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 Writing2009-06-05 22:02
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I haven't written much lately. I mean, not just here. I haven't written.

I spend most of the day typing letters and numbers on a keyboard, but that doesn't do it. It is not that I'd want to have the job of being a writer either.

The type of writing that works for me is what I can't easily plan for, and which nobody else can ask me for, other than maybe by posing an open-ended question. It is something that just appears, unfinished, that needs to be said, in order to be finished. It's a type of mindfulness, where the act of doing it is more important than the destination.

But there's a bit of inertia there. Takes a bit of effort getting into it. Afterwards it is an effortless flow. But it is easy to forget.

Let me not be as lofty as to pretend that what I write is a brilliant gift to the world. I'm really talking about my own inner feeling. There is a certain space that I enjoy, where I seem to have something to say, which seems to be worth saying, and I don't visit that space often enough. I get shocked and ashamed when I remember, and I notice that I've just spent months doing nothing much, and not paying attention. As to the moments where I did pay attention, I've forgotten them, because I didn't write about them, or from them.

There are such moments every day. A spark of awareness. Something needs to be examined, discussed, experienced, written about. But if I ignore it, it is quickly gone, and the window closes again. Like a dream. If you don't write it down right now, it will quickly be forgotten.

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5 Jun 2009 @ 22:40 by susannahbe : I am. . .
Glad to see you writing again. . . it is useful to write, it captures thoughts, moments, that otherwise would be forgotton. I have found the more I write, the more I notice the things that give me something to write about.

Welcome back :-)  

6 Jun 2009 @ 11:11 by Nick Smith @ : Disagree
... and I would argue that when you visit that 'certain space that I enjoy' what you write 'is a brilliant gift to the world' because it speaks to the space in all of us that we enjoy.

It's good to see you in my feed reader Flemming :)  

6 Jun 2009 @ 19:43 by scotty : Paying attention !
paying attention !
so true for so many things in life.
thanks so much Flemming  

6 Jun 2009 @ 20:36 by Saïd @ : We're still here!
I can only echo the previous speakers: Ming, good to hear from you again. I always enjoyed your thoughts. Thank you.  

6 Jun 2009 @ 23:33 by ming : Brilliance
The irony is that the more I write "just" for myself, the more likely it is to be meaningful for others too. Not just anything I write for myself, but somehow, if I reach deep enough inside, there's something there that is universal. Which is really comforting, and which has some fairly deep philosophical signficance.

And not just me of course. There a space inside all of us which .... is inside all of us.

Hey, not bad, that last one is quotable, I've better write it down. Oh, I just did.  

6 Jun 2009 @ 23:36 by jmarc : I beg to differ
"Let me not be as lofty as to pretend that what I write is a brilliant gift to the world".

I find your writing, when you do it to be cogent and well thought out. Was getting tired of seeing the pod cars every day though...  

7 Jun 2009 @ 04:24 by vaxen : Where...
ARE all the podcars!? I think you've a bunch of stuff, especially over at lightlink, that is very cogent and very real and very readable and hopefully not forgotten...


7 Jun 2009 @ 07:37 by susannahbe : "deep enough inside'
ming you said - but somehow, if I reach deep enough inside, there's something there that is universal.

reminds me of this jack kerouac quote -
"I want to work in revelations, not just spin silly tales for money. I want to fish as deep down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are the same that far down." - Jack Kerouac  

25 Jun 2009 @ 17:29 by Andrius Kulikauskas @ : An Economy of Dreams
Hi Flemming, just swung by in the hope that you're writing again. Hope fulfilled! I'm redoing the Minciu Sodas website and I will feature all kinds of content streams, and I think to include your blog. I'm very glad that you write in the Public Domain. Please let me know how we might build on and support your thinking. One question that I'm organizing around now is What is your dream? I want to organize an Economy of Dreams.  

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