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 Checking in2006-10-18 19:56
by Flemming Funch

Yesterday I had a root canal without anesthesia. French dentists work a little differently than American ones. Oh, didn't hurt too badly.

Anyway, strangely I feel like putting out a couple of blog posts, despite that I'm super busy. Most of my days in the next couple of months I'm going to this continuing education consultant thing at an engineering school here. Which means I suddenly need to squeeze my otherwise full day into a few hours in the evening, and go to bed early. But that of course gives the opportunity for organizing my time a bit better, and choosing which things actually are important.

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18 Oct 2006 @ 21:13 by Hanae @ : "Super busy" is good...

...or, at least, it can be - depends on the nature, the quality or the purpose of what is keeping one busy, I suppose.

A "continuing education consultant thing at an engineering school..." sounds interesting...

Have you been going there as a consultant or a student - or both?

Enquiring mind wants to know ;-)  

19 Oct 2006 @ 00:30 by Earl Mardle @ : Importance
The main problem with having to choose which tuings are important is that, beyond some basic Maslow stuff, how on earth would you, or any of us, know?

The most important person in my life to date was a bloke called david Walker. He wrote copy for a radio station that I worked on. He talked about me, after I left, to another guy who, 20 years later and because of that recommendation, offered me a job that changed my life to what I am doing now.

What is the most important thing I will do today? I have no idea. So all i can do is the best I can with the things I enjoy most because, if they don't lead anywhere for 20 years, or ever, I will at least have the pleasure of doing them well.  

19 Oct 2006 @ 06:04 by ming : Importance
Well, I guess one needs to be open to the possibility that the greatest things might arrive from directions one didn't expect. But that doesn't mean one shouldn't choose what to focus on. One can still know what obviously is most important right now, based on what I'm doing right now, and what I'd want to do. Always leaving room for some serendipity and synchronicity is a good thing, though.  

19 Oct 2006 @ 06:14 by ming : School
Hanae, actually I've neither been a consultant or student there. I operate somewhat as a computer consultant as it is, but I have some things to learn about how best to do that. First of all, an independent consultant must use some considerable energy on working his network, selling his services, etc, and I hate the selling part. And, I'm in France, where there are quite specific things to know about how to organize businesses, how one does things, legalities, etc. A bunch of which I know, but I'm missing something. So, INP, Institute Nationale Polytechnique, one of the top schools for engineers in France, has this program once per year for a few months, for a small group of people who fit a certain profile. Which luckily doesn't include having an engineering degree, as I don't. Rather, that one is in one's 40s and have some significant expertise and a varied background, and an intention to be independent.

Amusingly, on the first day they signed me up to teach one of the later days, on NLP and Coaching.  

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