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Tuesday, August 19, 2003day link 

 The Grand Illusion
picture Julie posted an article by Jon Rappoport, and since I think it is absolutely great, and it matches something I've just been thinking about and focusing on, I'll include it below here too.

It is sort of a big secret. The power and the role of our imagination. Large portions of the human population have somehow gotten to believe that imagination is just some confusing random noise in our heads. Day dreaming, a source of material to write or talk about, maybe positive thinking at best.

Where really it is what our whole reality is built on. Not just that it is a good idea to visualize one's plans. Much deeper than that. Not even just a fuzzy new age idea that we're creating our own reality. Yes, but more tangible than that.

It is hard to even talk about to people who don't get it, or who don't agree. Which ironically proves the point.

If you believe (imagine) something isn't possible, it isn't. If you believe it is possible, it is. No, not just that you have the thought, or do a few affirmations, or pray a little bit, although that will all help. But you'll have to fool yourself completely. That is the hard part.

Jon gives a delightful rundown of crazy things some people have believed which enabled them to do paranormal things. What is great is that there's no common denominator between them, other than that somebody believed each of them well enough for them to work.

I have been a counselor for many years, working with people on their issues and aspirations. My tools are essentially ways of helping people feel it being comfortable and appropriate to change their mind and their life. I've seen many life changes, and sometimes miracles. The only thing that ever changed any of my clients was when they stopped imagining what they were previously imagining, which they weren't happy with, and when they started imagining something else. Normally nobody will admit that it is that simple. Therefore, my techniques are much more complicated, and involves ways of processing one's thoughts and feelings and memories, and ways of gradually getting to a point where one feels that, now is the appropriate time to change.

The irony for me is that it makes it a good deal harder for me to practice my craft on myself. Because I know the secret.

Now I have the thought that it is time to take it to another level.

People live the lives they imagine themselves living. If they imagine themselves being stuck, they are. If they succeed in imagining new possibilities sufficiently well, and they manage to believe they're available, they are. If groups of people start imaginging something different, and they do it well enough, their collective reality changes.

The world could be different next week. It doesn't really depend on anything we don't already have. It doesn't really depend on money or politics or laws or astrology or science, except for to the degree that we believe it does.

We're looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

I imagine it is about to change.
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