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 The Ocean of Possibilities2002-02-17 15:52
pictureby Flemming Funch

You are floating in an infinite ocean of possibilities. Anything and everything that you can think of is happening somewhere in the ocean. It will happen whether you are there or not.

The ocean has waves and currents. Wherever the currents take you there will be events to experience. The events will be provided for you by immense forces beyond your immediate comprehension and control.

If you don't know where to go you will still go somewhere. If you don't care where you go then just hang on and your path will develop a meaning in itself that you can study.

If there are places you want to go, then the ocean is at your complete service. It will take you wherever you need to go, and it will provide suitable experiences for you. However, it is a requirement that you must let the streams take you, you cannot control the ocean.

You tell the ocean where you want to go by providing a blueprint. The streams will move you towards the location best approximating your blueprint. The more complete and the more intense your blueprint the better the ocean will accommodate you.

You won't get to your destination right away, you need to be carried by the currents for a while. If you change your blueprint in the meantime you will then be taken somewhere else.

It is not the destinations that matter, but the journeys. Experience the scenery, enjoy it and learn from it.

You can ask for whatever you want without limitation. If you ask for things you don't want you are still likely to get them. If your blueprint is inconsistent you will get inconsistent experiences.

You are in full control of your own blueprint. You can put anything in it that you desire. Designing blueprints can be an end and a satisfaction in itself. However, if you want to get matching experiences on the ocean you must follow along with its currents. You are not in control of anything in the ocean.

Other travelers design blueprints too. The universe will carry everyone along the currents that best approximates their blueprints. Everyone can therefore interact with others with similar plans.

What you get from the universe that you don't get from your blueprints is the unexpected surprises and wonderment that develops from being carried along in ways you didn't know in advance. The excitement and discovery that is available makes it worth existing in an ocean that you don't control.

Don't let the ocean control your blueprints, it really has no control over them. Make up your own mind on what you want. You can imagine anything you choose. In exchange, don't try to control the ocean. Trust that it will accommodate your desires, but don't try to force it.

The ocean and your blueprints might appear similar. However, always know which one is which. You are a master in designing blueprints and a master surfer, but you would perform poorly as an ocean. Similarly the ocean would perform poorly as your personal drawing board. It has to accommodate zillions of wishes, so it wouldn't allow you to just rearrange things arbitrarily.

Let the ocean do its job and trust that it will. The ocean is made out of unlimited love, it will have no judgment about what you desire.

Remember that the ocean is serving others too. They might have desires that would be contrary to yours and the ocean will accommodate them. But remember that as long as you know what you want you can't be harmed. You can only be harmed if you attract yourself to a stream that leads to harm.

Let your guidance come from within, not from the paths you observe others following in the ocean. There is room for everyone, you don't have to feel obliged to agree.

As long as you can imagine by yourself and as long as you are willing to travel you will remain free. If you start imagining yourself being stuck you will be. All you need to do to remedy that is to imagine something else that you will rather have.

You will be exposed to experiences that will confuse you. But remember that you don't have to understand the ocean or the experiences it supplies you with. Nothing is lost if you don't. Be willing to let whatever happens happen and just let it go.

Your imagination and your blueprints is your own territory. You don't have to accept any inconsistencies or confusions there. What you want is what you want. You don't need to explain or justify anything, just be clear about what you want.

So, wish for a course but don't worry about if you get there. Enjoy the ride wherever it goes. Don't ever take anything seriously. If you want to go somewhere else, then wish to go there. Never look back with regret, what you experienced is what your experienced. Dream of what you want, without ever being obliged to dream of what you don't want.

Keep these things in mind and you can go wherever you want and get whatever you want.

Flemming Funch, 15 August 1992

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18 Feb 2002 @ 00:49 by shawa : That´s a "clear"!
I actually could feel the wooshing waves, and the wind in my hair!...  

18 Feb 2002 @ 11:37 by peazritr : :: thanks, i am waiting ::
& i would like to be ready to receive this: "What you get from the universe that you don't get from your blueprints is the unexpected surprises and wonderment that develops from being carried along in ways you didn't know in advance. The excitement and discovery that is available makes it worth existing in an ocean that you don't control." if i smile, i am accustomed to being ready to recieve such great joys. i am smiling.  

19 Feb 2002 @ 13:38 by maxtobin : Beautiful
So clearly expressed, I think this is genius, the essence of genius is simplicity and here we see it in the sea picture ming so cleary paints for us. Thanks and blessings for the master artist!  

3 Mar 2002 @ 19:33 by magical_melody : You're an Old Soul!
Old Souls know how to go with the flow. They have been riding the waves of experience for sooooo long, that they become poreous with life, and this openness deepens them. The shallowness has subsided as the years and aeons pass, and life experiences have passed through you and expanded your perimeters. You seem to be a steady sailor amidst the sea of all possibilities, the great sea of eternal life! I greet you here at the high tide where all our crew has come to share our variety of vantage points. Thanks for being here Dear Friend!
Love, Alana  

4 Mar 2002 @ 03:28 by ming : Steady she goes
The winds are good. It is beautiful to sail with you.  

28 Apr 2016 @ 21:24 by Brynell @ : MGxrpwnXYIQbtzozeEry
Hej Philia! Kan inte tro att det är sant. Man mÃ¥r illa av att höra att det finns sÃ¥dana mÃnnkis¤or. FörstÃ¥r att du vill skriva om det pÃ¥ bloggen även om jag känner olust när jag läser för dina inkomster har ingen med att göra. Stöder till 100% du har bästa bloggen, jag har slutat köpa tidningar för dom kan inte mäta sig med din blogg. Varma hälsningar frÃ¥n en trogen läsare, Helene  

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