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 London2003-11-17 11:34
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I spent a couple of days traveling and meeting people. London and Munich. In London, a couple of very pleasant blogger meetings. Julie took the train in from Glastonbury and we met first with Julian Elvé and Dina Mehta, who was passing through from India. And then with Euan Semple later. Delightful conversations, and good as always to meet people in the flesh that you've only known virtually beforehand. And when it is through blogs, one can usually hit the ground running, as we already know a lot about each other.

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21 Nov 2003 @ 08:17 by ylek @ : en buenos aires también!
qué lindo leer este post! hay algo muy particular que une a los bloggers de todas partes del mundo. me da mucha bronca que las barreras del idioma nos separen.
besos desde argentina, el sur del sur  

21 Nov 2003 @ 10:34 by ming : United bloggers
Yes, indeed, there is something special that tends to unite most bloggers everywhere. Some spirit of sharing for the common good.  

22 Nov 2003 @ 04:22 by sindy @ : cute
Ah just a moment to relax with the candle lite and friendly people, just sipping on some wine or something mild, i find myself having those moments' it seemed i cannot get enough, guess i am always having a vacation yes.... thanks for the sharing*  

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