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Proverbs for Paranoids 3: "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers."
Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow, page 251

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27 Apr 2003 @ 04:22 by shawa : Oh thanks.
I´ll keep that in mind. ;-)  

28 Apr 2003 @ 15:50 by sharie : This is HUGE!
That's exactly what *they* do. They have us all focused on war and the evil dictators, and how we can live healthy when our water and air is polluted... and whether or not sexual predators should be released from prison... (if their victims were *men* you bet the sexual predators would get life in prison)... all these problems created by the expert's theories... and who has time to question the theories of economics. Those are set in stone, while they're destroying our life-support, and exploiting human misery...

The wrong questions keep us going around in circles and debating useless issues.

The right questions break us free from the insanity of this self-destructive culture.

What do you think are the right questions, Ming?  

28 Apr 2003 @ 23:50 by ming : Questions
Well, I think it is a matter of the whole frame of reference being missing. We ask questions in relation to things we already have been told. So, right now we can ask questions about Iraq and about Saddam Hussein and about inflation and unemployment numbers. We can't ask questions about people we don't know, or subjects we haven't been introduced to. We can't ask who's in charge of the world economy. We can't ask questions about our colonies on mars or about time travel, except for hypothetically. A lot of questions would sound stupid because we haven't been introduced to a context that would make them sensible.  

30 Apr 2003 @ 14:01 by sharie : Perhaps you could introduce us...
Many people do question who's in charge of the world economy, and people research into UF0 evidence, and the seemingly man-made structures on mars...

but there isn't an all-encompassing structure in place where all of this is considered part of reality. Most of the people asking the questions that are *way out* are called *conspiracy theorists* or some other derrogatory term.

MOST people already feel overwhelmed just trying to deal with their mortgage and their kids and their taxes and their boss, so to add all these other complications is incomprehensible so they just discount the facts because they're too exhausted to assimilate and organize the data.

Questioning the whole frame of reference is so complext that it's beyond the intellectual capabilities of most people. Is that it?  

30 Apr 2003 @ 19:51 by martha : sharie
I think you hit the nail on the head when you said most people feel overwhelmed by modern life. Rush around, buy stuff, make nice, don't make waves etc. Way too much conditioning so that most people at the end of the day have little energy to actually consider the fact that their life may not be all it is promiosed to be.  

10 Jan 2004 @ 07:35 by Leonard Reip @ : 302ci/v8/bearings
I have a ford 86 van 302ci I have a rod knock and I'm going through the oil pan to replace the bearings, What size or what over-size bearing should I use? when I replace the bearing then will the enging turn over and not freeze-up, from the bearings being too tight on the crank?  

10 Jan 2004 @ 17:09 by ming : Questions
Hm, that's probably a right question in the wrong place. Although one never knows if somebody comes along with an answer.  

1 Mar 2004 @ 12:26 by john sheets @ : (3000gt) 1994
starts beautifully run for about five minutes and then stalls. then will not start untill it cools off. then it will start up again with no problem.  

1 Mar 2004 @ 12:35 by bushman : Hmm
Well John that sounds like what is called vaporlock, your fuel pump is sucking air and its expanding from heat, or you got a fuel line thats too close to something hot. And Leonard, get a berring that is 3/1000s larger than what you measure with a caliper tool.  

7 Apr 2004 @ 05:16 by Bennie Hoppius @ : 2001 Rodeo gas gauge
I have a 2001 Izuzu Rodeo and my gas gauge goes to empty while I am driving no
matter how much gas I have and then it comes back up and goes back down. Any
idea what is wrong? I have replaced my gas cap.  

7 Dec 2005 @ 20:19 by richard williamson @ : 2001 Passport (Rodeo)
After changing spark plugs at 80K for prev. maint. only I elected to use a better spark plug suggested by parts store. I was sold Bosh 4303 Platinum 2 dual tip that show to be for this application. Immediately I had a engine check light and it was ignition misfire multiple plugs. I checked everthing i.e. wires, etc. I removed the spark plugs and all were black and were fouled. Replaced with old plugs and everthing is fine.......what the deal?  

17 Mar 2006 @ 21:20 by carl @ : speedometer repair
I have a 1994 Acura Legend and the speedometer is not working an it the old style not the digital ones. I saw a couple of them on ebay for cheap but i would like to know how to increase or decrease the new working one so that it will be exact with mine. A friend of mine said it is pretty easy to do please let me know if that is true. I am in the research stage now to see if it is wise or possible to do my self. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I dont if there are books out there or anywhere that gives a detail description on how to do it for my specific car.  

18 Apr 2006 @ 13:50 by Hworang @ : WTF

17 Dec 2007 @ 23:40 by Derek @ : iddling problem
Yes i have a 93 toyota pickup and when i stop the truck cutts off. Its starts back up but you have to give it gas. I just put a battery in it and had the alternator checked. I just don't know what it could be could you give me some pointers?  

26 Dec 2007 @ 21:25 by ming : Car problems
No, I'm sorry, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with car problems, so you're not going to get much out of posting your mechanic questions here.  

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