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Saturday, March 31, 2007day link 

 Hexagon on Saturn
picture picture picture
Strange indeed. A giant hexagon on Saturn's north pole. 25,000 km wide, 60 km deep. Bigger than the red spot on Jupiter. And it seems to be stable, since it was first spotted by Voyager 26 years ago. Nobody seems to be able to explain how it can be hexagonal of all things, with almost regular even sides. I think it is that big bolt you see in the middle, which holds the planet's axis together. Or maybe it is the headquarters of the defense department for the Saturnians.
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 Denmark unseats the US as technology king
Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but, indeed, a report from the World Economic Forum says that in a list of countries rated by how well they've created the infrastructure that fosters technological innovation, progress and leadership, Denmark is number one. Last year the U.S. was number one, but now it is number 7.
Denmark is now regarded as the world leader in technological advancement, with its Nordic neighbours Sweden, Finland and Norway claiming second, fourth and 10th place respectively.

"Denmark, in particular, has benefited from the very effective government e-leadership, reflected in early liberalisation of the telecommunications sector, a first-rate regulatory environment and large availability of e-government services," said Irene Mia, senior economist at World Economic Forum.
That's a bit surprising, but, hey, cool, I'm proud to be Danish, even if I have nothing to do with it. Business does seem to be doing well in Denmark, and the country is certainly very wired.
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