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Monday, January 13, 2003day link 

If you have a website and your browser does Java, you can go to the TouchGraph GoogleBrowser and see what sites are linked with yours, or with any other site you want to look at. Above is what I saw when I put in ming.tv. Very cool. I'm not entirely sure what it means. I suppose it shows the most highly linked, or most recently linked sites most prominently, but I really don't know. Now, I'd love to actually navigate around cyberspace in a more spatial sense like that. I just haven't seen any technology yet that makes it truly useful. This is cool, and I might see some things I hadn't noticed, but I wouldn't think of treversing the net this way if I actually were looking for something. Showing websites as blobs with lines between them still doesn't add up to visualizing the actual information stored on the net.
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 Lyrics Browsing
picture How come there isn't a database that links song lyrics up with music files? I can guess that there's probably some stupid legal reason why not. But it would be quite handy if, when I play an MP3 or other music file on my computer, or anywhere else, if the lyrics were just a click away. Sure, most song lyrics are somewhere on the net, but I'd like it to be an integrated function. Instant Karaoke. I usually don't pay much attention to lyrics, because I can't hear most of what people sing.

When I was a teenager, sitting reading sci-fi comic books with one of my best friends, we were listening a lot to The Who's "Armenia City in the Sky" and the rest of the album "The Who Sell Out (Heinz Baked Beans)", all of which had great meaning to us at the time, evoking intriguing futuristic dream worlds, and I would have the chorus part stuck in my mind for years. Now, looking at the lyrics, and seeing what the words actually are, it makes absolutely no sense to me. And doesn't even sound the same. And we weren't even on drugs or anything. But even shared perception can be a quite subjective thing.
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 Information sharing is more secure
eWeek reports how Harvard researchers have found that companies that share sensitive data about network attacks and security breaches are less attractive targets, and more likely to have protected themselves. They also think the change towards information sharing will be driven by insurance companies, who will offer lower premiums for companies that share.
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 Test of fuel-cell car
picture The GM Hy-Wire drive-by-wire fuel-cell prototype car is reviewed at AutoWeek. You know, it is basically just an 11 inch platform with all the essentials inside, and with four wheels, and the rest can be arranged any which way on top, which gives a lot of freedom for the designers. Its all great except for that it is really expensive. Around 10 times the cost of a normal car.
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