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 A Quick Tour of Ten Dimensions2006-07-04 12:00
picture by Flemming Funch

At Tenth Dimension, you find a quick tour of the possible 10 dimensions of a universe based on string theory. Well, I don't know how scientific it is. Scientists who talk about 10 dimensions tend to bend over backwards to point out that they're not really the kind of dimensions that are useful for us to move in, but they're just sort of curled up in a very small place, of no practical significance to us, and only needed to make the equations add up. Which I tend to not believe, so I like it better this way. Rob Bryanton has a fun Flash animation that helps to visualize 10 dimensions. Essentially it is like the difference between 2-dimensional flatlanders, and our well-known 3 dimensions, which is something we fairly easily can visualize. So, we can imagine the same magic continuing in more dimensions. Seen from a lower dimension, somebody who moves in a higher dimension can do impossible things, like appear out of nowhere, or travel huge distances in an instant. Because higher dimensions fold lower dimensions. Just like you might find certain distances on a piece of paper (a 2D plane), but you can fold it in 3 dimensions, and bring any two of its points together, so you can get from one to the other, without traveling any 2D distance. It would be equally logical that you can do the same with time and 3D space, or with whole timelines, or universes of possibilities, once you use more dimensions.

And if we assumed that the real reality is the 10 dimensions, rather than the 3, 3 1/2 we're used to, it potentially can change our perspective greatly. And, indeed, it might be an important element in our growth process that we're able to visualize these dimension, so that we maybe can start living more in the real reality, rather than insisting we're just flatlanders forever.

The website there seems to be an intro to a book by Rob Bryanton, called "Imagining the Tenth Dimension".

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31 Oct 2006 @ 21:59 by Nayr @ : book
you can get this book on amazon.com now  

23 May 2007 @ 02:17 by ryan @ : Theory
How is it that the book proposes these dimensions can be folded in the first place?  

11 Nov 2007 @ 14:11 by Digit @ : re:theory
"23 May 2007 @ 02:17 by ryan @ : Theory
How is it that the book proposes these dimensions can be folded in the first place? "

First place?? where's "the first place"? ;)

i bet theres a buddhist book in here somewhere entitled folds without a folder. ;D  

11 Nov 2007 @ 15:11 by ming : 10th dimension
Bryanton isn't a mathematician or scientist, he's an artist. So, mainly he does a fine job at getting people to visualize a higher number of dimensions. But that's about it. It is not like he's figured out how the universe really works, or how those dimensions work, or how they're folded.  

14 Dec 2007 @ 05:17 by mt @ : Further reading
I suggest you all read "The elegent universe" by Brian Greene. Excellent explanations for the layman.  

28 Feb 2008 @ 21:46 by tiny helper @ : re:theory
Ryan, the book doesn't say they can be folded, it says "if they could be folded, you could move from one spot to the other without moving the actual distance."  

16 Nov 2008 @ 05:42 by Mad Hatter @ : Re:theory
the word "Fold" is used only as a discription word. in No way is it litteral. for instance, the 5th dimension is discribed as a fold... when it fact it can also be discribed as "time travel"... do you see my point?  

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