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Sunday, December 17, 2006day link 

Wengovisio is a little widget one can have on one's webpage, which should allow others to call you, without having to download any software. I'm giving it a shot here, to see if it works. It is part of the wengophone project, which is run by a French company, but which is basically open source. I don't particularly feel like having another IM application running on my desktop, as I already have several, but let's see how this works. So, this is just a test. I'll probably remove it again later. I'm not sure I really want blog visitors to call me all the time. But, somebody, give it a try.

..[later] OK, I won't remove it, but as it turns out, it just turns off when I reload the page. So, I'd need to both go and turn it on, and then watch my own page for when somebody calls. Which maybe makes it a bit cumbersome to keep active permanently on something like a blog. But it seems to basically work. At least for 2/3 of the people I spoke with today, which was quite a few. Both video and audio quality was quite good.

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