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Monday, January 20, 2003day link 

 End of Data Hierarchy
picture Charles Miller:
"I no longer want to know where my files are stored. I no longer care. I have hordes of directories on my various computers called stuff, downloads and documents, and the effort that it would take to organise them into a proper heirarchy is just not worth it. The heirarchical filesystem is a really wonderful thing for programmers and websites, but it just doesn't cut it for personal use. I no longer care where my files are stored."
Leslie Michael Orchard:
"I'll be burned at the next stake over from Charles when the time comes, for this filesystem heresy. Just the other night, a co-worker was asking me about how diligent I was in organizing my email. I told her, "Not at all. I leave it all in one pile and then run the Find command on it later." She was shocked that I, alpha geek and info freako, didn't have some intricate taxonomy of folders into which mail was sorted by carefully crafted filters.

Here's what I want to see: Storage without explicit organization, but with super-rich metadata for super-fast searches. Allow me to create views made from persistent searches - my "project folder" is simply a collection of resources tied together by a common tag, one of many. And, if I want to form a project hierarchy, make my persistent searches into file objects too. The main thing in all this, though, is that it be woven very deeply within the OS. I don't want a helper app. I want this to replace the standard metaphor completely."
Yep, I think that's what I want too. The thing is that the world we live in is no longer hierarchical. Any piece of information fits into a bunch of different structures in different ways, depending on what I'm trying to do. If I go and drop the item in a file in a folder in a filing cabinet, in the place that seems logical at the time, chances are I won't find it next time I'm looking for it. So, yes, maybe there is no good way of easily storing it multi-dimensionally. Maybe the best is to store some concise information about the information (which is called metadata), such as date, person, relations to projects, interests, etc. and then leave it up to an efficient search engine to find things by those keys later on.
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 Transformation in Bulgaria
picture I wrote these two books on "Transformational Processing", which is the counseling system I use when working with clients. Being a personal counselor is one of the several hats I'm wearing. Now, I'm getting quite a few inquiries about this, in part because the books are freely downloadable on the net. Particularly I often get inquiries and success stories from former east bloc countries, like here today, from Bulgaria:
"Hello, m-r Funch!
I founded your books "Dialogues" and "Paths" in the internet in Russian language and I am very enthusiastic about the transformational processing.
Since 15 years I have read and made technics from Kastaneda, Osho, east religion, meditations etc. But I went on my road slow and blind.
For a few months with the help of the processing I made a great jump in my self improvement. I found many prickles in my self and took them out. I feel that I am making a progress for 10 lifes forward.
Thank you very much!
And I want to ask you-how can I work with the processing in my country? I already work with a few friends and we see a real progress in everybody.
But here there is no traditions, no even a psychotherapy has a tradition. But I think that all bulgarian people have a need for processing. The people say that we have many extrasenses, witches etc because we are very sensitive nation. But I think that we have such kind of people, because we don't have psychoterapists. And facilitators.
Can you give me some advice?
Excuse me for my English, please!
I think there's maybe a basis for me traveling around and doing workshops in those areas. I haven't really decided to go for it yet, but that could be a new adventure.
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 Location Awareness
picture HeadMap is a site, a magazine and a collective focusing on examining the social implications and applications of location aware devices. Cool, cool things. You know, along the lines of wearable computers that know where you are, and that know things about the local environment, and that can connect you with others who are around.
there are notes in boxes that are empty

every room has an accessible history

every place has emotional attachments you can open and save

you can search for sadness in new york

people within a mile of each other who have never met stop what they are doing and organise spontaneously to help with some task or other.

in a strange town you knock on the door of someone you don’t know and they give you sandwiches.

paths compete to offer themselves to you

life flows into inanimate objects

the trees hum advertising jingles

everything in the world, animate and inanimate, abstract and concrete, has thoughts attached

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 What to Do
picture I have a strong agreement with Buckminster Fuller who said things like:
"The things to do are the things that need doing - that YOU see need to be done,
and that noone else seems to see need to be done."
You know, I have the belief that every one of us is here to do something unique. It is not necessarily pre-destined or pre-determined what exactly it is. Probably rather something to discover or invent. But if we don't do something unique, if we don't add our unique perspective and sensibilities to the global soup of life, our life is somewhat wasted and meaningless. It doesn't have to be huge earth shattering things. It might be just a slightly different angle on things, which we impart to the people around us. Something we're present for, which nobody else paid any attention to. But there is for sure something that you can dream, something you can see, and something you can do, which nobody else has quite the same opportunity for. Bucky also says:
"I look for what needs to be done.... After all, that’s how the universe designs itself."
Life might seem meaningless unless you realize that you have an important role in co-designing the continued evolution of the universe. There are lots of things to do, so it would be silly to have a meaningless life.
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