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 The Explorers Foundation2002-10-10 13:19
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pictureby Flemming Funch

The Explorers Foundation is the brainchild of my good friend Leif Smith. Leif is a Weaver, someone who sees patterns and who is good at creating connections where none existed previously. We always have very fruitful and long conversations. He is often able to precisely express something I had been struggling with. Below is a fresh piece from him on what The Explorers Foundation is about...

"The purpose of the Explorers Foundation is to build a world fit for explorers and to inspire a people fit to live in such a world.

Exploration consists of passionate interest in problems, and truthful, determined, persistent search for solutions. Some think this is the best of life, the foundation of all possible happiness. We are in business to learn from such people and to serve them, and we believe that enterprise devoted to finding, inventing, presenting, and distributing tools for explorers will change the world.

A characteristic of thriving explorations, and of cultures rich with them, is freeorder: a balance among designed and spontaneous orders that supports the rapid emergence of new conjectures and rejection of error.

We call enterprises built around this concept "freeorder generators", or "forges", a word chosen to summon images of places devoted to making tools.

Forges are enterprises in goods of mind and spirit that are of value to explorers. The world will not do well if such service remains principally in the hands of organizations that confine the power of critical thought or prevent actions which diminish error.

Forges catalyze and support the rapid emergence of freeorder within individuals, organizations, and cultures, thus accelerating an upward rising avalanche of spirit that will transform the world.

The Explorers Foundation is a forge, an integrating freeorder generator whose work is to bring together into coherent visions the story of the emergence of Freeorder as a world civilization, and to invite all to share in the adventure of building it and living within it."

version 1.0, 6 Oct 02
Leif Smith, Denver, Colorado; leif@pattern.com; 303-778-0880

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1 comment

1 May 2016 @ 10:19 by Laticia @ : wXsKoYocgyjcpozcPL
Your article pefelctry shows what I needed to know, thanks!  

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