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Wednesday, January 31, 2007day link 

 World monitoring
picture I love all kinds of website widgets that let you visualize something in the world in real time.

How about emergencies and disasters going on right now on the world map.

You can see the ships moving around in San Francisco Bay.

There are airport traffic monitors.

You can see where there's sunlight on the planet right now.

You can see the cloud cover in your area right now.

And of course you can see who's blogging in the world right now.

Actually there isn't really that much available that you can see in real-time. I wish this was coordinated a little more, so there were just a few key places you could go to visualize most of what's going on right now.

Some people, like the Geosphere Project have worked on ways of unifying global information, although it doesn't look like much, but they're the guys who created the famous cloudfree picture of the Earth.
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