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 What I'm reading2004-02-01 19:43
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I recently added a list of books I'm reading to my sidebar. It is not going to be a very fast moving list, though. In part because I don't read all that fast, and in part because I tend to read multiple books at the same time, which I switch around between depending on whether I'm bored and what I'm interested in. But, just to give an idea, this is what I'm currently reading:

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. I love how he writes. I've read Snowcrash and The Diamond Age previously. This one is about cryptography and hidden treasures and world war II. It is quite a trip on various levels.

The Templar Revelation by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. Fascinating historical analysis along the lines of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. About the mysteries surrounding The Knights Templar, various secret societies, the life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and lots of stuff going on in the particular area where I happen to live, over the last two thousand years. I'm reading it in Danish. It is interesting, but somewhat repetitive, so I can't bear reading it continuously.

Getting Things Done by David Allen. Actually I haven't really read in it for a while, but it is lying here on my desk and it is one of my to-do items. Ironically. It is a great book about organizing your life. Makes more sense than any I've run into, as it is a system that can be fitted to my own preferences. And I really need to be more organized and not just have a zillion post-it notes lying around.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I just started that, but it is fabulous. I haven't really read any self-help or spiritual books for a long time, as it sort of bored me and I've read a lot. But this one inspires me. Very practical and non-dogmatic guidance towards experiencing the present moment much more fully, and getting over the addiction to circular and non-productive thinking that most humans are afflicted with.

The Sexual Life of Catherine M by Catherine Millet. I'm reading that in French. It is rather unusual for an erotic type of book. It is written by a well-established academic art critic, and it has caused somewhat of sensation and is a bestseller in English too. In part because of the contents, wild orgies around Paris, and in part because of the strange detached way it is written. It is not even particularly erotic. She very matter of fact catalogues her sexual life, as if she's describing an art collection while being a fly on the wall. And at the same time it is very personal and intimate.

Aside from that, I'm reading the French dictionary. I'm on my second time through 'A'. That's not quite as dull as it sounds, as it somehow provides some connection between things that one might miss otherwise. Alors, après que j'ai assimilé et appris 'A' et d'ailleurs abouti à une agréable et appréciable apogée, avec aucune amnésie, il s'agit de avaler la section 'B'.

Oh, and comic books of course. French comics have always been my favorite, so now I read them in French, of course, instead of mostly in Danish. Like Moebius or Valerian.

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1 Feb 2004 @ 20:19 by Paul Hughes @ : If you like this, then..
If you like 'The Power of Now', then I highly recommend the book - Vivation: The Skill of Happiness', which is far more practical and powerful. Eckhart Tolle writes well and truthfully, but in the end he does not provide a viceral, physical, real, practical WAY to do this. I've been in the brain change game for over 20 years, and Vivation is bar none the most powerful of the whole lot. I experience the present moment blissfully and heal old wounds easily and pleasurable with this practical skill. I cannot recommend it enough. The only downside, like any skill, it requires a very good coach and some money to get you up to complete emotional mastery.  

1 Feb 2004 @ 22:08 by Jon Husband @ : L Flexibilite aide a avaler la langue
It sure is great to have a flexible, exercised mind, non ? It seems like you're learning French almost as fast as a child might.

Of course your neurons were probably more plastic than many,as you were already bilingual Danish-English  

1 Feb 2004 @ 22:11 by Jon Husband @ : Books and a Coach
Flemming, I might recommend "Les elements particulaires", by Michel Hoeullebecq. It caused quite a stir in France about two years ago, and is about our atomized society. Provocative.

Paul - what kind of coach would you recommend using with Vivation ?  

1 Feb 2004 @ 22:16 by Emile @ : Ah ! Moebius !
Moebius, that's good stuff, and so is Valerian (though it isn't as crazy as good ol' Moebius). I see adan and wosshisorhername on the picture :)

I could recommend loads of'em, I sure miss the Fnac :)  

1 Feb 2004 @ 23:56 by Paul Hughes @ : I'm available.
I may committing a faux pas by plugging myself in this forum, but teaching Vivation is what I do for a living. You're welcome to email or call me if you'd like to know more about it. Or you can google it and get more info.  

2 Feb 2004 @ 01:00 by ming : Approaches
For me Eckhart Tolle seems just right at this point. He describes things as directly as I could ask for. Whereas many other books present models and techniques and abstractions and persuasion, but avoid the real thing. Maybe because I'm quite kinesthetic it communicates more directly to me, I don't know. But I haven't finished the book, of course.

I have the Vivation book and I've scanned it. Some friends of mine were very into it years ago. It is a development on rebirthing, right? Which I'm sure is a fine thing. But not quite what I need at this point.  

2 Feb 2004 @ 08:05 by martha : ming
I listened to the cd's of Eckhart reading the book. Very powerful voice and I also did a log...hahaha...so did craig


2 Feb 2004 @ 09:38 by ming : CD
Cool, sounds like I ought to get the CD too.  

2 Feb 2004 @ 09:54 by martha : well actually
I think it is 7 or 8 cd's hahahaha  

3 Feb 2004 @ 13:57 by John Abbe @ : Synchronicity
Quite bizarre. I'm staying with a friend who's been talking about Tolle, and now both you and Indigo Ocean are writing about it in the same week. I've heard about the book for a while from friends and family, and it has put itself in the 'certain to read eventually' pile (that's different from the 'get around to it someday, no really' pile).

Also, i recommend BookShelved as a place to explore (and record) one's book-reading habits. http://bookshelved.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl  

15 Dec 2005 @ 05:23 by linux cds @ : yup
Eckhart's CDs are great. Check out 'The Flowering of consciousness'  

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