go right in my life, they have this unmistakable resonance with my dream life – the feelings, sensations, gestalts and so on. In my dream life all the answers are there, the solutions to our problems, to world peace, to sustainable society, to genuine happiness for everyone. It seems so obvious, so simple in my dream life, and yet so complicated here.
I feel the same way. The best decisions I've made, the most beneficial and surprising turns of my life have all come out of or been connected with my dreamworld. And there's something there, under the surface, bubbling up where it can, which, however undescribable it is, seems to offer the answers we need to make the world work better for us. I easily forget, and I often don't listen, but my experience does tell me that it usually is more effective to sleep and dream and see what surfaces than it is to think of a solution with mental willpower alone.

I don't really understand how it works, but that is probably part of the magic, and part of the problem. That I think I have to understand. We so easily dillude ourselves as to our waking mental faculties. But yet they're so incomplete and faulty, and we don't have all the necessary information, so we're often incapable of making good decisions. And that might be because we try to do it with just the visible 10% of the iceberg. The rest, the more important parts, are under the surface.

It seems like the bigger mind we hook into in dream states works on more channels. It has more dimensions, more connections. More degrees of freedom than our more rigid conscious minds that only can juggle a handful of concepts at the same time, and not very well at that.

But yet there's quite a veil between the different parts of ourselves. So much that most of us don't really remember what happens in that other section of our lives, and when we do it is just a jumbled mess which fades quickly. Which easily can be dismissed as just misfiring neurons and recooked hallucinations of yesterday. Where really it could be infinitely more.

What would happen if the veil lifted significantly more? What if we could be as multi-dimensionally hooked up all the time? What if we accepted the dreamworld more as a legitimate sphere to navigate our lives through?

I don't know, but let me sleep on it.
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