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 Welcome to the 5th dimension
picture I have for many years held on to a particular model of human conscious evolution that I heard once. Read about it in my article here: The Singularity and the Fifth Dimension. It lays out how humanity is in the process of moving from the 3rd to the 5th "dimension" and what that actually means. And, note that, as I mentioned, it doesn't have to be taken as some new age spiritual kind of thing, but can just as well be a model of technological progress. and the required evolution in consciousness to deal with it.

Briefly, 3D was where things got done by getting the inspiration for them, by thinking about it, by getting in the mood, and then working hard on doing what it takes. Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Effort -> Manifestation. The old-fashioned idea of: if you put your mind to it and work hard, you'll see some rewards in life, after quite a few years. Doing big things required large investments of physical effort and time.

4D speeded things up quite a bit. You still need inspiration and thought, but things start happening already when you're really in the mood, and you get other people in the right mood. Think advertising and think Internet overnight dot-com successes. Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Manifestation. How much work went into something is no longer such an important factor. Facebook is worth more than twice as much as General Motors, even though it was a much much smaller effort. At the same time, what is there can crumble very quickly, when suddenly people feel different about it. The Arab Spring. Powerful centralized regimes can be toppled almost overnight.

Note that I'm saying, more or less, that we already went into that phase. It is more or less the epoch of the Internet.

But what about the next step? In case you follow me in imagining that something like this actually is going on.

5D is a further acceleration. Things happen when thought becomes coherent. It no longer matters so much what people really feel or what they actually are doing, or for that matter, what actually is there. The mere thought sends things off into a different direction. Spirit->Thought->Manifestation.

You might have interpreted that as instant magic, as if stuff would materialize in thin air the moment you think about it, but there's no reason to take it quite as literally. Just like the 4D Internet Age indeed changed things, but not to the degree that your feelings made things appear out of thin air. It is not direct creation as much at it is attraction. It is an organizing principle, not godly superpowers. With the arrival of the Internet, we started being attracted to what was exciting, or what was horrible, more than to what took lots of time and effort to build. Likewise, in the next phase, we organize ourselves based on something else, on clarity of thought, I'd say.

So, 5D, what might that actually look like?

I had provided some warnings about us totally not being ready for it, that we'd go crazy and/or blow ourselves up really quickly. And in some ways we are, but not quite as dramatically as I laid it out.

Group insanity has become a lot more apparent. Large groups of people believe themselves to live in realities that to most others are stark raving lunacy. US Politics provides plenty of illustration. This is quite different from different people simply having different beliefs. It is not just that some people prefer more spending on social programs and others prefer strengthening private initiatives. It is that the other guys seemingly are living in the world of Looney Tunes and are acting en masse as if it is totally real to them. And they in turn imagine some outrageous things about the folks you hang out with, seeing you as totally unable to deal with things as they really are.

It isn't just that some people go to church on Sundays and others on Saturdays, and some people don't like pork. It is that groups emerge seemingly overnight that get a lot of people to believe that everybody who doesn't believe the same things as them should be beheaded. Note that the same people will be willing and able to argue logically for that belief. Or think about the rather large group of people who believe that everybody who believes anything that is spiritual, metaphysical or religious is certifiably insane and there's absolutely nothing to discuss about it, they should just stop.

You'll notice that for a lot of those groups, a certain system of thought is what they aggregate around, and it is of little or no interest to try to calibrate their beliefs with what actually is there. Not that they don't calibrate against anything, but what they calibrate against is collections of thoughts, not what feels right, not what actually happened, not what anybody else might have to say.

We're seeing a split into many different realities. Realities that hardly overlap. People are living in worlds with drastically different rules and importances. In many respects, most of those worlds are fantasy worlds. People in them are stuck in the matrix, not having much of a concept of what is beyond it.

And you'll notice that, at the same time, we're at the brink of disaster. Out of control climate change, linked to ever accelerating pollution and resource depletion. Humanity might quite possibly make itself extinct in less than another century. And in a quite different way than back in the 1960s where it looked a lot like humanity might kill itself in global nuclear war. Back then, most people were very focused on the realities of the sides of the conflict. Today a lot of people will argue that the problem is not even there, and the important problems are some totally different things, like gay marriage or having the right religion.

As predicted, luckily not everybody has gone insane. The majority probably has. Oh, not necessarily in a "behead the infidels!!!" kind of way. For a lot of people, their insanity is simply to stay stuck in a little world where they have a job, and they have a family, and they stay busy with those things, and with the news and watching youtube, and with planning their retirement, and they don't really know that they're in a cabin on the Titanic and the captain is asleep.

So, how do we get used to it? How do we get on top of it? How do we survive it?

In the transition to the 4D Internet Age, there were some adjustments to make. The world became less stable and less solid, but there were still some guidelines for doing well. Don't count on a job for life. Learn to market yourself. Be interesting. Communicate. Don't bother to keep up with everything that goes on. Keep a finger in the air to notice which way the wind is blowing. If you need something, and you have your antennas out, it will probably come to you. No need to hoard it all in the basement in advance. Do what you feel is right, not what your parents told you you were supposed to do.

I'm not sure what the 5D world should be called. Not sure either what the principles are for surviving it, as we haven't done so yet. But, some possibilities:

There are no right thoughts. You need the flexibility to have options in how you think and be able to choose between them based on what works best. If you have only one way of thinking about something, you're stuck.

Information isn't reality, and should never be accepted at face value. If somebody tells you something, you need to be ready to evaluate whether that works for you, whether it can be verified against something observable, and whether it feels right to you.

To get anything to happen, you need to be able to name what it is. It needs to be a complete thought. Lots of other things are not needed. It doesn't have to be realistic or elaborately worked out, but it does have to be clear.

You have to be conscious of what you're thinking. You need to have a choice about it. If you merely go along with what is presented to you, you'll live in somebody else's fantasy world. If you consciously choose, you can change worlds.

The world comes together in the right way if you deliberately network the elements you choose to have in it. There's no ideology or group or method you simply can join which will make it all alright without you having to think. You have to think about every single piece. Think doesn't mean to repeat or rephrase something you've heard. It means to be conscious.

Thinking isn't some after-the-fact analysis. Thinking is a choice. You can only choose if there are options to choose from, or you create options. Not fake manufactured options of what brand of shampoo to buy, but options of actually different avenues to take. It is only successful if you calibrate against the results somehow.

Welcome to the 5th dimension! I hope we make it.
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