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Tuesday, Sep 10, 2002

The NewsLog of Flemming Funch
 Tuesday, Sep 10, 20022002-09-10 14:12
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • I occasionally have jokingly said that I'm a "Libertarian Socialist", to sort of put a stick in the wheel of political categorization. But now I realize that there actually IS something called Libertarian Socialism, so that doesn't work so well any more. But .. looking at it, maybe it is not too far off from what I believe in. I believe in freedom AND community. I believe that people should in principle be free to do the things they believe are right, and I believe that a truly free market might provide the synergy necessary to make society work. And I believe that hugely centralized power, like in governments and mega-corporations and centralized banks, are obstacles to achieving a free market, and to allowing people to work together freely. But it is also always risky to try to subscribe to any labels that comes with a lot baggage and implied meanings.

  • Europe now has more Internet users than the U.S.

  • Art of Living Coalition lists me as an "artist of life". That's nice. I'm in good company. I had a good long discussion with Frankie Lee Slater about artists of living this evening.

  • Solara's Surf Report for September: "Diving for the Pearl". Spot on as usual, I think.

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