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Wednesday, February 7, 2007day link 

 Topology homework
picture I wish I were an expert in topology and that I easily could visualize multi-dimensional structures. My intuition tells me there would be some kind of deep wisdom about life and the universe to find there. But, now, read about the best homework ever done. I don't know if that stands up, but that's what a math teacher said about the work of one of his students, Cassidy Curtis, who seems to have the unusual ability to visualize complex multi-dimensional structures, and draw them on paper, better than one can do with most available computerised tools. Like, see this thing about a torus in 3D space. Or, how about getting it as a tattoo? (Found on Metafilter).
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picture Talkr is a service that will read blog postings aloud to you. In a pleasant female voice that isn't half bad. Obviously mechanical, but one can stand listening to it. You find the feel for my blog here. Although you wouldn't get to hear it before creating an account and subscribing to my feed. Obviously the idea is that one then can listen to blogs in a podcast format, which is interesting.
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