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Saturday, June 28, 2003day link 

 Today I will empower my synergistic mind
Doc mentions the Affirmation Bullshit Generator, which is good fun. A bit of a joke, alright, but, hey it works for me, sensitive new age guy. Envisioning my cognitive humanity works for me any day.
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 South Pacific Adventures
picture Mark Frauenfelder has arrived with his family from Los Angeles to live on a tiny isolated island in the south Pacific:
We're starting to get settled in to Rarotonga. I had to pay NZ$525 (US$300) to get an Internet account and it is really really slow. It's mind-boggling to be here, on this emerald speck full of life: the sounds of roosters and motor scooters, the smell of burning palm fronds, the sight of the stars at night, the beautiful green mountains, and the ocean and sand. Carla and I still aren't sure what we've gotten ourselves into, but the weirdness factor makes it all worth it. We have a deal with a publication to post weekly online dispatches, and I'll announce it as soon as the deal is finalized. In the meantime, you can see some pictures, inlcuding one of our new home.
An ongoing account is at Island Chronicles.
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