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 Compassion Exercise2009-10-27 23:59
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This is an avatar exercise/process from the book Resurfacing by Harry Palmer:
Objective: To increase the amount of compassion in the world.

Expected Result: A personal sense of peace.

Instructions: This exercise can be done anywhere that people congregate (airports, malls, parks, beaches, etc.). It should be done on strangers, unobtrusively and from some distance. Try to do all five steps on the same person.

Step 1. With your attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
"Just like me, this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life.

Step 2. With your attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
"Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life.

Step 3. With your attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
"Just like me, this person has known sadness, suffering, and despair."

Step 4. With your attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
"Just like me, this person is seeking to fill his/her needs."

Step 5. With your attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
"Just like me, this person is learning about life."


1. Done by couples and family members to increase understanding of each other.
2. Done on old enemies and antagonists still present in one's memories.
3. Done on other life forms.

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28 Oct 2009 @ 04:42 by mortimer : Good Idea


28 Oct 2009 @ 12:43 by ming : Manson
Yes, it works, even with Charles Manson. Try it out.  

28 Oct 2009 @ 22:51 by mortimer : Why, because they mean what they say!
The American people are two steps away from creating a new continental congress which will investigate and prosecute Americas best criminals. [link]  

28 Oct 2009 @ 23:49 by mortimer : You got some Ogbe
Each path has every path in it, this is why we can look at criminals like Charles Manson and reconcile the mirror-image.  

29 Oct 2009 @ 14:46 by a-d : Sooo, did u like the book, Ming?
Read --or even worked with any more Writings/Classes/People of the Palmer's Avatar Course? ???  

29 Oct 2009 @ 14:54 by ming : Avatar
Yeah, I did several Avatar courses. Most recently, the Avatar Professional course, last week in Orlando. It all has a nice vibe to it and works very well, in my experience.  

29 Oct 2009 @ 15:09 by a-d : Personally, I'm a
firm "Believer" of the "suggestion" that ALL the different ARCHETYPES are Potential Players in everyone of us! from the worst possible (mass/) murderer to the most fullfilled/skilled "Christos"/(A person's own true)Authentic Self/"Gods Only Begotten Son"and to day so popular expression:Christ-CONSCIOUSNESS --and ALL the rest in between!...Each of us ,I think, have to "find" these archetypes in us and with our own free will choose to acknowledge each and everyone of them : to either "OWN " them --or say NO to them after acknowledging them.IF we don't do this on a acknowledgement level with our own free will, then we have to find these out the "hard way" so to speak... me thinks...Only this way can we relate to people when they are living out one --or the other archetype. ON the other hand THIS VERY PHENOMENON gives us also the right and power to say to someone to clean up the act!... THIS --i think-- is the only way we can have the authority to NOT just continue to take shit forever, but we can say --with authority-- look Been there, Done that. "I KNOW it can be done!..." to the crooks. this very "method" gives us the Upper Hand against evil!.... IF we but know "how" to use this "tool" . ( there are "Experts on i.e. Psycho-personality disorder who vehemently "pardons" them 'coz" "they just don't have conscience, so they cant possibly know that they are doing something wrong!...." to which I say: "BS!" ALL have conscience and all are using it ALL the TIME!... it only differs what we are allowed to get away with/via our justifications/deluded fantasy stories, that we feed to the Gullible ones... who don't have the guts to say NO to Life- destroying behaviours in us Humans!....in whomever they happen to play havoc at any given time.  

29 Oct 2009 @ 16:09 by ming : Identities
Yeah, I don't either buy the idea of people not being responsible for what they're doing or what they've done, because they're insane, were drunk, or whatever.

And at the same time, we ought to be able to recognize the same traits within ourselves. As long as we only see them as "other", doing stuff we never, ever possibly could do, nothing much is resolved.

I can feel sympathy for Charles Manson, no problem. I have a harder time with Dick Cheney.  

29 Oct 2009 @ 20:36 by a-d : yeahh....
see having acknowledged "things" (either the easy way --or the hard way ) is the only way we gain and speak from a (Power-)position of AUTHORITY,WITH COMPASSION through the power of relating to even as simple as Been there, Done that.... AND (we were able to) STOP(PED doing ( the ) s----, so to speak.

My objection to Harry Palmer's way of "Doing Business" is that he insists OWNING our PAPERS where we wrote down "things"... He doesn't need to keep them (ARCHIVED FOR YEARS!....) He sees them as HIS PROPERTY! (this doesn't start in the few first classes, but starts at...oh..I don't remember now at what level it was... but I did not like it and consecuently I said NO to any further attachment... to his (Not so ) "little/small Sunshine group"... coz his group of Followers is quite sizable!... Frankly, I never met one of them who actually would live up to the "Level-Title", so to speak: "Wizard" , "Avatar" etc. None of them mastered anything I didn't (WITHOUT having gone through the rigourous and ridiculously EXPENSIVE Classes!.... Soooo... I always had a little Question mark about the INTEGRITY of his way doing business, though his and others withing the org) THOUGTS /INSIGHTS always were very wonderful!
The Avatar Magazine alone was/is wonderful to read!...and very enlightening!...

I only wished --always-- that H.P. and his "Training format" would have been anchored in greater integrity... and not just a money squuzer format!...

But I'm glad to hear you were able to look beyond what I see as proof of lack of integrity in the Avatar Program. ( in my mind it his program/material really had the potential of being something much, much bigger!... even bigger than what it is now in his chosen format)  

29 Oct 2009 @ 21:38 by ming : Avatar
I suppose the style has changed over the years as well. I was quite aware of Avatar when it first started, in 87-88, but I didn't like the attitude of the people I ran into who had done it at the time. And the masters I knew at the time seemed to have quite a bit of a money motivation. But then, over the years, I ran into quite a few other Avatar people, and I typically found them to be bright, warm and successful people, so I decided to give it another look.

Certain things about the organization of it rub me a bit the wrong way, like how everything is trademarked and tightly controlled in terms of how it is presented. And although I of course think that an Enlightened Planetary Civilization is a splendid idea, it is a bit of a downer when that expression has an ® after it, and it seems to be defined mainly as everybody having done the Avatar course. But aside from those details, I think it is a wonderful thing, teaching some very valuable personal skills, and putting a very high value on integrity and service to the whole.  

10 Jun 2010 @ 13:41 by carolynjoseph @ : Compassion Exercise
Its great idea to sympathy with your friends. It provides personal satisfactipon, peace of mind and concentration of your works.  

20 Oct 2010 @ 09:45 by video converter for mac @ : hi
great article, thanks for sharing it.  

23 Dec 2010 @ 02:10 by Edwin Lim @ : Re
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