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 Free Democracy2001-12-01 06:00
by Flemming Funch

I'm having a conversation with Mark Smollin about principles and systems for a better democracy. Experimentally, there are postings in the bulletin board under the "Social System Design" subject in the Subjects pages. We met in the Conscious Evolution Gateway educational program that Barbara Marx-Hubbard is running. Anyway, creating a better and more direct democracy has always been something I'd like to do. With the Internet connecting most of us, it ought to be possible to come up with systems for connecting us together in such a way that our collective will can be better facilitated. Seems like the old Industrial Age methods for "governing" society need to go.

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2 Dec 2001 @ 20:05 by peazritr : mumms the word from msey
& you should know that's a pure shout. bring it on! ~ merilene  

4 Dec 2001 @ 01:50 by maxtobin : democracy?
Would that involve consensous decision making or majority rule?
'Of the people, by the people, for the people' and what are the assumptions we have forgotten we made? We need less governing and law and more freedom to achieve full expression of creator essense (thereby expressing divine law in being/doing), but what a minefield must we first traverse. I always did say there should be a true democracy on the planet somewhere sometime, just so we can experience the reality rather than merely the distorted dream. So we all struggle or dance, depending on our point of view, and express the essense of creation in our being, we choose to be ego seperate or resolve the paradox by knowing the ALL IN ONE, this is the only freedom! Choice.  

6 Dec 2001 @ 16:57 by istvan : Those old sytems
Yes the old systems have to go in the spirit of a bunpersticker i designed, put newer printed : DOn'T THROW THE BUMS OUT-RECICLE THEM.
We have to take what is recyclable and transmute it ti SUSTAINABLE.  

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