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 Thanksgiving2002-11-28 01:59
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I'm thankful that there is a little girl who will wake me up and take me by the hand to go outside in the wind and sit by the curb to watch the leaves blow off the trees. And who will hand me an instrument so we can march in a parade through the house. Somebody who will remember that it is always a good time for chocolate milk.

I am thankful for other people too. Thankful for love and loyalty, for being there no matter what, for caring, for trusting, for noticing and remembering things I forget. But mostly for waking me up to the preciousness of life in the moment. Making me breathe and making me smile.

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28 Nov 2002 @ 03:50 by tinajoy : thankful
**and take me by the hand to go outside in the wind and sit by the curb to watch the leaves blow off the trees**....this brought a tear to my eye, beautiful words, thank you.  

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