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 From Johannesburg2002-08-29 13:11
pictureby Flemming Funch

From my friend Kate Lutz in Johannesburg for the (alternative) Summit today:

"Jo-burg is strong with the power of the vision
the vision of sustainablity
the vision of the one power of the earth tribe
my spirit is lifted each time I meet another
traveler on the environmental path

The world leaders don't know what they are missing
Suits and Ties
Mercedes motorcades
taking them from isolation to isolation
in the emerald city of Sandton

A Russian diplomat cries to me through his eyes
as we walk back from a meeting on sustainable business
"we do not have the money for this, but we most find the way"
We meet because we are in a place where magic lives
the magic of serindipity where the moment brings you
a profound reality check that leaves you wanting
to connect the worlds of the people and the diplomats

The NGOs are the tribe of non-governmental organizations
we meet in NESREC -- 30 miles from those who make decsions
on behalf of the world in the emerald city.

Do they know the beauty of the NGO village of a 1000 global faces
greeting with translators, broken English
handing each other our own baseball cards
collecting ideas of the vision of the future which is no
the path
the work
the models of how this change is happening

There is so much that is alive with the future
It is bold
It is amazing

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